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iPhone 5 unveiled!

Big News last week as Apple announced not just a new iPhone (the iPhone 5) but also an all new iPod touch.

Both devices have a new taller screen (or wider in the case of how most games are played on the device).

As Nitrome are making games for iOS we would want to support these devices and so we follow this news closely.

While we are a little apprehensive with the variety of screen resolutions that are starting to appear within the iOS ecosystem we are happy to say that this news was fairly expected and that it will not cause any considerable impact to the development of Icebreaker – a Viking Voyage. We would also say that we will relish having our game playable on the shiny new devices and can’t wait to give them a go.

We will have a proper update on just how it affects the iPhone and Ipod versions of Icebreaker coming your way soon!

by Mat

There is now an update to our update on the Icebreaker page. Huh?

We recently did a post there about exactly how the different screen resolutions over the various iPhones/iPads and iPod Touches were going to be addressed.

Since then Apple kind of threw a spanner in the works and introduced a new screen dimension (see last post) so our recent update is already out of date!

Fear not, those worried that we may not have a clue that there is a new iPhone/iPod on the horizon should fear no more, and you will be able to play Icebreaker in swanky widescreen-o-vision should you see fit!

Icebreaker Update (to the Update): Click Here

by Mat

Play Seedling!

It’s the start of a brand new week here at Nitrome HQ, and we all know what that means don’t we?...That’s right it’s time to hand out some more love to another pixel triumph in this week’s Pixelove.

Highlighted this week is the epic adventure Seedling by Connor Ullmann

Take control of a small boy born from the wind who is destined to be special in this overhead action adventure.

There is loads to love about Seedling, though you may have to put aside a large chunk of time for this one due to it’s hefty size. But don’t be alarmed, you will be treated to tons of dungeons, devious puzzles and huge boss fights which are more than worth the time invested.

Playing through this game evoked more than a whiff of nostalgia for us on …


Ice Breaker iOS Update!

Hey Nitromians,

We noticed that a few people were wondering how the game differs between the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch versions of the game. We felt this was a good question that deserved addressing so this update is to do just that.

You'll also get to see some exclusive character animations too!

Ice Breaker Update - Resolutions - Click Here!

If you wish to know as soon as Ice Breaker is released, feel free to sign up the the newsletter.

You can also help to support the game by letting all of your friends know about it, using the share buttons on the Ice Breaker page!

Thanks for all of your support so far, we really appreciate it! :)

by Mat

Friday Update!

It's Friday evening here at Nitrome Towers, so that must mean it's time for a bit of an update!

As you can tell from our posts this week, we have been very busy!

We hope that you are all having fun playing Calamari amongst your friends on Facebook.

We'd also really appreciate getting as much feedback and support for our upcoming iOS title, Ice Breaker, as possible, so please share it with your friends and help make the game great!

Play Calamari: Click Here!
Ice Breaker Page: Click Here!

Have a great weekend everyone!

by Tom

Calamari Loading Fixed!

Hi Nitromians!

We have been busy looking at fixing bugs with our latest release Calamari.

We noticed that some of the people on Facebook were experiencing issues with the game not loading when played on our site.

We have now fixed this. The same bug appeared in Super Snotput.

This means you should all now be able to play the games from our site!

Play Calamari: Click Here!

Thanks for reporting the bug. Happy gaming everyone! :)

by Tom

Memory Lane!

Hey Nitromians,

Many of you may be excited to see the return of our ‘Memory Lane’ feature which hasn’t made an appearance on our blog for quite a while.

Today’s feature is a project we started way back in October 2009. It was abandoned in its early stages, simply because we didn’t think it was much fun.

You may be interested to know that there have been a number of concepts that reach a playable build before deciding that they just aren’t going to cut the mustard and go on to be a full release.

In this game codenamed ‘Sucknblo’ we had a superhero protagonist who had a push beam device. His task was to clear a number of monster and trap based arenas using his push/pull ability.

