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Play Sheepwalk!

Hey Nitromians.

Who’s ready for some more pixel lovin? ...I know we are

Today’s game is called ‘Sheepwalk’ made by Ben Pettengill

Take control of man’s best friend and help round up the sheep to the safety of their pens.

There is so much to love about this game. From the charming pixel pup and his little followers, to the way the game introduces frequent elements so that the player is kept on their toes ‘paws’ is very nicely done.

We especially liked the witty banter between the Ranch owner and the player, which will be sure to put a smile on some of your faces. Also make sure you have your speakers on for some top notch retro beats.

Sounds like fun... But trust us, it’s no walk in the park!

Have fun with this one and check back next week for some more Pixel Love. =0)

Play Sheepwalk: Click Here!

by Jon

Hi all,

To keep you all up to date on all things Ice Breaker we wanted to give you regular developer diaries from here on out.

Whereas the updates take you through some of the cool features that we have put into the game, this diary will serve more to let you know just what we have been putting our time into.

This also gives us the opportunity to update the percentage for game development completion! With that in mind we have now updated the percent complete from 80% up to 85% Yay!

Read more here!

by Mat

Hi Webmasters!

We have now started distributing Chisel 2!

You can now get this and many other Nitrome games for your site, for free here!

iFrame Distribution: Click Here!
Game ZIP Distribution: Click Here!
Play Chisel 2: Click Here!

Thanks for Playing our games!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians,

We thought that we'd let you know that we have just updated the Ice Breaker iOS FAQs to get some more relevant questions answered for you all.

Feel free to ask more questions about the upcoming game, and we'll try our best to answer them!

Ice Breaker iOS Page: Click Here!

by Tom

Play Photon Baby!

This week we are giving out some love to Photon Baby,A colourful pixel delight by Jeremias Babini.

It’s a spooky world filled with bright lurking nasties. Armed with your ‘photon blast’ cannon it’s your job to destroy all enemies on stage.

Sounds simple doesn’t it...?

The main problem being that each monster can only be defeated by a certain colour of blast, assigned by reflecting blasts off of various surfaces.

The configuration of monsters and elements get more complicated as the stages progress leading the player to quite literally explore the game from every angle. With frequent new elements, climactic boss battles and a charming ending, it’s well worth the play through.

We loved the bright and chunky pixel style char…


What better way to enjoy your Friday than by playing a brand new Nitrome game!

That's right! We have just released Skywire VIP Shuffle!

This game is the first in the VIP series to introduce Shuffling. The characters will be appearing at random.

Can you guess your way through all of the stages?

Play Skywire VIP Shuffle: Click Here!

Have Fun, and we'll see you all next week!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians!

We have a brand new update about our awesome upcoming Ice Breaker iOS title!

In our first update leading up to the games big release we would like to explain what we meant by the term side quests, which we mentioned in the features list.

We have also taken the opportunity to spruce up the page a little bit. It has now got tabs for different sections. You can now also sign up to the Nitrome mailing list by clicking on the sign up tab and keep up to date with the latest information about the game.

We'll be adding more updates and design changes as the game progresses.

Ice Breaker iOS Updates: Click Here

by Jon

Play Fracuum!

Hey Nitromians,

We have an interesting Pixel Love today for you to test your skills at in the name of Fracuum created by Tyler Glaiel in just 48 hours.

Can you guide your square bodied pixel hero to the centre of the known universe?

We were really impressed with the clever concept behind this one. The use of an almost infinite zoom feature to discover unexplored rooms was something am certain none of you will have played before.

Have fun playing this minimal pixel explorer and try not to squint to hard.

Play Fracuum: Click Here!

by Jon

Friday Update!

Hi Nitromians,

We’re sorry we didn't bring you the Ice Breaker iOS update this week. The game has been progressing at a good pace and we did have a plan for what we wanted to tell you about. Unfortunately our talented web developer Tom has been taking a well earned week off and as such it is a little hard for us to update the Ice Breaker page.

To give you a taste... we’re planning to add a series of updates to the Ice Breaker page between now and the games release. They will serve to highlight some of the interesting aspects of the game that you may not know about as well as show you all that we are actually still working away at the game and making good progress.

The first update is going to be about what we actually meant by 'Side Quests' which are not normal for a Physics puzzle game! We will do this by taking you through an example featuring the lovely looking goat in this week's Friday image!

So look forward to that and more next week, have a great Weekend!

by Mat

Hey Nitromians,

This week's Pixel Love game is 'Escape From Puppy Death Factory'

brought to you by Aurthur Lee and the fine people over at Adult Swim.

You assume the role of an intergalactic canine avenger. Your mission, to save the kidnapped puppies from a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

It is not hard to see the amount of love injected into this clever Metroid style puzzler. We loved everything down from the the charming pixel graphics and Catchy puppy retro beats to the Head scratching teleporting puzzles.

Give it a try we think you will all agree.

Click to Play!

by Jon

Friday Update!

Hi Nitromians!

Well, it's that time again!

We know it has been a little quiet in the blog this week, but feel free to join us next week as we'll be updating you with more on our forthcoming iPhone title Ice Breaker!

If you have any questions related to the upcoming game, you can post comments on the following page: Ice Breaker iOS

So stay tuned and have a great weekend!

Ice Breaker iOS News: Click Here! 

by Tom

Play Time Kufc!

Hi Nitromians!

This week's pixel love game is Time Kufc!

The game was created by William Good and Edmund McMillen.

We think this game is an excellent take on the dimension shifting / world changing genre of games that you see today. Use the layering system to your advantage!

You also get to create your own levels in this game!

The graphics are really cool in this too.

Play Time Kufc: Click Here!

Have Fun Everyone!

by Tom

Friday Roundup!

Hi Nitromians!

Well here we are at the end of another Friday!

We hope that you are all enjoying  your new found J-J-Jump powers in our latest game... J-J-Jump!

Feel free to ask us more iOS related questions on the pages:

Ice Breaker iOS: Click Here!
Super Feed Me iOS: Click Here!

Thanks for playing everyone, and until next week, have a great weekend! :D

Play J-J-Jump: Click Here!

by Tom

New Game: J-J-Jump!

Hey nitromians,

The never ending downpour of rain and lack of any summer has clearly made an impact here at Nitrome HQ.

As we have a surprise release for you today in the name of J-J-Jump which fits our current British climate perfectly!

Click to Play J-J-Jump!

Can you use the super power of J-J-Jump juice to guide our Teeny hero through this icon platform adventure and escape the oncoming flood?

Remember:  You can Play it on the front page from inside the icon or for those of you who hate squinting you can click the enlarge icon in-game to make it a bit bigger and easier on the eye.

Nitrome Homepage: Click Here!
Games Section: Click Here!

Well don't just stand there...get J-J-Jumping!

by Jon

Hi Webmasters!

We have now started distributing Skywire 2!

You can now get this and many other Nitrome games for your site, for free here!

iFrame Distribution: Click Here!
Game ZIP Distribution: Click Here!
Play Skywire 2: Click Here! 

by Tom

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