Friday Update!

Hey Nitromians,

Wow... time has absolutely flown this week at Nitrome HQ. Some of our keen followers may have noticed a lack of news this week in our blog.

Don’t worry, that is because we are extremely busy developing new games and simply haven’t had the time to spend making interesting posts. Hopefully we can cram some more news for you all in our blog next week.

Until then you may be glad to hear that our latest game Test subject arena two is in its final stages and should (fingers crossed) be released next week. We are all very happy with the result and feel that it’s one of our best multiplayer games to date. And for all of you Touchy supporters, it’s an absolute blast in four players.

See you all next week for Pixelove on Monday. Have a great weekend.

by Jon

It's been a little while since we talked about Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage's Android plans so we wanted to give you a little update.

To recap we currently have a team working on the Android version and the iOS team have been working on two updates for the game in the form of an Achievements/Challenges based update and the next level pack!

All areas are progressing smoothly but this time we want to let you know a little more about the Android side of things.

The basic port of Icebreaker was up and running on Android in about a week but even then we knew it was going to be hard work to get to the point that we could actually release it. There are many, many small differences that have an impact on the Android build. The most ob…


Play Naya's Quest

Hi Nitromians!

Today's Pixel Love game is... Naya's Quest created by Terry Cavanagh.

This is a real mind bender of a game. You set out on your quest making your way to the "edge". Along the way you will have to traverse some very tricky levels, using your trusty cross-section scanner as a means to better judge your next move. We thought the concept of this game was great, and fell for nearly all of the illusion based traps!

Play Naya's Quest: Click Here

Terry Cavanagh also has a fast paced, frantic avoidance game out for iPhone that we also think is awesome. Check Out Super Hexagon

Have fun everyone, we'll bring you more pixel love next week!

by Tom

It's been a little while since we talked about Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage and we're currently planning some updates to give you news on how the various areas are progressing. There is one little bit of information though that we couldn't keep to ourselves until then!

So people know we're working on an Android version right? But everyone expects that this just means Google Play store. We are of course bringing it to the Google Play store but those of you out there with Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD need not fret as we have you covered too! That's right we will also be bringing Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage to the Amazon App store at the same time as Google Play!

We have also got a photo of the game running on those devices! Click here to see the photo

Icebreaker Update: Kindle News - Click Here!

We're going to have a full Android update about the progress next week so expect more then!

by Mat

Play Exposure!

We have chosen a great Pixel Love for you all this week. It's called Exposure and was made by Zillix. This is something quite special.

We love its 3d pixel landscape and the relaxed explorative nature of this game. Your aim is to explore the desert and interact with the other people there. Maybe they can expose the secrets of the orbs? Besides these mystical orbs, you will also find items around the desert which will hold different properties after exposure to the sunlight for 10 seconds.

There are also multiple endings to this game, can you find them all?

Click to Play Exposure

Have fun everyone. We will bring you more Pixel Love next week!

by Tom

Friday Update!

It's been another busy week here at Nitrome.

We are glad to see how excited you have all been in regards to the previews of our upcoming games, Test Subject Arena 2 and Cheesedreams: New Moon!

Also, as we followed the first announcement from Steam earlier on in the week, the second announcement was Steam Machines which details what their approach will be in terms of introducing their living room gaming hardware. Also, Steam have (within the hour) just released their latest announcement... The Steam Controller!

So at first glance, what do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

Have a great weekend Nitromians, we will catch you all next week for more Nitrome goodness!

by Tom

Following on from the news of Cheese Dreams: New Moon yesterday we thought we would update you all on the progress made with Test Subject Arena 2. The game is currently working very nicely in multiplayer mode where with Touchy you can now play with up to 4 people! We have been making various arenas and have been testing and balancing the abilities of the various characters. 

Each character is a little different from each other this time round so the Rex suit can hang on ceilings and to compensate other characters have different advantages. Some characters are faster than others or shoot faster but there are also some other one off properties too that we will let you guess at for now!

The game in multiplayer is getting fairly f…


A long time ago we announced and gave you a demo of a remake of one of our older games Cheese Dreams and then nothing! 

The game was fairly far into development but various other projects meant we had to put it on hold and then (even more) various other projects stopped us coming back to it. We're thrilled to finally let you all know that we are now back working on it!

The game now has a proper title 'Cheese Dreams: New Moon' which we think covers well what the project is. For those who maybe don't know what this is about here is a recap.

