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Friday Update!

Hi Nitromians!

Well, it's that time again!

We know it has been a little quiet in the blog this week, but feel free to join us next week as we'll be updating you with more on our forthcoming iPhone title Ice Breaker!

If you have any questions related to the upcoming game, you can post comments on the following page: Ice Breaker iOS

So stay tuned and have a great weekend!

Ice Breaker iOS News: Click Here! 

by Tom

Play Time Kufc!

Hi Nitromians!

This week's pixel love game is Time Kufc!

The game was created by William Good and Edmund McMillen.

We think this game is an excellent take on the dimension shifting / world changing genre of games that you see today. Use the layering system to your advantage!

You also get to create your own levels in this game!

The graphics are really cool in this too.

Play Time Kufc: Click Here!

Have Fun Everyone!

by Tom

Friday Roundup!

Hi Nitromians!

Well here we are at the end of another Friday!

We hope that you are all enjoying  your new found J-J-Jump powers in our latest game... J-J-Jump!

Feel free to ask us more iOS related questions on the pages:

Ice Breaker iOS: Click Here!
Super Feed Me iOS: Click Here!

Thanks for playing everyone, and until next week, have a great weekend! :D

Play J-J-Jump: Click Here!

by Tom

New Game: J-J-Jump!

Hey nitromians,

The never ending downpour of rain and lack of any summer has clearly made an impact here at Nitrome HQ.

As we have a surprise release for you today in the name of J-J-Jump which fits our current British climate perfectly!

Click to Play J-J-Jump!

Can you use the super power of J-J-Jump juice to guide our Teeny hero through this icon platform adventure and escape the oncoming flood?

Remember:  You can Play it on the front page from inside the icon or for those of you who hate squinting you can click the enlarge icon in-game to make it a bit bigger and easier on the eye.

Nitrome Homepage: Click Here!
Games Section: Click Here!

Well don't just stand there...get J-J-Jumping!

by Jon

Hi Webmasters!

We have now started distributing Skywire 2!

You can now get this and many other Nitrome games for your site, for free here!

iFrame Distribution: Click Here!
Game ZIP Distribution: Click Here!
Play Skywire 2: Click Here! 

by Tom

New iOS Pages!

Hey Nitromians,

We have been hard at work with our iOS title Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage, which is shaping up to be something very special indeed.

A lot of you have questions, and Tom has knocked up some smart looking iOS pages to answer all of your queries.

Ice Breaker iOS Page

Super Feed Me iOS Page

On these pages you can ask iOS related questions to your heart’s content and as long as they are sensible and non offensive we will try to answer any queries you have.

There is also a new FAQ section with popular questions answered at the bottom of the pages. So please try to read them first.

These pages will be updated along with our iPhone page on our site with all iOS related stuff.

New iPhone Page

So keep checking back for both answers and new updates!

by Jon

Play Gamma Bros!

Hi Nitromians!

This week's Pixel Love game is Gamma Bros!

This game was created by the Pixeljam team

We absolutely adore this gem of a game!

The artwork really is awesome. The scores of enemy that you have to defeat makes this a very challenging game, but it is simple to control with W,A,S,D and arrow keys.

Play Gamma Bros: Click Here!

Have Fun!

by Tom

Friday Update!

Hey Nitromians,

We Hope you enjoyed our surprise iOS reveal of Ice Breaker!

We will answer some of your questions and queries on this next week.

Until then,  feel free to post any of your thoughts about the game on our Ice Breaker iOS page!

Have a nice Weekend!

by Jon

Hey Nitromians,

It’s time to get excited as we reveal our first IOS title... It’s Icebreaker...Or rather a fresh take on the series.

Bigger, Better and more in-depth than ever before, built from the ground up for iOS.

You can find out tons of info and imagery on the game at its page here. Feel free to comment.

We are putting our all into this game, so please show your support and help us spread  the word.

We have put a variety of options on the page for you to comment and share!

Check out Icebreaker News!

by Jon

iPhone teaser!

Hi Nitromians,

We have some really cool news for you!

Some of you may have noticed the fresh new iPhone image in the advert slot on our front page. I guess that must mean we have some breaking news to tell you all regarding iOS.

Let’s just say you should be excited!

We are gonna reveal what it is THIS WEEK and it’s giving us goose bumps just thinking about it!

Until then, chill ;)

by Mat

Play Slayin!

Hi Nitromians!

Today's Pixel Love game is Slayin!

This game was created by Tom 'Reggie' Schreiber (Pixel Licker Games)

This game has so much depth!

Level up and take control of a Knight, Wizard or Knave! This game is small in it's dimensions, but massive in content and is an absolute joy to play!

We have had a lot of fun playing this, enjoy!

Play Slayin: Click Here!

by Tom

Hi Webmasters!

We are now distributing our game Super Treadmill!

You can now get this and many other Nitrome games for your site, for free here!

iFrame Distribution: Click Here!
Game ZIP Distribution: Click Here!
Play Super Treadmill: Click Here!

Thanks for playing everyone! :)

by Tom

Play Agent Turnright!

Hi Nitromians!

Today's Pixel Love game is Agent Turnright!

This game was created by Robin Vencel

We really like the simplicity of this games controls. Just click to interact. The levels are very diverse.

Complete 16 missions in this action packed retro one button game! Figure out the mechanisms of each level!

Play Agent Turnright: Click Here!

by Tom

Friday Update!

It’s Friday again Nitromians!

You may not realise, but a lot has been going on behind the scenes here at Nitrome H.Q and if all goes to plan, we might get the chance to reveal some super special news next week.

Until then, we hope you enjoy our awesome game Hot Air Jr!

We really think we have put our all into this game, so if you haven’t tried it yet, please give it a go. If you haven’t finished it yet, do persist, as every level is new and some of the best stuff is towards the end of the game!

Enjoying Hot Air Jr? Then please help us spread the word by liking and ideally clicking the share button on Facebook or ‘Stumbling’ it through our new StumbleUpon button. We really appreciate all the support we get for this game!

Thanks for playing, have a great weekend!

by Jon

Hot Air Jr Released!

We have a super special game release for you today Hot Air Jr!

This game is one that we hold close to our hearts it being based on our first ever game.

We have tried really hard to mould this franchise into something we think is truly AWSOME. It’s what Hot Air could have been had we had the skills that we have acquired over our years at the Nitrome games studio.

Gone are the twitchy hard as nails levels of its predecessors, being replaced with tons of variety and set pieces on every level. We truly hope you love this game half as much as we do.

Well what are you waiting for, go and play it now!

Click to Play!

...P.s make sure you try to unlock all of the levels and super secret special ‘evil’ ending. ;0)

Happy gaming !

by Jon

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