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Hey Nitromian’s,

Check out our latest Vine video of the Final Ninja arena on our upcoming game Bump Battle Royale!

As the game is nearing completion we thought it might be a good idea to fill you in on some more info about it.

This is a Single or Multiplayer game (1-4 players) on either Keyboard or Touchy!

What makes this game work with multiplayer so well is that you can control your character with the use of a single button.

So how does it work? You character spins on the spot until your acceleration key is held which propels the character forward. Let go of the key and you’ll skid to a halt and spin all over again. Now this may sound simple, but with power boosts, arena traps and an onslaught of players after your …


Mobile Page Update

Hi Nitromians!

Just a quick post to let you all know that we've just re-vamped our Mobile Page to better display our products available and coming soon for mobile devices.

The page will now better accommodate any future mobile game releases that we launch as the page is now scrollable.

Besides this quick page update, we've been working on other site improvements, so expect to see some cool new features and updates in the future!

Happy Gaming Everyone!

by Nitrome

Play Glitch Lab!

Today's Pixel Love choice is Glitch Lab by Nazywam

Glitch Lab asks the player to complete the game by exploiting the various bugs which can be found throughout the levels. This mechanic forms the core base for the game's puzzle elements.

We found it really satisfying to pass levels using nothing but the game "bugs". Figuring out how to complete a level and finding out what each level was asking from us as the player was a very interesting interaction.

Click To Play Glitch Lab!

We hope you enjoy this Pixel Love game as much as we did.

We'll bring you another Pixel Love game next week!

by Tom

Happy Friday =D

Hey Nitromian’s.

Phew... it’s been another busy week at Nitrome Towers. With lots of new and exciting game development happening.

Late last week we showed you all a quick glimpse at our upcoming multi/single player game Bump Battle Royale. It’s quite far into development now, so we can fill you in with some more details on the game next week. We don’t want to spoil too much about the game though, so just another small glimpse ;)

Until then have a great weekend and we will see you on Monday for another Pixelove.

Happy gaming =)

by Jon

Hi Nitromians,

We've removed the video ads slot from our rotating animations section on the home page. This took place a while ago but we completely forgot to mention it. I think we just had so many things all going on at once.

We think that this is a big improvement in usability and decided to let you all know about the change in-case you hadn't noticed. We are also happy to say that, so far, we haven't felt the need to turn the video ads in the animations back on!

Enjoy, have a great day!

by Tom

Hey Nitromians,

We have just had a really cool piece of fan art made for our upcoming game Bump Battle Royale. It was sent to use by Saugandh Nakkarike over on Facebook.

I think you'll all agree that it's not only great, but perhaps even cooler because the game isn't even out yet. A big thanks and congrats to Saugandh for sending this in.

If anyone has got any other fan art they would like to show off then please send them to us via homing pigeon email, Facebook or post. We would love to see them and will feature the best on our site.

by Jon

Hey Nitromians

Silly Sausage has been included as a speed run on twitch tv's speeddemosarchives as part of the summer Games done Quick 2014.

Silly Sausage speedrun!

Runner Zachsk got a completion time of 32:06... wow that’s fast!

Check out the video and see if you can beat his record. 

by Jon

Hey Nitromians!

Remember when we told you that 8-bit Doves is coming to Mobile and tablet devices? Well, Pocket gamer has covered this over on their site (thanks for the coverage Harry!).

Click to read Pocket Gamer's 8-bit Doves Article.

If you aren't already, why not follow us on twitter (@Nitrome) and we'll do our best to keep you up to date with all things Nitrome.

You can play the jam version here.

by Tom

Play Denudation!

Hi Nitromians!

Today's Pixel Love Choice is Denudation made by Zillix!

You may remember Zillix from a previous Pixel Love choice, Exposure.

This game is very intuitive in it's play style/controls and (although short) is a very satisfying game to play. As with Exposure, we really enjoyed the minimal approach in the art style, it really manages to denote everything you need to know with it's limited palette. It also has some great music and sound design.

Click to play Denudation!

Have fun! We'll bring you another Pixel Love game next week!

by Tom

New Game Preview

Hi all,

We have been a little quiet on previewing our upcoming flash releases of late but that doesn't mean they haven't been going on! So let's sort that out with a quick preview!

Our next release is called Bump Battle Royale which is loosely based on Bumper Cars and Sumo Wrestling. It also happens to be 1-4 player with or without Touchy! This makes it the first non-Touchy 4 player Nitrome game since Rush. It also features a mixture of Nitrome characters and universes!

So have a look at the preview video, it's just a taster for now but more will be coming soon!

by JK

Flash Cat fan art!

Hey Nitromians,

Take a look at this great piece of fan art by Koficup over on Deviant art. It's a huge picture of Flash Cat riding his trusty errrm... green buggy, beetle, robot cockroach, thingy?

Thanks for your hard work Koficup, it’s fantastic.

We love receiving fan art so please keep sending them in and we will feature our favourites on the blog.

by Jon

Hey Nitromians,

8bit Doves is coming to a phone near you!

During the #nitromejam people who follow our twitter feed may have seen a quick experiment Arthur did getting 8 bit doves working on the iPhone. Unity ultimately made it very quick to get a working build as the game is very easy to play due to it only using two buttons.

We're now happy to report that we're taking the project forward to a proper mobile release. We are of course adding support for Android and tablets. We have just finished adding a proper front end and tidying some things up that we did due to the limited time frame of the #nitromejam build. Finally were going to add a lot more levels some new features and split into three easy access packs.

This is a s…


Play Piksels

Hi Nitromians!

Today we've chosen Piksels by Bart Bonte as our Pixel Love choice this week. We love the clean simple design of this one.

It borrows ideas from the well known game Snake, as with each "piksel" eaten, you grow in length. The puzzle element in this is something quite fresh. To complete levels you must align your "snakes" within the goal areas, most of the time involving multiple snakes.

Some levels need each snake you create to be of a certain length. This has you using the walls, path blocking and corners among other elements to get your snakes where you need them.

You may remember Bart Bonte's entry in the nitrome jam, In Drmzzz.

Click To Play Piksels!

Have fun everyone! We'll bring you another pixel love game next week!

by Tom

Icebreaker on Amazon!

Hey Nitromians,

Great news! Icebreaker is FINALLY out on Amazon!

During the #nitromejam Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage silently released on the Amazon App Store for Kindle Fire devices. We weren't really expecting it to happen, as we had so many problems leading up to this point. We want to rectify that right now. So if you have a Kindle and have been feeling a little left out you can go now and find out what all the fuss has been about.

Another thing that happened during the #nitromejam was that an update launched across iOS for Icebreaker. We have fixed an issue which prevented people with the original iPad from being able to play the game anymore... sorry! This means they can finally play the Kraken pack, yippee. The issue al…


Ditto Love!

Hey Nitromians,

So you all REALLY liked Ditto huh! The sheer amount of ditto fan art we have seen so far has been really awesome.

First off, is this lovely anime styled piece by Nitzumi over on Deviant art.

There has also been some really nice Ditto fan-fiction written by Random-StoryKeeper over on Deviant art. And also another great written piece by Plasmaster over on the Nitrome wiki. Be sure to give them both a read when you have a spare few minutes.

If you have no idea what they are talking about, then it’s time that you completed Ditto and see what the fuss is all about.

Play Ditto!

We love receiving fan art, so please keep sending us links to what you have made and we'll feature our favourites =)

by Jon

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