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Play Steam Rogue GB!

Hi Nitromians!

We chose Steam Rogue GB as this week's Pixel Love game!

We really enjoyed this one, it has a simple idea, get to the goal before you run out of steam!

The graphics are wonderful and have a great colour palette (something we have come to expect from Adventure Islands games!).

Also, apologies for the late post. We did launch this one yesterday, but there was a problem in the system. It wouldn't show the icon. That's been fixed this morning!

Have fun everyone!

Click to Play Steam Rogue GB!

We'll bring you another Pixel Love game next week!

by Tom

More Avatars Released!

Hi Nitromians!

We have got two brand new avatars hidden inside the Oodle Trouble skin... can you find them!?

Go to the Oodle Trouble skin!

Have fun!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians,

We'd like to let people know that our skin is work that was inspired by a piece of fan art created by Frostyflytrap. I didn't realise when I'd originally launched the skin, apologies!

We thought it was a cool concept and based a skin around the idea, you can see the original fan art here.

Thanks Frostyflytrap! :)

We should be adding some avatars to the skin some time today, so be sure come back a bit later to search for them!

If you have any fan art related to Nitrome, Nitrome characters or even Nitrome music, feel free to send it in! Who knows, we may feature it in the blog, or like this piece, use it as inspiration for something on the site!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians!

As you can see, we've got a brand new website skin featuring characters from our Oodlegobs and Rubble Trouble games. We call it... ...Oodle Trouble!

We really like the way the Oodlegobs are climbing up to grab hold of the helicopter.

What do you think of the new web skin and colour scheme?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

by Tom

Play Caverns of IO!

Today's Pixel Love game is Caverns of IO by Merrak. The game is very addictive with it's well known control method and retro looking ASCII maps. Using your WASD keys to fire and dispatch enemy whilst using your cursor (Arrow) keys to move around the environments, you can explore different strategies when facing the enemy.

When battling with the "purple zeroes", we found that attrition was the best way to go. Let them run their energy levels low, dodge their fire then go on the offensive!

Click to play Caverns of IO

Have fun everyone, we'll bring you another Pixel Love game next week!

by Tom

Great Ditto Fanart!

Hi Nitromians!

We have found some really great fanart to show you, it was made by Frostyflytrap. He has rendered a scene in 3D from the Ditto universe.

Check it out, it looks great!

Ditto Fanart 

Thanks Frostyflytrap, this is another great piece of artwork from you! :)

Click To Play Ditto!

We love receiving fan art, so please keep sending us links to what you have made and we'll feature our favourites!

by Tom

Play No, Birdie, No!

Today's Pixel Love game is... 'No, Birdie No!', a hang-tough game created with code by Giovanni Coli, Piero Molino and artwork/sounds by our very own artist, Giuseppe Longo!

The aim of this game is to hold onto a cliff with your fingers by using ASDF which controls each finger of each hand. The challenge comes from a little chick that frantically pecks at your digits!

This game features some hilarious sound bites and great artwork.

How long can you "hang in there" for?

Let us know in the comments below.

Click to Play No, Birdie, No!

Happy gaming everyone, we'll bring you another Pixel Love game next week!

by Tom

8Bit Doves... AGAIN!

Hey Nitromians,

It's Friday again so we thought we'd update you with a juicy titbit of news. Our upcoming mobile game 8Bit Doves is fast approaching the end zone.

Check out our quick vine video of a level from the games last pack entitled "Nightmare". This pack also introduces one of the many new features of the game 'Boost tiles'. Which as you see make you go lightening fast - (sorry for the pun)

You may also notice in the video that the device has changed again as it is now playable in tablet form.

We have now finished making all of the levels and are currently testing on multiple devices, fixing bugs, adding a few additional sounds, and making the levels pretty.

We hope that you are as excited as we are to see another Nitrome game on your devices.

Until next week, happy gaming and have a great weekend.

by Jon

Play Yojimbrawl!

Today's Pixel Love game is Yojimbrawl, a fighting game with very fluid fighting mechanics made by Evan Greenwood (Programming), Dawid Strauss (Art) and Deon van Heerden (Music/SFX).

We really enjoyed chaining hits together into air juggles. We found ourselves performing smooth combos against our opponents. This is something that is very satisfying about the gameplay.

Click to play Yojimbrawl!

Have fun, we'll bring you another pixel love game next week!


by Tom

New Game Friday!

Hey Nitromians,

Phew... Bump Battle Royale was released in the nick of time. On further testing we just have noticed and squished a few nasty bugs. 

To play the latest and best version of the game please clear your cache and check to see (Ver1.2) on the title screen.

You can point out any other bugs in the comments below and we will try to fix any really nasty ones next week.

Until Monday, happy gaming and have a great weekend!

by Nitrome

Hello all you lovely peeps!

Well this took a while… Bump Battle Royale is finally out! After lots of testing, tweaking and more testing, we’re happy to say that the game is finished and ready for you to play.

Bump Battle Royale is an arena based sumo wrestling bumper car type affair! Honestly… that’s the best way we can describe it!

Play on your own against some of your favourite Nitrome characters in campaign mode to unlock new arenas and make those beaten characters available for you to play.

If you want some multiplayer action, play with up to 3 friends in 2 game modes, Last Man Standing and Team Battle Mode. Available with or without Touchy. We’ve been playing this a lot and think this is the best way to enjoy the game.

So get your gaming fingers ready, ‘cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride! (Sorry I couldn’t resist!) We hope you have a great weekend battling through our latest release.

Have fun and may the best bump battler win!!!

Click to play here.

by JK

More 8-Bit Doves!

Hey Nitromians,

We thought we'd share a super quick update on 8Bit Doves progress. Take a sneak peak at a level in the 2nd pack with a brand new element, moving walls... dum dum dum!

The release will include three packs in total, the second of which is called Deep Sleep. These packs will include a whole bunch of new level features as-well. (Notice the new handy sideways bed takeoff anyone?)

Anyway we didn't want to spoil too much. But we are happy to report that progress is going rather well so far. 

No release date yet though before you ask ;)

There should be more news and small updates on 8Bit Doves nearer to its release.

by Jon

I am Level

Hi Nitromians,

it's Monday so time for a new Pixel Love which marks the first since we launched the new Pixel Love site last Friday. I am level is a great little game with visuals inspired by the Spectrum era. The game play however is something much more modern with a tilt/pinball based mechanic mixed into a platform adventure. We had a lot of fun with this one and I'm sure you all will too!

play I am Level

by Mat is now live!

As you all know, we really love pixel art.

About 2 years ago, we decided to highlight the best pixel games from around the web made by other people every Monday. This formed the basis of what is now known as "Pixel Love".

We noticed some things that we wanted to change when we initially created Pixel Love.

Things we noticed and wanted to improve:

  • No list of games to choose from. You needed to use the search box/wiki
  • We could only support flash games which ruled out a lot of awesome pixel content made in other formats
  • After the games initial feature, it would be buried under blog posts and other content getting hidden from view.

We have now addressed these issues.

We are pleased to pre…


Hey Nitromians,

Phew... it’s Friday morning again and it’s been another very hot and busy week over at Nitrome Towers.

Firstly we thought we’d give you a quick update on Bump Battle Royale. In short it’s coming next week. We had lots of last minute tweaks to make and Touchy to integrate so there isn’t much more to do.

Although you can’t play Bump Battle quite yet, we have a nice surprise for you all later on today involving Pixelove. Come back later to find out what it is. ;)

by Jon

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