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Gunbrick: LD Fanart!

Hi Nitromians!

We have been sent in a great piece of fanart by a Nitromian by the name of OneMoreTurn!

He has made a beautiful low def rendition of our mobile game Gunbrick!

As many of you know, Gunbrick has it's humble begginings as a icon flash game

by Nitrome

Great news!

For all of you that have an Amazon device (Kindle Fires, etc), we have just launched our game Platform Panic on the Amazon store!

Get Platform Panic: Click Here!

Have Fun!

by Nitrome

Platform Panic now has an awesome new update!

You will find that each of the characters now have unlockable power-ups!

Click to get Platform Panic!

We think you'll agree to just how much more depth this gives Platform Panic!

by Nitrome

Hi Nitromians,

We have found a great piece of fan art that we really want to highlight. Maybe not one for the squeamish, a hyper realistic style piece of Dangle fan art created by a Nitromian aptly named "CartoonSpider"!

Click to view fan art!

It has a wonderful sense of volumetric lighting and colour choice, thanks CartoonSpider this one is awesome!

If you have any Nitrome related fan art, do send it in! We love to see some great work applied to what we do.

by Nitrome

Hey Nitromians,

We have a little surprise for those of you who have been enjoying our infinite Platformer Platform Panic!

We are waiting for an update to be approved on the stores in which allows EVERY character to be upgraded with a special power to help you smash your high scores.

Each power will be tied to the character that you use and can drastically change the way in that you approach some of the rooms. For example Mario upon upgrading can hop on enemies and Radd Bradd has a nifty wall jump to reach higher coins and platforms. 

Those of you without smart device need not worry, the update will also be going out on for you to play around the same time.

There are 9 characters in total can you guess what some of the upgraded powers might be?

More news on the update just as soon as it's been approved for release.

happy gaming =) 

by Jon

We are delighted to find out that such a respectable and highly regarded news outlet, The Guardian, reviewed our game Platform Panic! We are also glad that Toby Moses had such a good time playing that he gave it a score of 4 out of a possible 5 stars!

Get Platform Panic!

Play in your web browser!

Thanks for playing everyone!

by Nitrome

Hi Nitromians,

Last week, we checked out the Pocket Gamer Connect (PG Connect) event. Mat was on a panel and got a chance to check out a lot of awesome projects that many great devs had been working on.

Whilst there, we also got a chance to show what we were making too. Check out Pocket Gamer's reaction to our new stuff, here!

Get a sneak peek at Nitrome's next iOS and Android games

Watch out for new titles to be available soon on your mobile device!

by Nitrome

Play Zoi: The Escape!

Today's pixel love game is Zoi: The Escape, made by GameSys!

This game had a pretty simple premise, navigate your character up the forming towers. This game starts pretty simply, by keeping the platforms moving in at a consistent speed and direction but things soon heat up.

Level 7 introduces speed and direction changes which really works on your awareness!

For such a simple premise, this game is very, very addictive!

Click to play Zoi: The Escape!

Have fun Nitromians, we'll bring you another pixel love game next week!

by Nitrome

We have just included a fresh batch of avatars for you all to unlock from within Gunbrick on mobile!

Simply go to the game, scroll past the level packs and tap the "FREE AVATARS" image that appears in the game (pictured right).

This is a way for us to say thanks to everyone that has bought the game, we really appreciate it. :)

Happy Gaming!

by Nitrome

Hi Nitromians,

The Christmas avatar for December 18th has now been fixed. Feel free to go and find it!

We will leave the xmas advent calendar on the avatars page for a little while longer so that you can see if you have unlocked it.

Have Fun!

by Nitrome

Play Tightrope Theatre!

Today's Pixel Love game is Tightrope Theatre by Adventure Islands!

This game has a good amount of variety in the obstacles you face, ranging through barrels, cannons, fire and more.

We also really like how much can be conveyed in two frame animation and this game illustrates just that. The pixel art as we have come to expect from adventure islands looks great!

Click here to play Tightrope Theatre!

Have fun everyone, more Pixel Love next week!

by Nitrome

We are thrilled to tell you all that Gunbrick has been featured by Apple and we have been selected as their "Editor's Choice!"

This is a great start to our Gunbrick launch!

We hope you are all having fun playing the game, let us know what you think of the game in the comments below!

Get Gunbrick!

Have a great weekend Everyone!

by Nitrome

We have had some great coverage from the gaming press for Gunbrick!

Pocket Gamer has given us a rave review! We are so happy that they have enjoyed their play sessions. We couldn't have asked for a more glowing review, so thanks guys!

"If Gunbrick is anything to go by, 2015 could be the year when the Platform Panic dev establishes itself as one of the best creators. Period." - Pocket Gamer

Pocket Gamer have also highlighted us as one of 3 best android apps out this week!

Read the Pocket Gamer review here!

Android Police have also written a nice descriptive article covering the features and mechanics that you can expect to see in our game.

Read the Android Police!

The touch arcade forums are alive and active with a lot of …


Gunbrick: OUT NOW!

We are very pleased to announce that Gunbrick is OUT NOW!

We hope you all have fun rolling around the Gunbrick universe solving the huge amount of puzzles that we have on offer!

Happy Gaming Everyone!

by Nitrome

Hey Nitromians,

Final blog post about Gunbrick before the big release tomorrow (we promise). We almost forgot that we haven’t even explained the controls to most of you and just how much of a good fit they are for a casually played but engaging mobile game.

It’s super simple really. Just swipe left or right to roll the gunbrick to either side. If you hold a swipe, it will continue to roll the way you started. Tap to shoot and hold your finger down to continuously fire. If you are facing sideways the recoil from your bullet will push you sideways. You’ll need this skill early on to traverse the landscape or dodge oncoming enemy fire . Fire against the ground to rocketjump and fly upwards. Useful to reach high ground and avoid lasers and mines. 

It’s really as easy as that.

Check out the vine video for a super quick demo of the controls in action. 

Until tomorrow, happy gaming. ;)

by Nitrome

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