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Hey Nitromians.

Due to your amazing support we have now reached 10,000 followers on twitter. Yes 10,000

Thank you for your continued support and welcome to our new followers.

If you are new here head over to our Games section to play now.

Finally if you are not currently one of our followers (why not!) head over to @nitrome and join in the action.

by Aaron

Tiny Treasure & Pixi Tower Defense are this weeks Pixel Love Games!

Tiny Treasure

In this cleverly designed pixel game you control two heroes who must work in tandem to complete the levels; using such actions as leapfrogging and standing on top of one another.

The game is quick and is easily completable in 1 sitting. So head over and try to conquer this pixel platformer with a twist.

Click to Play!

Pixi Tower Defense

Nothing will stop the march of the monsters in this enjoyable tower defense game.

Strategically place down heavy artilery and help protect your pixel lands.

Click to Play!

Have fun playing, there will be more Pixel Love games next week.

by Aaron

Vault gameplay !

Hey Nitromians,

We are working hard on several new releases here at Nitrome towers (well four to be exact), with a mixture of both endless high score chasers and more traditional level based games.

Today we thought we'd show off some gameplay footage of our super fun and addictive game Vault! It's fairly far on in production now so we expect that it'll be the next game released for mobile!

We are not quite ready to reveal our other two 'Level' based games quite yet. But if your lucky we'll show off a screenshot next week.

Let us know what you think of Vault in the comments below :)


by Jon

Play Retro Runners!

Retro Runners is an endless runner in which you need to use your acrobatic cybernetic skills to traverse through a gauntlet of blocks, bats, boulders and robots.

This is a very difficult game that gives you a enormous sense of accomplishment when you manage to combo through three or more obstacles.

The music is very frantic. The main draw for me though was the pixel art design. Also, you play as a character that fondly reminded me of Robocop!

Click to Play!

Have fun everyone, more Pixel Love games next week!

by Tom

Thank You Everyone!

Well, today marks my last working day at Nitrome, what a fantastic time I've had!

During my time here, I've had the opportunity to get to know people that have both inspired me creatively and challenged me intellectually - fuelling my passion that keeps me doing what I love to do. I am truly grateful to everyone at Nitrome Towers for this!

I also want to wish Nitrome the very best of luck in doing what they love doing, making awesume games!

Also, thanks to all of you - the Nitromians, Wikians and fans that have all helped me track down bugs, build new features and make the Nitrome web experience what it is today.

We know that there is still much more we want to give to you in regards to the web side of things, so with that i…


Magic Touch - Update 3!

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire continues to do amazingly well for Nitrome and has now surpassed a whopping 6 Million Downloads!

To celebrate this we have been working on a 3rd update to the game which we have just submitted to the app store for review.

The game contains a new mode called Time Attack which you can see in the preview image. A lot of how you played the game before changes in this mode so you can all have fun competeing on a new scoreboard when it's out! 

We will let you know when it's out so until then have fun guessing how it might work....we have purposely left clues in the shot :)

by Mat

Play Melee Man!

Melee Man is this weeks Pixel Love game!

This platformer was a wonderful little game created by The Village BlackSmith.

The game tasks you with bouncing off of cannon balls, enemies heads and more to make your way through some very clever and difficult puzzles / boss fights.

The Village Blacksmith brings a unique style of Pixel Art that we really enjoy and David vs Goliath beings another great soundtrack!

Click To Play!

Apologies for bringing the post a day later than the game being highlighted on Pixel Love. Thanks for playing everyone, more Pixel Love next week!

by Tom


Hi Nitromians,

we have been a little quiet of late in revealing what we have been up to here at Nitrome Towers. Rest assured that we have four games in development as we speak (one of which we showed previously). 

So time to reveal another game! 'Vault!' (yes with an exclamation mark) is a game about erm vaulting. Its simple to control but has a surprising amount of depth and it is super fun to send the character into the air over the vaulting stick. 

We will have more on the other games that we have in development soon but in the meantime we will let you all guess on what this game is all about!


by Mat

Once again Lonnie has posted a very funny video playing one of our games. This time it's our latest action puzzler Green Ninja: Year of the Frog.

Massive thanks to Lonnie for his continued support.

So grab a cuppa and have a watch!


by Nitrome

Cooped Up is now available to play on your browser!

You are the latest addition in the exotic bird sanctuary. The other older birds have been Cooped Up a little too long and are a branch short of a perch!

Click To Play Cooped Up!

We are currently working on a WebGL solution to bring the Nitrome. For the meantime, Chrome users can manually install Unity WebPlayer or use another browser like Firefox.

Have Fun Everyone!

by Nitrome

Play Drop Wizard!

Play Drop Wizard, an amazing game brought to you by Neutronized!

We love the adorable character design, environments and great gameplay mechanic in this one!

As with all of the Neutronized games, this one has got wonderful art direction and sound design.

We really enjoyed the boss fights!

Click to Play

We hope you have fun everyone, more Pixel Love next week!

by Nitrome

Green Ninja is now available for iOSand Androidfor free!

Check out the trailer, above to get an idea of what is in our latest game!

Have fun everyone!

by Nitrome

Play Pixel Escape!

Today's Pixel Love game is Pixel Escape!

This game asks you to steer the tiny pixels away from the fast approaching wall of data corruption, using your super fast reflexes and drawing skills to guide them to safety!

Along the way, you can pick up some of your fellow pixel folk and help them out of the jam too. This game has a cool "corrupted pixel" palette, similar to that found in Underbyte.

Click to Play Pixel Escape!

Enjoy everyone, we'll pick another stand out game to highlight as next week's Pixel Love game!

by Nitrome

Hey Nitromians,

Still no news on the approval of Green Ninja! However all of the prep has been done and we now just have to wait. It's currently "awaiting review" *sigh*

Until then I thought I'd show you one of the early levels. Green ninja shows the ninjas who's boss by slamming barrels into their faces.

Did we mention apart from ninjas you could kick other stuff around, like blocks, barrels and erm... melons!?!

More info on our upcoming action puzzler early next week. 

happy gaming ;)

by Jon

Hey Nitromians,

It's been a while in the making but our super fun Kung Fu action puzzler has been submitted to the stores ready for review.

We realise that we haven't actually shown off any game play footage yet, so take a sneak peek at the title intro for now.

We'll have more on this game over the coming days and might even show off a couple of stages for those of you who enjoy spoilers.

Anyway Green ninja: year of the frogs release should be kicking off very soon (perhaps as early as next week if store approval moves quickly). We'll be bringing you more info on this as soon as we know.

Until then happy gaming. =)


by Jon

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