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Hello Nitromians and especially to developers involved in the Nitrome Jam. We are currently wrapping things up on our games in the Nitrome office and officially you should submit your game by 12pm today!

We will be sorting and officially launching the games on the site on Monday when we get in so as a nicety we have decided to allow you all a little cool down time over the weekend. Games should still be submitted by the deadline today but if you want to squash a few bugs or add last minute polish then feel free to resubmit over the weekend.

You can submit via the Nitrome Jam website or via email ( if you prefer or have problems. 

From what we have seen on Twitter through the week there are going be loads of great games for everyone to try next week when we also will start the vote for the Winner of Nitrome Jam 2014!

Have a great weekend everyone!

by Mat

The voting for the theme of NitromeJam 2014 is now closed. The votes have been counted and the winning theme is:


All Nitrome Jam contestants may now get started on their game! If you are involved in the Jam please make sure you have read the rules and in particular note the following as they WILL stop your submission being accepted:

No Blood, excessive gore or sexual content!

The game dimensions must be 550px x550px or less!

The game must run in a browser (or iframes for HTML5)…no download games!

Submit the game by midnight on Friday 6th of June (GMT).

We wish you all the very best of luck with the Jam and we look forward to sharing and viewing the resulting games on Monday the 9th of June when they will be checked and set live.

For anyone involved in the Jam who would like to share their progress if they can tweet using #Nitromejam we will be sure to retweet everything and will try our best  to round up those tweets to blog posts and Facebook posts too.

by Mat

Get ready to Jam!

Hi Nitromians,

Have you all voted yet on the theme for the Jam? If not you only have until Monday 9.15 GMT to do so! If your logged into your Nitrome account you can vote for your favourite theme below:

Click on the theme below to vote!

From the look of the previous comments it would seem that Toast and Survival are the forerunners but maybe they are just the voices of the vocal minority?

If you have voted for one of those two have you properly considered your vote? You're voting for Survival because Minecraft type games are cool right? Remember we only have 5 days to make a game so a Minecraft type game of any size is hig…


New Jam members!

Hi Nitromians,

We have added a few more people to the Nitrome Jam page that have confirmed that they are getting involved in the Jam next week!

We have added three confirmed Jammers who have made games we have featured in our Pixel Love in the past. Raiyumi who made ‘the Valley RuleSinclairian who made ‘Cathode Raybits’ and Bomb-O-Cracker who made ‘Night Lights’. Thrilled to have you on board guys.

We have a few ex Nitrome members getting involved too that have since gone on to make their own studios. Iggy Zuk who went on to make Deadly 30 for Steam will be heading back to Nitrome Towers. Going even further back in time we have Carl Trelfa who went on to form ‘the Podge’ will be back too….I don’t even think he has even been…


Vote for the Jam Theme!

Thanks for all of your theme suggestions for the imminent Nitrome Game Jam. We've been through them all and there were some really great suggestions... too many suggestions :)

Due to the shear volume, we have had to narrow them down to our favourite ten. In no particular order, here is the list of themes, vote now! You'll need to be logged in to your Nitrome account and only one vote per person will count.

Click on the theme below to vote!

Voting will end on 2nd June 09:15 GMT. We will post the winning theme in the blog and on the Nitrome Jam page.

by Mat

Play Aeolus Shift!

Today's Pixel Love game is Aeolus Shift.

This game has some great physics mechanics with some really interesting use of gravity. Your main goal is to emit pixels to fill up crates that are dotted around the level. Throw in pixel colour infections and switches and you get a really enjoyable experience!

Click To Play Aeolus Shift!

Have fun, we'll bring you another pixel love game next week! 

by Tom

PixelJam joins the Jam!

Hi Nitromians,

one of our favourite indie devs PixelJAM has said they are going to be entering the NitromeJam! Not only are they well respected for their pixel artwork but they are so well prepared for the Jam that they even had the foresight to put Jam in their company name!

PixelJam are probably best known for their pixelart based Dino Run, Gamma Bros and Potatoman Seeks the Troof games. Recently though they teamed up with artist James Kochalka for the not pixel art but equally awesome game Glorkian Warrior the Trials of Glork on iOS. 

