Play Blym!

Hi Nitromians!

We have found a really great puzzle platformer for today's Pixel Love spotlight, it's called Blym, made by

The main objective in this game is to guide your hero through the levels to the teleporter. That sounds pretty easy... right?

Well, to make things interesting, the levels are often filled with different enemies, traps and... blocks. You have the ability to morph into these blocks, essentially becoming part of the level. Some of the blocks are brittle which means you may end up breaking the wrong blocks resulting in replaying the level to correct your mistakes.

The game gets a little more difficult as you make your way through the different worlds and really tests your problem solving skills with some clever level design!

With great gameplay, art and music, we hope you find playing this game as enjoyable as we did!

Play Blym: Play the Game!

Have fun, more Pixel Love coming next week! :)

by Tom

Friday Update!

Hey nitromians,

It's been another long week at Nitrome HQ. We released another batch of Avatars earlier this week. We hope you are enjoying them, as we plan to add LOTS of new avatars in the future. 

(NOTE) We are working on fixing a few bugs with avatars in Faultline and Rustyard, so don't worry if you can't see them all.

Infact, the avatar bug in Rustyard has just been fixed by JK, and is uploading right now!

Some of the regular blog followers will have also noticed that we have improved our messaging system. We think it’s a huge improvement in both looks and usability; we would love to hear your feedback on this?

Another really small fix which has just went live as we speak is that you can now correctly use "quotes" without it saying " (hey, every little fix counts right?)

More Nitrome, news, updates, fixes and pixelove next week. 

Have a great weekend. =)

by Jon

Hey nitromians,

Some of you may have already noticed that we have a snazzy new messaging system for the accounts that has just gone live. (Yipeeee)

We have taken user feedback into account and made a brand new system so that messaging is more of a joy than a pain to use. This includes clearer symbols and improved usability throughout.

There still may be a few nasty new bugs in this new build, so we would really appreciate your help in finding them and making it run as smoothly as possible.

Could you please post any bugs you find relating to this update into the comments below. Or why just not send us a mail using... well this update ;)

Our fans are really important to us so we strive to improve and expand the accounts on a regular basis. Hopefully it being Friday the 13th won't curse us with too much bad luck and things won't break into the weekend. =)

by Jon

Hey, Nitromians.

We were both surprised and pleased today to see that our game Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage has been featured in two category's on the App store.
It is listed in both the "what we're playing" and "Huggable Heroes" sections. (Who wouldn't want to hug a smelly hairy Viking?)

If you haven't had the chance to check out our first iPhone game then you can check it out here:

For those of you patiently waiting in the wings for an Android version. Don't worry... it is still going full speed ahead. We really don't want it to be a buggy sloppy port. And with literally dozens of devices to work with its a LOT of work and this takes time.
We will set a release date for this as soon as we feel that its finished. Hopefully you will all find that is is well worth the wait.

by Jon

New Avatars!

Hi Nitromians!

We have just released a fresh batch of avatars for you to find!

There are some really awesome avatars in this update, but we don't want to spoil anything for you.

Have fun collecting them all! :D

by Tom

Play Pivot!

Hi Everyone!

We have chosen the game Pivot by PodBot as our choice for this week's Pixel Love!

Solving the puzzles in Pivot revolve around turning the screen in 90 degree increments to collect the chests that have been placed throughout the various rooms.

As you may know by now, we really like the look of well drawn chunky pixel art in games and in Pivot this is no exception. The navigation gameplay mechanic in this one was a challenge at first. After a while of rotating the environment, you realise that some of the rooms require you to remember what was in the previous room. You then rotate your current room to the correct orientation and jump onto the chest in the previous.

We feel this game is very well executed and deserves to be this week's Pixel Love game.

Play Pivot: Click Here!

Have fun, we'll see you next week for more Pixel Love!

by Tom

Friday Update!

Hey Nitromians!

It's Friday, time for another update.

Next week we have a new batch of avatars for you to find and collect. Also Tom has been working hard on improving the messaging system on the accounts. It's looking snazzier than ever with a bunch of new features! We aim for this to be released later next week. Of course there will be another Pixel Love treat for you as well on Monday.

