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Play Piksels

Hi Nitromians!

Today we've chosen Piksels by Bart Bonte as our Pixel Love choice this week. We love the clean simple design of this one.

It borrows ideas from the well known game Snake, as with each "piksel" eaten, you grow in length. The puzzle element in this is something quite fresh. To complete levels you must align your "snakes" within the goal areas, most of the time involving multiple snakes.

Some levels need each snake you create to be of a certain length. This has you using the walls, path blocking and corners among other elements to get your snakes where you need them.

You may remember Bart Bonte's entry in the nitrome jam, In Drmzzz.

Click To Play Piksels!

Have fun everyone! We'll bring you another pixel love game next week!

by Tom

Icebreaker on Amazon!

Hey Nitromians,

Great news! Icebreaker is FINALLY out on Amazon!

During the #nitromejam Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage silently released on the Amazon App Store for Kindle Fire devices. We weren't really expecting it to happen, as we had so many problems leading up to this point. We want to rectify that right now. So if you have a Kindle and have been feeling a little left out you can go now and find out what all the fuss has been about.

Another thing that happened during the #nitromejam was that an update launched across iOS for Icebreaker. We have fixed an issue which prevented people with the original iPad from being able to play the game anymore... sorry! This means they can finally play the Kraken pack, yippee. The issue al…


Ditto Love!

Hey Nitromians,

So you all REALLY liked Ditto huh! The sheer amount of ditto fan art we have seen so far has been really awesome.

First off, is this lovely anime styled piece by Nitzumi over on Deviant art.

There has also been some really nice Ditto fan-fiction written by Random-StoryKeeper over on Deviant art. And also another great written piece by Plasmaster over on the Nitrome wiki. Be sure to give them both a read when you have a spare few minutes.

If you have no idea what they are talking about, then it’s time that you completed Ditto and see what the fuss is all about.

Play Ditto!

We love receiving fan art, so please keep sending us links to what you have made and we'll feature our favourites =)

by Jon

Play Ripple Runner

This week's Pixel Love game is Ripple Runner by DDRKirby(ISQ)

This is a very demanding runner in which you must make it to the end of each stage using the jump and ripple controls.

The music is synced to the characters actions which sounds great as a result.

The artwork looks great and reminded us a little of our game Ditto

Click To Play Ripple Runner

Have fun, we'll bring you another Pixel Love next week!

by Tom

Hi Everyone,

Voting for Nitrome Game Jam 2014 entries is now closed!

The Results Are:

1st Place
A Kitty Dream by Raiyumi

2nd Place
Loop by Team Awesomotronica

3rd Place
Yellow Dreamer by NazoSystems

For a full list of the games (ordered by their vote average), check out the Jam Page.

A big congratulations goes out to Ryan Carag and Bill Kiley for their great platformer, A Kitty Dream! Well done Raiyumi! :) 

Also we'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that made a game, played games, casted their votes or took part in anyway and to all those that had as much fun as we did!

by Tom

Play Hobo Bob!

Here is our second Pixel Love choice, Hobo Bob. This game was created by Wolve. Many of you may know him from his Nitrome Jam entry: The Mind.

This endless runner really is action packed and very addictive!

We found the best finger placement for this game is similar to home row, but with your right hand shifted one key to the left... so:



It is very satisfying completing this one! Once completed, you are given an Infinite mode to play.

Click To Play Hobo Bob!

Have fun, we'll bring you more Pixel Love next week!

by Tom

Play Hare's Harvest

Hey Nitromians!

We've noticed that there has been a slight shortage of Pixel Love games whilst we were jamming, so to make up for that, we'll be showcasing two great pixel loves this week.

First off, we have Hare's Harvest, a great little turn based game developed by Michael Cook.

The game has some great mechanics. Using burrows, stomped burrows, foxes, dogs and farmers, your aim is to make your way through the farmers crop of carrots. There are some great puzzles in this one, with some real head scratchers.

Click to Play Hare's Harvest!

We hope you enjoy playing this one!

Stay tuned today for the second Pixel Love game choice!

by Tom

New jam skin!

Hey Nitromians,

Phew... what a hot and busy week it’s been over at Nitrome HQ. We have a brand new site skin for the website, featuring lots of characters from the #nitromejam.

For those of you who missed it we have finally sorted the issues for the #nitromejam games. Results for the winner will be announced next Friday so you can play, comment and vote for them here.

Thanks again for everybody who took part in the jam and all our fans for being so awesome, it really was great fun.