All the games mentioned we highly recommend checking out! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the NitromeJam guys!

by mat

Hi Nitromians,

We are thrilled to announce that our very talented friends at Halfbot are going to be participating in the Nitrome Jam! If you don't know them they are the guys that made the very awesome 'the Blocks Cometh' on iPhone and also helped Vlambeer bring the equally awesome 'Super Crate Box' to iOS to boot! 

In case your wondering the image used here is from Halfbots new game 'Bullet Age'. It looks set to take the studio to a whole new level of awesomeness so check it out if you haven't already.

We have had lots and lots of people join the jam so far and while many of them may just be over enthusiastic to sign up we know that within that there are going to be some great games for sure that would not exist if we had not opened the jam to people outside of Nitrome. We will continue to highlight some of the people who commit to being involved in Nitrome Jam 2014 as we run up to the event!

by Mat

H Nitromians,

This week's Pixel Love game is the super addictive Prominent Mountain by ABA Games!

This is a super fast-paced avoider in which you build the road for your vehicle to bounce along. You have to try to get "air" to gain points whilst also watching out for those dangerous red blocks of doom.

How many points can you get in this? Let us know!

Click here to play Prominent Mountain!

Have fun everyone, we'll bring you another Pixel Love game next week!

by Tom

Hey Nitromians,

The Nitrome Game Jam webpage is now live!

The page includes details regarding rules, technology and size restrictions of your entry’s.

Anyone who would like to participate in the Nitrome Game Jam can head over to the site and sign up now.

Finally were asking for a couple of volunteers...

All of the Nitrome staff will be involved making the games, but we would really love to let you all know what's happening as it happens. Therefore if anyone is interested and able to come to the Nitrome office that week and maybe take some photos and write some blog posts please get in touch. 

You need to be over 18 and we may need to meet you beforehand so we can show you the ropes (please note this is a first come first served basis). On the other hand if no one is interested then we’ll just post as often as we can but it may be a quieter week.

Have a great weekend =)

by Jon

Play Flue!

Hi Nitromians!

We've just released our new game Flue! It's the latest addition to our icon game collection! 

Click To Play Flue!

Have fun everyone!

by Tom

Name that Jam

Wow, you all really liked our Nitrome Jam announcement huh? Over 500 comments and counting in just two days.

We have been reading your comments and there are some really awesome suggestions for Jam themes. However some people appear to be a little confused on what we're asking for when we say “suggest a theme”. So just to make it a little clearer on what we are looking for:

-A theme is NOT a game idea. So anyone writing a paragraph suggesting what game they would like us to make is kinda missing the point, sorry! 

-Consider that MANY people are going to be tackling this theme separately so anything too specific would result in a lot of similar games.

-We aren’t looking for sequel suggestions or game ideas including our characters.

-As a rule of thumb a theme is made up or one or two words, rather than a description of something.

Some of our favourite suggestions so far are: Dreams, Reverse, Toast, Growth, Space.

Looking forward to reading some more. =)

by Mat

New Icon game incoming!

Hi Nitromians,

later this week were going to be releasing a brand new icon game! It is one of a few online games that we are working on.

We haven't done one in a while and we felt it would be cool to go back to the format as it was one that we liked a lot. Having the game so small lets us experiment with some crazy ideas. Check out the preview gif :)

by Mat

Nitrome Jam 2014!

Hi Nitromians,

we are thrilled to announce the first ever Nitrome Game Jam! It is happening between June the 2nd and June the 6th 2014. During that time the Nitrome staff will be splitting into teams of two and making games inspired by a chosen theme for 5 days. At the end of the 5 days all work will stop and we will let you all play the games we have made. you can all then vote on a winner.

Although this is a Nitrome Jam we are open to people outside of Nitrome getting involved. You will have to be able to make a game though! We will have more information about that soon but if you are interested in getting involved then please email us to declaire your interest. 

Our plan is to let the Nitrome audience vote on the theme, bu…


Play Ground Zero!

Hi Nitromians!

Today's pixel love comes in glorious ASCII form as stealth game demake G0 (Ground Zero) made by hexDecimal

We really love the way the lighting has been created in this game. We felt it essential to the sneak and hide atmosphere. The randomly generated levels make for great replay value too.

This really is the finest barebones approach to a tactical roguelike stealth game.

Click to Play G0!

Have fun everyone. We'll bring you another pixel love next week!

by Tom

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