More Pen & Ink Art!

As you can see our new artist Telemachus (or Helm as he prefers to go by for his artwork) likes doing sketches and we think they're pretty neat.

So here’s another little one that we have snatched from his desk and scanned for your viewing pleasure!

by Mat

We're 1 week through the Christmas Avatars now and I hope you agree that we have been quite devious with some of them :)

We are thrilled by the amount of comments being generated from this... it is beyond what we expected! So to spur on more debate which avatars are you expecting to see and which would you like to see...maybe you want to make your predictions maybe just requests for favourite characters we haven’t covered.

We would love to hear and even if it doesn't make it into the Christmas line up we likely would do any avatar that we see a lot of support for!

Avatars Page:Click Here!

You'll have to have an account to unlock these avatars, so if you haven't already got one, go here (it's free!)

by Mat

With the recent launch of the avatar advent Calendar it would be easy to miss that the newly released Cheese Dreams New Moon itself has 5 Avatars to unlock outside of the Calendar challenges. To highlight the fact we thought we would make a special post to point it out! Get enough stars to open the second row of levels and you get to rescue some other planets....and if your logged in you will be rewarded with an Avatar if that planet to mark the achievement!! It will be quite a challenge to get the final one so it will be interesting to see who steps up...good luck!

Play Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Avatars Page: Click here!

You'll have to have an account to unlock these avatars, so if you haven't already got one, go here (it's free!)


by Mat

It's been a while but today's the day that we are finally releasing Cheese Dreams New Moon! Wahooo! It's been five and a half years since the original game.

We hope you enjoy the remake, as there is a second part to come next year. We'll keep you updated on the progress!

Click To Play!

by Jon

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When we posted the update about our avatar Calendar we mentioned that we would be posting every day.

We meant that there would be a new avatar every day and not an actual post but some people took it as an actual post. Now reading it back, we can see it does read like that and we like a challenge and don't like to disappoint so we're going to attempt to do just that.

We could just talk about the avatar for each day but we feel that would be boring and a cop out! So as long as we can, we will try to post something at least mildly worth while or we will otherwise admit defeat and post... erm nothing!

Fingers crossed we do well!

By the way, this post has nothing to do with Mega Mash, it was just an apt image! :)

by Mat

A lot of you were expecting us to launch Cheese Dreams New Moon in November and that was indeed the plan but we just needed a little more time to finish it off to the level that we wanted. So it's now a December release but one that should be arriving very soon now... almost, totally, definitely, probably this week!!!

The Cheese Dreams delay does not mean we don't have a Christmas game on the go too though. We have been beavering away on that behind the scenes and we'll be bringing that to you in December as well, but likely very late December (before Christmas though). We'll be sharing a few more details about that game after Cheese Dreams is out!

by Mat


We have just noticed that there are over 100,000 accounts on Nitrome now! That's great!

We really appreciate the support that we get from our fans, so thank you to everyone for playing at!

If you haven't yet got one, you can sign up for a free account by clicking here!

Thanks again everyone!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians!

We have Tiny Dangerous Dungeons by Jussi Simpanen to share with you as our Pixel Love choice this week!

We have chosen Tiny Dangerous Dungeons because we feel that this game has really succeeded with its convincing retro Game Boy visuals and sound design.

The difficulty curve progressed gently enough for us to keep playing for a long while without getting frustrated. This was helped by the introduction of different abilities that your hero can find along the way.

We felt that we made good use of the handy save/restore points in this game too and they were a welcome feature on some of the tougher areas!

Click to Play Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

Have fun everyone, we'll bring you more Pixel Love next week!

by Tom

Hey everyone!

We have just released a Christmas Avatar Calendar and a new winter web skin!

On the lead up to Christmas, we will be releasing one avatar everyday until Christmas day!

These avatars will be hidden inside our games and on the website itself! The avatars will come with the same handy clues to help you on your hunt!

We are extremely proud of some of the devious places we have hidden them, so we hope you have fun finding them!

Avatars Page: Click Here!

You'll have to have an account to unlock these avatars, so if you haven't already got one,  go here! (it's free)

by Tom

We already revealed last week that we're going to have a new Nitrome Winter Skin but there's more!

Starting on the first of December, we're going to be starting a very special daily feature that will run through until Christmas involving Avatars. What is it you say? But the first is a Sunday and Nitrome don't post on weekends? That's true... normally, but through until Christmas we will be posting every day including on weekends!

So what is this mystery? Come back on Sunday to see :)

by Mat

The image is of Bad Ice Cream in a Flying UFO type thing! The image is a ballpoint pen sketch from our new artist Telemachus. We hope you agree it's pretty stylish! I wonder why he was sketching it?

by Mat

Hey Nitromians!

We've decided to choose Dino Run: Enter Planet D, created by PixelJAM, for today's pixel love game!

As with previous Dino Run games, you take control of a dino surfing on the edge of doom which is all beautifully rendered and depicted in low-res, retro style graphics which boast stunning, fluid animations.

In this one, you get to customize your dino with hats (of which there are a good number of recognisable pop culture symbols to choose from) and you can alter your dino's colour.

If you enjoyed playing this game, why not head over to PixelJAM's Dino Run 2 Kickstarter page to see what they are aiming to achieve with that project. Dino Run 2 looks like it could be something very special, so lets hope they meet their target!

Click to Play Dino Run: Enter Planet D

As always, have fun and we will bring you another Pixel Love game next week!

by Tom

Friday Update!

Nitrome always tries to put some effort into the run up for Christmas and this year, despite being spread more thinly than ever between flash and iOS, we do have some nice plans for you. Mostly we're keeping things under wraps as to what those plans are for now but lets just say we're working on a very popular sequel!

Before that we're still planning to get Cheese Dreams New Moon out. Because of the sheer size of the project and the timeframe, we have decided to put it out in two parts, one coming soon before the Christmas plans and one soon a little after Christmas. We're sure you will be very happy with both parts and the first one is looking great and you could see in the Cheese Dreams New Moon trailer we put out earlier.



It's been a little while since we did a memory lane post so we thought it was about time we did another. This time we would like to talk about Chick Flick one of Nitrome's earliest games (3rd to be exact). Chick Flick is noteworthy for a few reasons... Nitrome is known for working in pixel art and this is our only game made in vector art. More strangely, it was originally in pixels!?

First off, for those who don't know what the difference is between pixel art and vector art, pixel art is made up from squares of colour. Vector art is made of shapes of colour with the key advantages of vectors being that you can scale and rotate them as much as you like and the shapes still look crisp and correct. Ok lesson over let's move on. 


The new Cheese Dreams remake is going to be arriving very soon now and we were thrilled by the response that the little trailer received from you all.

Some of you seemed to think we were indicating in the trailer that the game is two player. Sorry to those we confused but this is not the case so we thought as a final update we would explain the feature that had you all speculating.

In New Moon there are other planets (or planet type things for those of you that would like to point out that moons are not planets). The planets are trapped on the mouse ship with you and it's your task to free them from their prisons and lead them to safety. Each planet has a different behaviour and you have to figure out how to manipulate that behaviour to get them to the exit!

Get ready for the game soon!

by Mat

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