Next week we should be getting things back to normal. That means a regular Monday Pixel love slot, back to work on updating the accounts and continuing making some brand new games (more news on these when they’re ready).

Until Monday, have a great weekend.

p.s What's you're favourite Jam game?

Nitrome =D

by Nitrome

Vote Now! #nitromejam

Hey Nitromians,

We have now fixed all of the issues to do with the #nitromejam. This means that you can now finally login and place votes on all 31 Jam games.

As some of you may have read we had some major issues with our system, so to keep it fair we have reset the votes.

You can vote for a game by logging in and selecting a 1-5 star rating underneath the game (5 stars being the best).
Vote on as many games as you like and you can even change your mind as many times as you like.

Winners will be announced on Friday (20th) next week to give players a chance to try out all of the games.

Voting Begins. May the best man, Cat or Dog win ;)

by Jon

Fantastic Fanart!

Hey Nitromians,

We have just noticed this fantastic piece of Nitrome fan art which includes the first 100 Nitrome games. Its a serious masterpiece and all of us here at Nitrome HQ are in awe at the amount of work that has been put into this.

Huge thanks and congrats to CartoonSpider over on Deviant Art =)

To fully appreciate the piece make sure you click and zoom in. We had a lot of fun trying to spot all of the nice characters and game references.

by Jon

Hi Nitromian’s and Nitrome Jam developers,

You’ve probably noticed that we have been struggling to get all of the game Jam entries live on the NitromeJam page and also that various elements such as ‘comments’ on those pages and ‘voting’ are not functioning correctly.

Firstly we would like to say a huge SORRY for this!

We thought we had everything in place for this to run smoothly as an event, but we made some mistakes and we want to hold our hands up to that. Should we run another #Nitromejam again (and we hope we will as the entries have been great) we will learn from this and be sure to have a more stable system in place next time.

One major problem we have had means that we are not actually sure we have all the entries up…


Hi Nitromians,

after a relaxing weekend recouperating from the Nitrome Jam we are back in the office and finally ready to reveal the games to you all. We have had a few teathing problems getting them up as you may have noticed but we think we have it sorted so we will be going through and setting them live as quickly as we can.

We have truely been blown away not only that all the 7 Nitrome teams managed to complete a game in a week but also at the sheer quality of some of the games that were submitted from outside of the Nitrome office. The level of support for the Jam has been truely humbling.

We always said in the office that we would see how this Jam went before commiting to any future events but we all had such fun this time that I think it is highly likely that we will see an NitromeJam 2015 :)

by Mat

Hello Nitromians and especially to developers involved in the Nitrome Jam. We are currently wrapping things up on our games in the Nitrome office and officially you should submit your game by 12pm today!

We will be sorting and officially launching the games on the site on Monday when we get in so as a nicety we have decided to allow you all a little cool down time over the weekend. Games should still be submitted by the deadline today but if you want to squash a few bugs or add last minute polish then feel free to resubmit over the weekend.

You can submit via the Nitrome Jam website or via email ( if you prefer or have problems. 

From what we have seen on Twitter through the week there are going be loads of great games for everyone to try next week when we also will start the vote for the Winner of Nitrome Jam 2014!

Have a great weekend everyone!

by Mat

The voting for the theme of NitromeJam 2014 is now closed. The votes have been counted and the winning theme is:


All Nitrome Jam contestants may now get started on their game! If you are involved in the Jam please make sure you have read the rules and in particular note the following as they WILL stop your submission being accepted:

No Blood, excessive gore or sexual content!

The game dimensions must be 550px x550px or less!

The game must run in a browser (or iframes for HTML5)…no download games!

Submit the game by midnight on Friday 6th of June (GMT).

We wish you all the very best of luck with the Jam and we look forward to sharing and viewing the resulting games on Monday the 9th of June when they will be checked and set live.

For anyone involved in the Jam who would like to share their progress if they can tweet using #Nitromejam we will be sure to retweet everything and will try our best  to round up those tweets to blog posts and Facebook posts too.

by Mat

Get ready to Jam!

Hi Nitromians,

Have you all voted yet on the theme for the Jam? If not you only have until Monday 9.15 GMT to do so! If your logged into your Nitrome account you can vote for your favourite theme below:

Click on the theme below to vote!

From the look of the previous comments it would seem that Toast and Survival are the forerunners but maybe they are just the voices of the vocal minority?

If you have voted for one of those two have you properly considered your vote? You're voting for Survival because Minecraft type games are cool right? Remember we only have 5 days to make a game so a Minecraft type game of any size is hig…

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