Enemy 585 Fan Mod!

Now this is really cool!

Frosty Flytrap, an active member in the Nitrome community, has been playing around with the the Enemy 585 sprites making a spin off title called Happy Jump Land.

For those not in the know, Enemy 585 is themed around characters in a traditional platform game. We hinted that the world was called "Happy Jump Land" in the title and the intro to the game showed it as a platform game.

It was mostly a homage to Mario but there were a few nods to Sonic there too. This was just an animation in Enemy 585 (which is actually not a platform game) but it is this that Frosty Flytrap is trying to recreate and we'd say, judging by the video, that he's doing a pretty good job!

We did toy with the idea ourselves of showing the other side of the story but never got to it so it's great to see someone tackle it!

Play Enemy 585: Click Here!

by Mat

Play Persist!

Today's Pixel love game is Persist by Jussi Simpanen

This game is a great example of minimal pixel art done very well.

Although only a short game (created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare), it is a very satisfying one to play and has some good variation through out.

We felt that the controls were just right for making those small important adjustments to the hero's movement whilst jumping for platforms.

Have fun!

Click To Play!

We will bring you another pixel love game next week!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians!

We thought we would share some pretty interesting info about Test Subject Arena 2, just in case you'd missed it originally when playing the game at launch. We added some high-score messages to each of the challenges!

Originally, you could read a message on each of the challenge's highscore boards and we even saved screenshots so that we could show you all after the games release... which is now! :)

So for anyone that didn't spot them, here they are!

Blue's Challenge
Blue Rex Suit's Challenge
Professor's Challenge
Professor Rex Suit's Challenge
Dr Nastidious' Challenge
Green's Challenge
Orange's Challenge
Mercenary's Challenge

We thought it would be a bit of fun, our favourite message was for Professor in the Rex Suit!

Did anyone spot them before this article? Let us know if you did!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians,

This week we thought it would be a great idea to introduce you to two pixel love games as a halloween celebration! Although we think that they are both great Halloween game choices, we do feel that they should come with a maturity warning. So... 


Unlike our Nitrome games, the following titles contain mature themes that may be unsuitable for some audiences. They both contain profanity and violence, so viewer discretion is advised!


This game was created by the very clever folk at Secret Base. The game will have you surviving hoards of the undead, collecting weapons and also comes with an awesome-o-meter to unleash your... awesomeness. Save survivors, vips, collect money, weapons and power up…


Preloader Updated

Hi everyone,

We have just released a fix for our new preloader.

Some people told us that the preloader was not working properly until they had cleared out their cache. We have added some code and renamed some files on our servers. We feel that this should better help with the issue.

Anyone that had experienced this problem, please try refreshing the games page and let us know if the fix has helped.

Thanks for reporting the bug!

by Tom

Today we want to talk about some advert changes that we have made. You may have noticed over the last couple of years that we experimented a lot with ads? Let's be honest here... you may have noticed about us experimenting in adding more ads to the site?

Firstly we would like to assure you that it was not lead by greed... we only put ads on the site to fund making the games you love to play. In recent years this has been much more of a struggle as both a lot of browser gamers and ad networks have shifted focus to mobile games. The lowest point for us in this is when we reluctantly turned on pop under ads... something we swore we never wanted to do!

You hopefully noticed that the pop under ads are no longer there? We…


Do you hum the music to our games? Well, so does our musician Dave! In fact he hums them before they are even made.

Confused? Then read on...

We were surprised to discover that Dave rarely composes the tunes directly at the computer and often thinks of them at other times, sometimes even after he has gone to bed. If that happens, he needs to remember it later. The way he does that is to record himself humming the tune into his phone... genius!

Now we know what your thinking... show us, we want to hear. Well, we thought the same and Dave kindly agreed to share his hummed track along side the final track it became for the upcoming Icebreaker level pack update.

Hummed Version:

Final Version:

(did we just exclusively show a glimpse of the next Icebreaker track in a post about humming? Yup!)


by Tom

Play Captain Commander!

Today's Pixel Love game is Captain Commander created by the clever fellows over at PixelJam!

As you may know by now, we are fans of pixelJam and their ultra retro pixel art style. We love the use of the 2:1 pixel ratio, it's used to great affect and helps give Captain Commander that ultra chunky feel. The vibrant pallete also adds a wonderful clarity to the characters.

The controls are very responsive too. You can choose to either aim your weapon with the mouse or WASD keys.

