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Hi Everyone,

I have managed to address the "private messages" bug. The problem was originally that people were not able to reply to private messages that they had received. It should now be resolved!

Feel free to try this out, if you are still having issues with this feature feel free to leave a comment below and I will read through them. I am still busy working through the bugs list from the last article and will update you with my progress as I get through them!

Thanks for your continued help everyone!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians!

In celebration of Magic Touch having over 3 million downloads to date we have prepared it’s first content update expanding all key areas:

  • New Spells to unlock!
  • New Shapes to draw!
  • New Knight types to defend against!
  • New Backgrounds!

We hope you enjoy the update. Next update is in development!

by Nitrome

Play Slimey's Quest

Today's Pixel Love game is "Slimey's Quest"!

Play as Slimey – a little slime who wants to go on an adventure. In this short platforming game you play as a slime who just wants to press buttons. Built for Ludum Dare 31, "Entire game on one screen", this is a highly polished little platform game. 

Have fun everyone, we'll bring you another Pixel Love game next week!

by Nitrome

Hi Nitromians!

I am going to carry out some server fixes starting early next week (most likely Monday). I'm sure that you may be wondering what that will mean for all of you, so I thought I'd give you all a bit of insight!

Well for starters, once I'm done, I should be able to get those problematic game comments back up and running! Also, I will be making a point of fixing some long standing issues and other things that may have got broken during the original server swap.

If there is anything in particular that you may have noticed, you'd be helping a lot by making a list of things that are broken in the comments below. It will be a great resource for me whilst tackling issues starting Monday!

You will most likely also notice a slight bit of downtime to the account functionality starting Monday. This is just so that we don't lose any of your data during the fixes we plan to carry out.

Well, we hope that you all enjoy your weekend!

by Tom

Magic Touch - Update 1

Hi Nitromians,

were about to head off for an Easter Break so how about 1 last preview before we go?

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire has had over 3 million downloads so far and because were excited about that I think we went a little overboard with this update. We added new backgrounds, new spells and new knight types for you to contend with. You can see a couple of those things in the shot :) We are just about ready to submit the update for review so hopefully the update will be out in the next few weeks!

Have a great Easter everyone!

Click Here to see the full Shot.

by Mat

Green Ninja Preview!

Hey Nitromians,

We have been treating you to a lot of previews this week. So to follow suit, here is a one of Green Ninja: Year of the frog! still in production right now. More info on this game in the coming weeks. 

Click here to see two more polished screenshots from the game.

Those jelly bean ninjas sure are messing with the wrong frog! HWAAAAAAAAAAA...

by Jon

Cooped Up - Vine!

Take a quick look at Cooped Up in action!

by Nitrome

Hi Nitromians,

Time for a new game reveal. It's early in development but we're already super happy with how it's going.

It's by the same team that worked on Magic Touch and as such their just putting the finishing touches to the Magic Touch a update before getting back full speed into this. More on that update soon!

It's a platformer of sorts coming to both mobile and the browser for free. It's got super simple mobile friendly controls that are not a virtual dPad or like Platform Panic, it's random and endless but also fixed with checkpoints....and we don't mean there's two modes.

Ok enough for now...certainly some cryptic info there for you to speculate on :)

Oh and in case you were wondering the shots are 100% mocked up. We do have the game running with some of the art in but a lot of the monsters and art is not yet in the game so things are subject to change.

Click here for 3 full shots

by Mat

Hi Nitromians,

We have some sad news today. A few of you already noticed but we removed Touchy from the App Store and Google Play store a little while back. For those of you who have downloaded it already you can still use it for the moment. If you have already paid for the full unlock then it will still function but those with the App that have not already done so will not be able to use the IAP to unlock the full version.

So what's going on?

A few weeks back Nitrome and Brass Monkey had a meeting about Touchy. Brass Monkey (or InfaRed5 as their new company is now known) are the developers of the tech that makes Touchy work. They also run the servers that makes the initial connection happen between your computer and your pho…


Play Glow Grid!

Today's Pixel Love choice is Glow Grid!

Glow Grid is a simple match-4 game which has been executed very well with great aesthetics and sound design. The simplicity in the designed elements helps frame, and doesn't draw away from, what your objective is.

It is a very addictive well made little game.

Available on iOS and Android!

Have fun Nitromians! We'll bring you more Pixel Love next week!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians, well Silly Sausage seems to be doing great in the charts on iOS after another great feature from Apple.

The press seem to be digging it too with Touch Arcade giving it 4.5/5 and Pocket Gamer giving it 9/10! Horray!

We thought we would end the week though with Lonnies coverage of the game which is as ever hillarious.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Silly Sausage on iOS: Click Here!

Silly Sausage on Google Play: Click Here!

Silly Sausage on Amazon: Click Here!

by Nitrome

Hi Nitromians,

we have seen a few articles now about our new Silly Sausage game and what people think is the insperation behind it. Most commonly it has been called a cross between Snake and Rovios Retry. Retry was certainly an insperation for the restart element of the game (and it is also a great game that we chose in our Indie Showcase picks) but it is not really an insperation for the main mechanic in the game.

Snake was certainly an influence to the game mechanic but there is a greater influence and we felt we should highlight it as it is also a great game. James Pond 2: Robocod was a huge influence to the mechanic. The game is a platform game but in a twist you can stretch your body upwards until you hit a surface(which …


Well we have been a bit busy today and totally forgot to actually announce the game was out on the blog and social.

So if you didn’t notice everything else that went on, the game is now out on iOS and Google Play and on Amazon first thing tomorrow (sorry we were waiting for an update to go through their system so minor delay).

The web version of the game should be along shortly too in both WebGL and Unity Player formats.

by Nitrome

Hi Nitromians,

Big news our next game Silly Sausage in Meat Land will be hitting app stores this Wednesday! Yes you heard that right THIS WEDNESDAY!! (cue epic echo sound). We held off on telling you as we made a last minute change to the app which because of submission times might have meant it was delayed a week. Thankfully that has turned out not to be the case.

Silly Sausage is like a cross between Mario world and Snake…well that’s about as close a comparison as we can make to anything.

The game will also be hitting the website though there will be a bit of a delay. This will be the first of our Unity made games which we will be providing in both Unity Player and Web GL formats. This should really up the compatibility o…


Play Shark Lifting 2!

Today we have chosen Shark Lifting 2 as our pixel love game choice!

What made this one stand out was its absurd yet awesome premise of... well... lifting sharks!

This game is broken up into sections of mini games in which, over time, your lifting prowess is tested to the max.

We like the nod to Street Fighter 2 in the opening graphic user interface design. This one is a lot of fun with some great music!

Get Lifting!

Have fun everyone, we'll bring you another Pixel Love Game next week!

by Tom

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