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Best Games of 2011

You can now start voting for your favourite Flash Games from 2011!

Jay is Games have got their Best Games of 2011 section live on their site and we are happy to tell you that Nitrome games have been nominated for various categories within the browser games section which is great!

Our Nominated Games:
Rubble Trouble Moscow
Nitrome Must Die
Test Subject Blue

If you wish to vote for your game choice as 'Game of the Year', be sure to check the 'Game of the Year' checkbox on the page before casting a vote!

Thanks for voting!

by Tom

Friday Update

It’s Friday again and we have loads of cool stuff coming your way next week!

First up, we are gonna have the release of our big Lockehorn 2 player update, so get your buddy ready! We are also going to have that full feature list of what to expect for the Nitrome 2.1 Website Update and finally, if that wasn’t enough we will be introducing yet another section within the blog next week so look out for that!

Until then, have a Great Weekend!

by Tom

Firstly welcome to our newest blog section - Industry News.

Industry News will cover significant events that may affect or influence Nitrome Development. We will use this as an opportunity not just to highlight the event but to give our opinion or highlight potential benefits or problems that arise. Our old 'News' category will still continue to cover events that are directly involving Nitrome.

Our first story to cover is about the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) that are currently being discussed. The aim of the SOPA is to stop online piracy by giving more power to the American government in effect allowing them to turn off any site that they feel infringes piracy laws and a lot of film and music studi…


Hi Nitromians!

We are very excited to reveal just what’s going to be appearing under that ‘Coming Soon’ panel in the top right hand corner of our site. As has been suspected and requested by many people, we are going to have a new login system for the site!

This is going to be a completely optional feature. If you choose not to use it you will be able to play the games as you could before but we will be introducing (both at launch and going forward) tons of cool new features made possible through logging in!

You may also notice that we have a new search bar coming to the site. This too has been a highly requested feature for a while that we will be happy to deliver :)

It has been no small undertaking to bring these feature…


Jay is Games Interview

Hi Nitromians!

We almost forgot to mention that Jay is Games has got an interview up over on their site featuring Matthew Annal!

It seems that it was posted on the same day that we finished for Christmas holidays.

The interview features some pretty cool questions including what our biggest challenges in game development have been and how Nitrome plan to move in the game development space for 2012.

Jay is Games Interview - Click Here!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians!

Wow! 100,000 likes our Facebook Page! That really IS incredible! Thanks so much to everyone for supporting us and playing our games!

We were so happy to come into the office today and see that our Facebook Page had reached over 100,000 Nitromians - What a great start to the week! :D

If you haven't yet liked our Facebook page and would like to, please feel free, we will keep you updated as to all things Nitrome!

Nitrome on Facebook: Click Here!

We also have a Twitter page where you can follow us.

Nitrome on Twitter: Click Here!

by Tom

Friday Update!

Welcome to our first Friday Update of the New Year!

We have had a lot of things to sort out since we have been back in the office and as a result it has been a little quiet in the blog this week.

Stay tuned next week as we will be bringing you much more news on what we are up to including information on what we are currently working on for our website!

We will also be adding a new category to the blog next week, so watch out for that!

Until then, have a great weekend! :D

by Tom

Hope you all have had a great holiday. We are back in Nitrome towers now refreshed and bursting with lots of ideas for 2012.

Over the break the all knowing folk at Edge magazine online have been very kind in their 2011 Friday game roundup in which Nitrome won The Endless Reliability Award.

Many thanks Chris Donlan.

Edge Friday Game Round Up - Click Here!

We will be updating the blog with more news this week so come back then for more Nitrome goodness.

by Jon

Well that’s it for another year folks, it has been a great year for gaming in 2011.

Nitrome will be back in the office on Tuesday 3rd January with some more exciting gaming news. We hope you enjoyed our new winter games half as much as we did making them.

Lockehorn: Click To Play!
Rubble Trouble Moscow: Click To Play!

We are really excited about the upcoming year and have a ton of fantastic games and surprises for you in the upcoming months. Look forward to some surprise sequels, major site updates and more secret stuff in 2012.

Have a great holiday Nitromians, and merry xmas from all of the Nitrome team!

by Jon

Hi Nitromians!

We have just released our latest game, Rubble Trouble Moscow! Hurray!!

We hope that you all enjoy playing your way through this and helping Larry, Barry and Garry carefully demolish their way to fortune!

There are some brand new tools that you have at your disposal, so there is plenty of fun to be had!


Rubble Trouble Moscow: Click To Play!

by Tom

Winter Game Preview!

Hi Nitromians!

Are you all ready for our second winter game preview?

This week, along with the release of our latest game Lockehorn, we said that we'd be bringing you a preview of our next winter game!

Well here is... ...drum roll...

It's the next instalment to our super popular Rubble Trouble series set in a new snowy location!

Which city do you think Larry, Barry, Garry and the foreman will be working in the next game?

Let us know which city you think they are in on our Facebook page and Twitter!

Rubble Trouble Preview: Click Here!

by Tom

Friday Update!

Well Nitromians it's Friday and Christmas is fast approaching!

We hope you have enjoyed our latest Game Lockehorn, and we apologise for the server issues we experienced during the week (not intentional... honest!).

Next week we are going to have our second winter game release (preview following shortly after this). Stay tuned for that festive treat and we will see you next week!

Until then have a great weekend! :D

by Tom

Website Maintenance

Hi Nitromians!

You may have recently experienced issues with our site (yesterday or this morning) that resulted in our game pages not loading up.

This is something we are going to look into a bit deeper soon. For now, we have got our games back up and running! So feel free to play your favourite Nitrome games!

Also, you can now submit and checkout the high scores. Again we're not sure what happened, it was something that came up that was related to us trying to launch our game yesterday. The new game coming very, very soon!

by Tom

Lockehorn Released!

To get you in the festive mood, we have our first new winter game Lockehorn for your gaming pleasure.

Use your sliding skills and might to crush the snow spirits and free your tribe from the big freeze.

As always, helpful feedback is welcome. Have fun, game on!

Lockhorn: Click to Play!

by JK

Hi Nitromians!

Woah! There are now over 80,000 of you taking part in our Facebook Community! That's awesome!

A big thank you goes out to everyone for being part of the community, showing your support and playing our games!

If you haven't yet joined us over at Facebook, feel free! We'll keep you up to date on all things Nitrome!

Nitrome Facebook Page: Click Here!

We also have a Twitter page if you would like to follow us on there.

Nitrome on Twitter: Click Here!

by Tom

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