We feel you will have a lot of fun playing this!

Play Captain Commander: Click Here!

Enjoy, we will bring you another Pixel Love game next week!

by Tom

Friday Update!

Hey Nitromians!

So who is enjoying Test Subject Arena 2?

A lot of you were mentioning the difficulty level in the single player challenges. The reason for this is that we wanted to create an engaging training mode so that you can hone your skills, ready for your multi-player battles!

A few handy hints for those of you that are struggling.

  • Bullets move faster than the characters and also wrap through portals, so use this to your advantage. You'll be a lot faster!
  • Shoot and start walking to the next target before the bullet hits it's target. This is another way to shave of valuable time.

We have managed to complete each challenge whilst testing the game to prove that it can be done. Sim is currently the only Nitromian to…


Hello all,

We know it's been a while since our last release but we've been hard at work on many things and so we are very happy to announce that today is the day we release Test Subject Arena 2!

We've had lots of fun playing... er... we mean testing this game! With up to 4 players fighting against each other (need Touchy for more than 2 players) simultaneously, this game gets frantic!

For those of you who want to hone your skills on your own, there is a single player mode. Where each character has it's own level to beat.

We hope you enjoy our latest addition to the Test Subject Universe. We'll be watching those high score tables!

Play Test Subject Arena 2: Click Here!

Happy gaming!

by JK

Hi Nitromians,

We have some special news for all our iOS fans out there! Our first update for Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage is now live!

In the 1.1 update we have really gone to work on adding our own unique take on achievements to Icebreaker.

We have an all new character called the watcher who sets you missions on little sign posts around the game.

Missions range from trying to strike a chicken enough times before it flys off screen to a pack wide treasure hunt and even a mission that will involve some detective work finding the Vikings that are ever so subtlety different....ooohhh! We have made every effort to go beyond what you would normally expect from achievements to something we really feel expands the game world!



Play Enough Plumbers 2!

Todays Pixel Love goes out to Enough Plumbers 2 by Glen Forrester.

The concept of having many expendable heroes all trying to achieve the same goal is great fun when executed well and we feel that Enough Plumbers 2 really pushes the scope of what can be achieved with this idea.

You start the game by diving into the toilets to make your way through various well designed levels finding out early on that sacrificing your plumbers is something very unavoidable. Fear not! As long as one of the heroes is alive you may still pass the level.

To help you on your way, you get power-ups that let a single plumber take on new abilities, abilities that are very important in completing the levels.

This game has a lot of depth and we feel it is a great choice for some Pixel Love!

Play Enough Plumbers 2: Click Here!

Have fun, we will bring you all another Pixel Love next week!

by Tom

Friday Update!

Hey Nitromians,

Wow... time has absolutely flown this week at Nitrome HQ. Some of our keen followers may have noticed a lack of news this week in our blog.

Don’t worry, that is because we are extremely busy developing new games and simply haven’t had the time to spend making interesting posts. Hopefully we can cram some more news for you all in our blog next week.

Until then you may be glad to hear that our latest game Test subject arena two is in its final stages and should (fingers crossed) be released next week. We are all very happy with the result and feel that it’s one of our best multiplayer games to date. And for all of you Touchy supporters, it’s an absolute blast in four players.

See you all next week for Pixelove on Monday. Have a great weekend.

by Jon

It's been a little while since we talked about Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage's Android plans so we wanted to give you a little update.

To recap we currently have a team working on the Android version and the iOS team have been working on two updates for the game in the form of an Achievements/Challenges based update and the next level pack!

All areas are progressing smoothly but this time we want to let you know a little more about the Android side of things.

The basic port of Icebreaker was up and running on Android in about a week but even then we knew it was going to be hard work to get to the point that we could actually release it. There are many, many small differences that have an impact on the Android build. The most ob…


Play Naya's Quest

Hi Nitromians!

Today's Pixel Love game is... Naya's Quest created by Terry Cavanagh.

This is a real mind bender of a game. You set out on your quest making your way to the "edge". Along the way you will have to traverse some very tricky levels, using your trusty cross-section scanner as a means to better judge your next move. We thought the concept of this game was great, and fell for nearly all of the illusion based traps!

Play Naya's Quest: Click Here

Terry Cavanagh also has a fast paced, frantic avoidance game out for iPhone that we also think is awesome. Check Out Super Hexagon

Have fun everyone, we'll bring you more pixel love next week!

by Tom

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