Why did Nitrome take so long to move into mobile gaming? Find out in this Pocket Gamer Feature.

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by Tom

Touchy 2.0 Update

Good day to you all,

We wanted to let you know what has been going on in these Nitrome Towers of ours. We know we’ve been going Icebreaker crazy recently, but we have been working on other things that are not related to ice, Vikings, Trolls and Goats!

Some of you may have noticed that we have gone quiet on all things Touchy over the past few releases, well there is a reason.

We have been working hard along with the Brass Monkey team over in Boston, MA. We’ve listened to your feedback regarding the app and we’re very excited to announce that the app will be updated very soon. More details will follow over the coming days but for now, here’s the Test Subject Blue controller skin.

Test Subject Blue controller skin: Click Here!

Let us know what you think

by JK

Play Night Lights!

Hi Nitromians!

Today's Pixel Love game is Night Lights by Bomb-o'-cracker.

This is a very clever puzzler in which you utilize light sources to bend the environment around your needs and make your way to the exit.

Use lamps to make platforms disappear and move blocks around levels.

Night Lights: Click to Play!

We really enjoyed playing through this one, have fun! :)

by Tom

Friday Update!

Hey Nitromians,

We can’t tell you how much of a hectic week we have had over at Nitrome HQ this week. Mainly due to our first big iOS game release, Icebreaker : A Viking Voyage.

We are absolutely blown away by the positive response that it has received so far from both fans, and reviewers of the game. 

The support from our loyal fans really means the world to us. So to all of you who have purchased the game so far, or helped spread the word around, a BIG thank you to you all. There is sure to be more Icebreaker related news next week, so watch this space for the latest.

Also we will be sharing with you a glimpse at the improvements we have been implementing into the controls to our Touchy controller, in a long overdue update…


Icebreaker Fan Art!

Hi Nitromians!

It's been a while since we featured any fanart. We looked back through our fan mail and found this brilliant piece by a Nitromian who goes by the alias of Gillus99 over on Deviant Art.

We especially love the fact that it is Icebreaker related and completely relevant right now, but also just how funny the actual image is!

Great work, Gillus99!

If anyone has any Icebreaker related fanart, we would love to see it! :D

Get Icebreaker: Click Here!

by Jon

Icebreaker: Reviews!

Hi Nitromians,

We are starting to get some great reviews of Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage so we thought we would do a quick round up of the best of them just before the weekend.

"Forget the question of whether Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage is the next Cut the Rope, Where's My Water?, or indeed the next Angry Birds. It's better than them all."
Pocket Gamer

"Nitrome’s debut is undoubtedly one of the best iOS games to release this year."

"Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage is Nitrome's first iOS release, and it's an absolute juggernaut of a game."

"Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage is truly innovative, fun to play, and deserves a place alongside Angry Birds and Cut The Rope as one of the best puzzlers available on iOS de…


Hi Nitromians!

Well yesterday was a very special day for us at Nitrome. We managed to be the #1 game in the US app store for iPhone and #2 for iPad. UK we managed #1 for both iPhone and iPad! We also hit the number 1 spot in lots of other territories.

We are truly humbled by the response our game has got and we want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has supported us and bought the game.

We could currently do with more reviews (preferably of the 5 star variety ;)) as we seem a little light in that department compared to other games that launched.

To anyone who bought the game and enjoyed it, if you could please leave us a review...it really helps give other potential customers confidence that the game is worth buying.

To anyone who hasn't bought it yet we would still love your support too. You can get the Icebreaker here!

by Mat

Icebreaker: OUT NOW!

Hi Nitromians!

Icebreaker is OUT NOW! Please support us and buy it! :)

Get Icebreaker!: http://www.icebreaker-game.com/get-app/

by Mat

Hey Nitromians!

On the eve of our Icebreaker launch we thought we'd give you a little treat in the form of our final character roster!

Get ready for tomorrows BIG worldwide launch of Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage! We are all super excited about it, we hope you are too!

Thanks for all of the support that you have already given us, and with your help, hopefully we can make a BIG Splash on the app store tomorrow! :)

by Mat

Hi Nitromians,

Only 2 days to go until Icebreaker will at long last be available for all you lovely people to purchase!

To help get you ready and help us spread the word we're thrilled to lift the lid on a little side project we have been working on called Icebreaker: Freeze Frame. It is available now so go and give it a whirl!

Make faces as if your trapped in the ice like the Vikings in the game then send that picture to a friend or perhaps just save it and use it as your Facebook profile picture to help us spread word about the game! Alternatively perhaps you have other things you might want to 'freeze frame'. Do show us what you come up with and we might post some of the more striking ones to the Nitrome blog and Icebreaker site!

Freeze Frame: Click Here!

have fun :)

Only one more day to go after this and as a final update before launch we wanted to finish off the characters page. If you head over to the characters page you can now see the full roster of characters that will be in the launch version of the game!

by Mat

Hi Nitromians,

We are thrilled to be finally able to announce that Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage is 100% complete! It has already been submitted to Apple and been approved too!

It will be out on the 20th of June... that’s THIS THURSDAY!!!!!

We have an action packed week lined up for you between now and launch and we will be posting something Icebreaker related every day so come back tomorrow :)

by Mat

Play Back Door!

Hi Nitromians!

Today's Pixel Love game is Back Door by Solar Vagrant

We found the dark and quirky humour in this game to be right up our street.

You start off by falling into a seemingly endless void. Are your dreaming? *clunk* nope... but you are trapped!

This was a very cool (and sometimes difficult) escape game.

Play Back Door: Click Here!



by Tom

Teaser Alert!

Hey there Nitromians!

We have got something new to share with you all today. It's in the form of a screenshot from one of our upcoming flash games!

Teaser Screenshot: Click Here!

by Tom

Play Leaf Me Alone!

Hi Nitromians!

Today's Pixel Love game is Leaf Me Alone by Mark Foster and David Fenn

Leaf Me Alone was made for the Ludum Dare 'minimalist' theme!

The game is wonderful and reminds us a little bit of a cross between Fez and classic Zelda. We thoroughly enjoyed the chilled out atmosphere with the friendly open and roam-able levels in this one.

The way the game's simple puzzles are set out in the world make for a forgiving and intuitive play session.

Click To Play!

by Tom

Awsume Glasses!

Hey Nitromians!

We hope you are enjoying our colourful new puzzler Colour Blind. Just a quick question:

Has anybody managed to get the "awesume glasses" yet?

They are super secret and rather cool, just collect all the in-game coins to unlock them. Are you up to the challenge? ;)

by Jon

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