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Hi Nitromians,

We are running the latest version of openssl on our servers. This patch was released to fix a security flaw in which SSL encrypted data could be read. It is strongly advised that you change the password that you use to access your nitrome account; you can do this in the settings area of your account.

We also recommend that you DO NOT change your password for other sites unless they issue a similar message like this one that we've posted. Un-patched websites will still have the security flaw and changing your password will be ineffectual on those websites.

If you are unsure if a website has performed the relevant patches, contact them first!

Thanks for reading!

by Tom

Hey Nitromians,

We have updated our EULA and Terms of Service and DMCA Policy, which we know that some of you may find a bit boring while reading, but please do. You can find them here and here. :)

The most interesting section for fans is probably section 8 of the EULA page.

TL; DR of section 8 of EULA

You can upload "Let's Play" videos with ads on YouTube, create fan art and create non-commercial mods of Nitrome content. We really love seeing your artistic ideas and takes on our stuff and we may even feature the best work we find/get sent in our blog.

Also, if you spot any typos in the EULA or DMCA pages, please let us know and we'll fix them because we know that from time to time we can sometimes accidentally a whole sentence!

Thanks for reading the End User License Agreement, DMCA Policy and Terms of Service!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians,

We have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage update  is ready for submission on iOS and Android. Now here's the bad news. Although the game is ready, due to events not being in our control this is not going to happen just yet. We want to be as open about this as possible so that hopefully you will understand this final delay.

The problem is to do with iOS not Android, but before everyone says 'just launch it on Android', we have been working for a very long time and we stand the best chance to make a splash with this update to go live across all formats at the same time.

Not many of you probably noticed but Icebreaker HD (the iPad version) is now on the Nitrome acc…


Play Spiderling!

Hi Nitromians,

Today's Pixel Love game is Spiderling by Martin Pertini. This game is really beautifully crafted, both in terms of the visuals and the game play.

You play as a spiderling which uses a string like web to move around the levels. The web mechanic really makes for some clever puzzles and level design ideas.

In this game you'll encounter different creatures, which are all wonderfully animated. You can also interact with them in interesting ways. For example, centipedes can be used like "trams" that can transport you across otherwise impassable drops. Snails can become stepping stones to climb higher in the level.

Click to Play

We hope you all enjoy this great game, we'll bring you another Pixel Love next Monday.

Have fun!

by Tom

Hey Nitromains,

It’s time to reveal another glimpse into our HUGE free upcoming Icebreaker update.
The Glorious Gloves.

Some experienced  Icebreaker veterans may recognise this “handy” tool from our web release. We always wanted to include them in the initial launch but never got around to it. However we are really pleased to say that they’re back and better than ever before.

For those who have missed it in our previous post. The plan is to have the Android release arrive alongside this update. So Android users can finally be in sync with the latest Icebreaker build.

Oh... and did we forget to say that the ‘iPad’ version is going Universal!  And not only that, the universal build should finally have cloud saving alongside this big update. So (fingers and toes crossed) both of your devices will at-last be in sync.

You can help spread the news by sharing the Trailer:

Please stay tuned for more Icebreaker news. =)

by Jon

Play Lost Yeti!

Our Pixel Love game choice for today is Lost Yeti by Neutronized!

This game is now also available to buy on both iOS and Android devices!

In this demo version of Lost Yeti, there is a simple premise. You must guide the yeti to the chequered flag on each of the levels by moving the ice blocks whilst avoiding enemies and collecting the treats along the way.

Lost Yeti boasts the same high level of graphical polish and quality pixel art that we have come to expect from Neutronized. It has a really bouncy soundtrack and lively sound effects too.

This is a real joy to play, we hope you all enjoy this one as much as us!

Click To Play!

Have fun everyone, we'll bring you another Pixel Love next week!

by Tom

Play Ditto

Today is a good day! Why? Because today we have released a new game!

Ditto is an atmospheric puzzle platformer. You must travel through solving each room by using your skill and lateral thinking! All you have in your arsenal is run, jump and glide… but this is a far from simple game, where nothing is as it seems!

We feel that this game it a little different for us here at Nitrome. So put your headphones on, switch off the outside world and become immersed in the beautiful world of Ditto!

Click to play!

