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Hey Nitromians,

Platform Panic our infinite platformer is coming out tomorrow!

It will be available on iOS, Android and (fingers crossed our website too) to play for FREE! So keep eyes glued to the stores to play it first.

We are really excited about this one and have been trying to beat each others high-score for the past few weeks. We are really proud of the platforming controls with no nasty virtual joysicks in sight but with super accurate controls. And the music is just the right amount of retro head bobbing awesome.

We can't wait to show you all. Until Tomorrow, happy gaming.

by Nitrome

Hi Nitromians!

We have just released a rather festive update for Endless Doves on the Web, iOS and Android versions!

Get Endless Doves!

We hope you like the new additions.

by Nitrome

Play AR Arcade!

Hi Nitromians!

The Pixel Love game we have chosen today is the space shooter - AR Arcade. We really enjoyed the vast array of different enemy that you are challenged with.

The premise is simple enough and this helps to get you started fairly quickly. The tutorialized levels are not overly long and aid well in the natural difficulty progression curve.

We love the retro feel of the sound and visual design choices made in this one.

Click here to play AR Arcade!

Have fun everyone, we'll bring you another Pixel Love Game next week!

by Tom

Week two already?

Well, Christmas certainly is fast aproaching now! We have already released 14 avatars so far, with another 11 days to go!

Any ideas of which characters do you think are coming next?

We hope you are all having a wonderful time collecting these, keep your eyes open as we release another one tomorrow!

by Nitrome

Hi Nitromians!

We are going to be introducing the account updates soon and should also be bringing with them... Status updates!

The status updates will be a great tool to tell others a little bit about yourself or to just impart some wisdom on people that pass by your profile page. We have completely overhauled the profile page and the way you can interact with features. You will also get to see other peoples avatar pages to see what they have unlocked, or to see what is possible to collect!

Something we are really happy with is the notification/top-profile panel upgrade. As you may have seen from Thursday's post image, we are streamlining your approach to account usability. You'll get an overview of all new things that are r…




Great news Nitromians,

Platform Panic is coming out next week on Android, iOS and our site and we couldn't be more excited about it. It's going to be seriously AWESOME!

Check out this vine we have just put together of us playing :)

If you turn on the sound you can also catch an ear full of love from a new musician Eirik Suhrke. (best known for the music in Ridiculous fishing, Spelunki and Super Crate box).

Have a great weekend everyone, see you next week!

by Nitrome

Hi Nitromians!

Well, it certainly has been a while since we last spoke about the account updates that we are working on. There has been so much going on here at Nitrome that we just wanted to point out that the features are actively being worked on and should be live soon!

So on that note, I thought I'd talk in a little bit more detail about them.

We have covered the upcoming features briefly in a previous post, so chances are, you know what is expected. One of the cool new features that will be live in the improved system involve comments!

Firstly, comment spoilers!

This new feature will allow you to actively let other users know that there is possibly a spoiler in your comment. This will involve the other users actively c…


Hi Nitromians! 

My name is Nobody, and I'm going to be talking about what changes/additions would be made if Mutiny's multiplayer were to be given online multiplayer. Mutiny's multiplayer is rather diverse, and if it were given online multiplayer functionality there would be lots of new features that could be added to make its multiplayer better.

One thing Mutiny doesn't have is multiple multiplayer modes. While the regular Mutiny multiplayer is a simple team deathmatch mode, Mutiny could work with other game modes. In Mutiny's current multiplayer a dead player is kicked out of the game, though if Mutiny were to have other multiplayer modes I think some would have a function called "respawning", which is when a dead character …


Fantastic Fanart!

Hey Nitromians,

We have been so busy lately with the release of all our recent and upcoming web and mobile games that we haven't really had a chance to post any of the great fan-art we have been receiving.

Carolina Chicarelli has been creating LOTS of truly amazing nitrome art including all of her favourite characters and franchises. Check them out via the links below over on Deviant art.

All my fav nitrome games - We really do absolutely love this. From Smokey bacon ice-cream eating his favourite snack (in mid air non the less). To the test Subject standoff between arch enemies Green and Blue. 

Chisel character set - Fun fact, Jon who designed the Chisel series liked this so much that he has temporarily used it as his twitter banner.

Please keep sending all of your fan-art pic's in. We love receiving them and will share the best ones with you on here. 

The Nitrome Team =) 




by Nitrome

Roller Polar is now out on our website!

Click To Play!

What is you high score?

Our current highscore on iOS is 120 and on Android it's 113... are you up to the challenge of beating either of those?

Well, have fun and happy gaming everyone!

by Nitrome

Hi Nitromians,

a few of you already noticed that we updated Endless Doves with a couple of new 'Birds' in the Aviary for Christmas.

It is already live on Google Play (because submission is super quick) and will be live on iOS as soon as the update has been approved by Apple. We will also be updating the version on soon.

There is a new bird that you all should recognize and another flying creature that is relevant for the holidays.

Happy Dove collecting everyone!

Play on

Download on iOS

Download on Android

by Mat

Play Mini Quest!

Today's Pixel Love game is Mini Quest!

This game has a lot of traps and timing elements to master. The crumble blocks really give this game that added "Indiana Jones" escape the dungeon feel. Needless to say, it is rather satisfying to beat the level and collect the treasure.

Click To Play Mini Quest!

Have fun everyone, we'll bring you another Pixel Love game next week!

by Tom

Well, it certainly has been an interesting batch of hidden avatars so far! We hope we didn't make them TOO difficult for you. We still have another 18 for you to discover (and some of them are really sneaky!)

Did you find them all and if so, what has been your favourite avatar so far? Has anybody managed to collect them all yet?

Let us know in the comments below!

by Nitrome

Roll on the weekend!

Hi nitromains,

We hope you have been enjoying our brand new winter game Rollar Poller on iOS and Android.

We have had lots of positive feedback so far. If you like it we would appreciate any positive reviews and ratings on the app and play stores. 

Nitrome currently holds the No.1 spot in the leader boards on both iOS and Android, MWUHAHAHA!

Let's see if any of you have what it takes to beat us ;P

JK's score: 120 iOS

Tom score: 113 Android

We have lots of exiting news next week including news on our upcoming accounts update, Pixelove, Avatars every day as well as the release of Rolar Polar on

p.s Dont forget new avatars will be released EVERY day in Dec across the site and in games for you all to find (including the weekends) And we plan to do a first week roundup on Sunday to see how everyone is doing so far. 

Until Then, happy gaming have a great weekend. =)



by Nitrome

Roller Polar is out on mobile... and it's free to play!

iOS: Click Here!
Android: Click Here!

Have fun Nitromians!

Also, it would be great fun to see your highscores!

by Nitrome

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