Cheese Dreams: New Moon is a remake of our 2007 game 'Cheese Dreams'. It has the same basic bouncing mechanic but remade in a new engine that now supports full physics for all game elements …


Steam OS Announced

With us having a game that has now been Greenlit for Steam distribution we are taking a special interest in the three Steam announcements that are taking place this week. The first of these announcements has now passed and Valve have announced 'Steam OS' a free operating system that people can put onto their PC. It is an extension of their Big Picture Mode that they introduced last year which basically makes it so you can play PC games on your TV in a more friendly and intuitive way, all controlled with a gamepad.

Steam OS means that you don't need Windows on that PC as Steam OS will automatically take the user into Big Picture mode! The OS is built upon Linux which does mean that not a lot of the catalogue will run on the plat…


Hi Nitromians!

We have fixed our game Rustyard! The correct version of the game should show "ver2.2" in the top left corner of the screen rather than "ver2.1" which is the old number. Please clear your cache if you see the old number.

This should now fix the expandable blocks problem that was crashing the game. Thanks for pointing this out to us, happy gaming! :)

Click To Play Rustyard!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians!

Today's Pixel Love treat is Wild West The Sheriff developed by Dead Pixel Team.

We thought we would highlight this one as we are rather taken by its GameBoy styled artwork. The art and design makes great use of the limited colour palette to create a wonderful western look and feel.

Your main aim in this game is to capture all of the bandits throughout the levels by jumping on their heads. Once captured, you have to bring them back to the sheriffs office. Some of the bandits will be hiding out in barrels and some will try and shoot at you, so you will certainly have your work cut out!

Play Wild West The Sheriff: Click Here!

Have fun, we will bring you more Pixel Love next week!

by Tom

Hey Nitromians,

We have noticed that some of you are still experiencing problems with our fixes for both Rustyard and Fault Line Avatars. We are looking into the issues you are having and should have another update for Monday.

NOTE: Please check that you are playing these versions (displayed on the title screen of both games)

Rustyard ver2.1 and Faultline ver2.2

If there are any bug related issues (in either the avatar or game itself) can you please help us by posting them below.

Thanks :)

by Jon

Play Blym!

Hi Nitromians!

We have found a really great puzzle platformer for today's Pixel Love spotlight, it's called Blym, made by

The main objective in this game is to guide your hero through the levels to the teleporter. That sounds pretty easy... right?

Well, to make things interesting, the levels are often filled with different enemies, traps and... blocks. You have the ability to morph into these blocks, essentially becoming part of the level. Some of the blocks are brittle which means you may end up breaking the wrong blocks resulting in replaying the level to correct your mistakes.

The game gets a little more difficult as you make your way through the different worlds and really tests your problem solving skills with some clever level design!

With great gameplay, art and music, we hope you find playing this game as enjoyable as we did!

Play Blym: Play the Game!

Have fun, more Pixel Love coming next week! :)

by Tom

Friday Update!

Hey nitromians,

It's been another long week at Nitrome HQ. We released another batch of Avatars earlier this week. We hope you are enjoying them, as we plan to add LOTS of new avatars in the future. 

(NOTE) We are working on fixing a few bugs with avatars in Faultline and Rustyard, so don't worry if you can't see them all.

Infact, the avatar bug in Rustyard has just been fixed by JK, and is uploading right now!

Some of the regular blog followers will have also noticed that we have improved our messaging system. We think it’s a huge improvement in both looks and usability; we would love to hear your feedback on this?

Another really small fix which has just went live as we speak is that you can now correctly use "quotes" without it saying " (hey, every little fix counts right?)

More Nitrome, news, updates, fixes and pixelove next week. 

Have a great weekend. =)

by Jon

Hey nitromians,

Some of you may have already noticed that we have a snazzy new messaging system for the accounts that has just gone live. (Yipeeee)

We have taken user feedback into account and made a brand new system so that messaging is more of a joy than a pain to use. This includes clearer symbols and improved usability throughout.

There still may be a few nasty new bugs in this new build, so we would really appreciate your help in finding them and making it run as smoothly as possible.

Could you please post any bugs you find relating to this update into the comments below. Or why just not send us a mail using... well this update ;)

Our fans are really important to us so we strive to improve and expand the accounts on a regular basis. Hopefully it being Friday the 13th won't curse us with too much bad luck and things won't break into the weekend. =)

by Jon

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