Enjoy :0)

by JK

Hey Nitromians,

Take a peek at one of the many weird and wonderful beings you’ll encounter in our HUGE free upcoming Icebreaker update. The Fashion Conscious Crustaceans.

This massive update will include over 40 brand new levels, tons of cool new mechanics, story, characters, achievements and one of the best looking boss encounters we’ve ever produced. All set in the belly of a giant beast. It’s going to be seriously epic!

The plan is to have the Android release arrive alongside this update. So although you droid users have had to wait a long time, you’ll be happy to hear you won’t be left behind with the new content.

Youtube Video Share Link:

Please stay tuned for more Icebreaker news. =)

by Jon

Tetris Fanart!

Hi Nitromians,

We have just seen some awesome fanart made by Shuey187 over on Youtube. The video is taken from a Tetris game where the Cuboy Icon slowly materializes from the lines of tetronimoes. We are really impressed with the idea, thanks for the effort in doing this piece!

If you have any fan art you have made about Nitrome please do send it in! We love everything we get sent especially if it is our work applied to something we have never seen before.

by Tom

Play Pixel Purge!

The aptly named Pixel Purge by Aethos Games is this week's Pixel Love game of choice!

Play as the forces of good fighting against the darkness that is trying to  take hold of Pixel-RT, a land of the peaceful pixel civilization.

Pixel Purge looks great, plays well, has fast-paced action and boasts a vast array of enemies to keep you on your toes. So level up, upgrade your abilities and out manoeuvre the hoards.

Click To Play!

Have fun everyone!

We'll bring you another pixel love next week!


by Tom

Wow Nitromians,

We can't belive we actually won, not 1 but 3 awards at the Pocket Gamer Awards!

We won Best Casual/Puzzle Game, Best iOS game and the big one... BEST OVERALL GAME!

This means we beat not only all games on mobile that were released this year but on handheld formats too like the 3DS and Playstation Vita. It is very humbling to think our little team could beat a Zelda game in an award!

A huge thankyou to all that voted for us!

Heres a link to the page with the winners and you can see what we were up against by clicking the 'Nominations' button:

by Mat

Play A Ghostly Journey!

Hi Nitromians!

Today's Pixel Love game is A Ghostly Journey by Daniel Haslop.

This game has got some great artwork, music and interesting game play elements. You take on the role of a ghost that has to avoid light sources and disappearing forever.

The fun really starts when you begin possessing people to further your journey. The game difficulty isn't too steep and makes for a forgiving and enjoyable play session.

A quick word of warning, there are a few pixelated blood splats here and there in this game, so we thought we'd warn you in advance!

Click To Play!

Have fun everyone, we'll bring another pixel love game next Monday!

by Tom

Ditto Update 2

Hi Nitromians,

we have been a little quiet this week but lets go out on a high! We have some new Ditto things to share with you. This week we have started dressing the levels for Ditto and wow it really made a big difference! We liked it so much that we thought we would show you a little before and after comparison of one of the early rooms.

You can see the video of the room in another of our funky little animated gif things and if you want to see it in more detail we have a link to side by side comparison shot that reveals all in crisp glory here: 


by Mat

Play Meat Boy! (Mature)

Hi Nitromians!

Today's Pixel Love game comes in the form of the fast twitch reflex platformer Meat Boy by Edmund McMillen and Jonathan McEntee!


Many of you may know that there is a Super Meat Boy game which is out for sale. We thought that it would be great to revisit it's humble Flash beginnings as it boasts a lot of what makes Super Meat Boy so great, although you get much more content from Super Meat Boy. Some levels are as hard as nails, but you get genuine satisfaction from completing them.

Your objective is to make your way to band-aid girl whilst being mindful of a multitude of obstacles and traps.

You can also create your own levels using the map editor to create even tougher challenges!

Click To Play!

Have fun, we will bring you another Pixel Love game next week!

by Tom

Ditto Update

Hi Nitromians,

Ditto is now getting to a fairly advanced state so we felt it was time to show you all a little more with the aid of a funky animated gif.

This is the first time we have tied turning actual footage into a gif so it was an interesting test for that too. I think it worked well and this does not take a long time like a trailer so it could be a good way we will show you gameplay snippets in the future!

Have a great weekend everyone!

by Mat

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