We are always looking for ways to enhance the accounts and user experience, so has any body got any suggestions for things they would like to see improved?

See you next week! :)

by Jon

Comment System Update!

Hi Nitromians!

We have recently been busy working on improving the comments system used on our games, blog and comments pages.

We have introduced a new "more comments" button at the bottom of the comments. This lets you load in more comments without the need to leave the page that you are currently viewing.

We have also introduced a new notification that notifies you when someone has replied to one of your comments. When you click the notification, it should take you to the highlighted comment where you can view the conversation in full.

You can now also reply to replies in the comments section too.

If you have any bugs that you think we should know about or experiencing issues using your account, feel free to leave comments below or message us about them!

We want to make the experience as best as we possibly can. Thanks for your feedback and continued support everyone!

by Tom

Play Clockwork Cat!

Today's Pixel Love game is Clockwork Cat, a game made by Patrick Traynor in 48 hours for Ludum Dare "10 Seconds" theme.

This game makes very clever use of the passage of time. We know that this one is short, but we really feel that it shows a lot of promise in its concept and deserves to be highlighted. This game both looks and plays great.

Play Clockwork Cat: Click Here!

Have fun, we will see you next week for more Pixel Love!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians,

In an unexpected move, Valve Greenlit 100 new games for distribution on their Steam platform. The great news is that our title Flightless was one of them!

We have been wavering between position 70 and position 80 for most of the 10 months that it has been on Greenlight, so to say it came as a surprise to us is a bit of an understatement! 

We fully expect that this event will prompt lots of new questions like 'when' and 'how much' and 'give us an update' but please try to refrain. With this coming rather out of the blue we're sorry but we really do not have any new information to share with you all at this time. The fact is that it had been stuck in Greenlight for so long that we had half given up on the project. We will update you when we know what we ourselves are doing. 

In the meantime we hope you are as thrilled as we are that Flightless finally got Greenlit. If you don’t know what we are talking about then you can try the demo of Flightless for free here.

by Mat

Play Oodlegobs!

We have just launched our latest mind-bending, multitasking mayhem game, Oodlegobs!

Take control of the swarming mass of Oodlegobs leading them to victory and overthrowing the Mew Tube network!

This game is also Touchy compatible.

Happy Gaming everyone!

Play Oodlegobs: Click Here!

by Tom

Play Soom!

Hi Nitromians!

Todays Pixel Love game is Soom by Aimar.

Although the game starts with a rather dark intro, it has actually been a real joy to play.

We really enjoyed the varied mechanics in this puzzle platformer and found ourselves scratching our heads at the interesting ways we needed to fold space to pass the levels.

You can expect portal like teleportation, split second avoidance and some tricky yet satisfying puzzles to solve.

Click To Play Soom!

Have fun, we will bring you another Pixel Love game next Monday!

by Jon

Friday Update!

It's Friday, time for an update!

We hope you are all enjoying the latest updates to the Nitrome Touchy app, what do you think of the new and improved d-pad? We are really happy with the way it has turned out! :)

Join us next week as we will be bringing you our brand new game... Oodlegobs!

Until then have a great weekend everyone!

by Tom

More Bug Fixes!

Hi Nitromians!

We have been hot on the heels of some more bugs here at Nitrome. This is just a quick recap for everyone to see what changes have been made :)

Bug List

  • Fixed the multi-day login badges, they should now appear in your badges collection
  • Nitrome account had an "add friend" button when we are already your friend. It should now be replaced with a remove friend button.
  • Some messages in the modal (alert message box) were displaying incorrectly. They should now work as expected.
  • Edit Profile link sometimes sent a user to their friends page. This should now be fixed.
  • Prevention for unexpected log out's is now in place.

Please report to us if you still get logged out unnexpectedly. It is a tough issue to fix, but we will do everything we can with the information we get on this issue.

Thanks for helping out!

by Tom

Well well well... I think the word you are looking for is "Oops!"

We've now updated Twin Shot 2 to work with the updated Touchy app.

We missed that one when we rolled out the update! Also we fixed the Touchy bug within the game that prevented you from using the cloud vehicles.

Get Touchy: Click Here!
Play Twin Shot 2: Click Here!

by JK

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