You can see a full screenshot mock-up of the …


Hey Nitromians,

Today we are showing some love for the action climbing platformer ‘Tobes Hookshot Escape’ by the talented crew over at Secret Base

Use your hookshot ability to help Tobe escape the scrolling crumbling cavern. Climb as high as you can in this endless platformer, collecting diamonds, treasure chests and power ups along the way.

And when we first played it in the office it received a decent audience due to the lovely artwork. Combined with the “just one more go” addictive quality, makes this more than worthy to sit in our pixel love catalogue.

If you like what you see they have also got an iOS addition of the game which includes a whole bunch of brand new content, backgrounds, playable characters and unlockables.

Play Tobe's Hookshot Escape: Click Here! 
App Store Link: Tobe & Friends Hookshot Escape, $1.99

So what are you waiting for... grab your hook and get swinging!!!

by Jon

Play Calamari!

Hi Nitromians!

We have just released our latest game Calamari!

Take control of your square headed squid in this action packed survival shooter.

Collect coins and aim for the highest score possible. Compete against your friends on Facebook or grab a buddy for some frantic two player co-op action.

In an ever changing arena which is different every time you play, you had best have your wits about you and be careful not to be diced into Calamari!

Play Calamari: Click Here!

Happy Gaming!

by Jon

Friday Update!

Hey Nitromians,

We have just ran into some last minute issues relating to the game that was supposed going out this week.

The issues are related to the Internet Explorer series of browsers.

You can all be assured that we will be working hard to bring this game to you as soon as we can!

Next week we will also be dishing out some more Pixe Love on Monday. A surprise return of our Memory lane feature and some more in-depth details about our iOS Icebreaker release.

But until then have a great weekend!

by Jon

Play Cactus McCoy!

This weeks Pixelove goes out to Cactus McCoy.

Take control of a gun slinging cactus in this epic beat-em-up platform adventure by Flipline Studios Tony Solary and Matt Neff

The first thing to note is the fact that this is a very highly polished title indeed. We were stunned with the level of depth in Cactus McCoy. It has the amount of pure content usually found only in paid-for titles. The sheer number of secrets and achievements to discover in each of its twelve levels is truly impressive.

It also has simple pick up and play keyboard controls. With plenty of onscreen hints  and a balanced difficulty curve you will be king of the west before you know it.

Well what are you waiting for grab your holsters and start shooting.

Play Cactus McCoy: Click Here!
Flipline Studios: Click Here! 

Happy gaming =0)

by Jon

Icon Game tweaks

Hey Nitromians,

We have made a few little/big tweaks to our icon games to make your gaming experience that bit more enjoyable.

You now have the option to scale the game between 10 different sizes for optimum viewing. There is also an all new handy level select, so that you can replay your favourite levels to your heart’s content.

Play Gunbrick: Click Here!
Play J-J-Jump: Click Here!

Happy gaming =0)

by Jon

Friday Update!

Well Nitromians its Friday again already, time sure does fly.

Nitrome has been a hive of activity of late with lots of exciting things in the pipeline.

Our debut iOS title Icebreaker a Viking Voyage is coming along nicely and if anybody has been following our in-depth look into some of the games features you will know it’s now 85% complete already.

We have also recently added a mailing list, so sign up soon to be the first to know when it hits the app store.

Mailing List: Click Here!

Next week we will be filling in some more details on Icebreaker, giving you some more Monday Pixel Love and if you're lucky we might even release a brand new game as well.

But until then, have a great weekend.

Happy gaming. =0)

by Jon

Ice Breaker iOS Update!

Hey Nitromians.

We want to show you another great feature from Ice Breaker that we are very excited about and that’s the map system!

In our second update we will try to explain just how Ice Breaker’s map system works. Hinting towards why we think it’s going to be something a little more special than a just a regular list of levels.

Click the link and have a read for more info, or just gawp at the lovely new shots provided.

Feel free to ask us any question about the new map system or anything else Icebreaker related in our comments section.

Ice Breaker Update - Maps - Click Here!

Please show your support and spread the word. =0)

by Jon

Play Sheepwalk!

Hey Nitromians.

Who’s ready for some more pixel lovin? ...I know we are

Today’s game is called ‘Sheepwalk’ made by Ben Pettengill

Take control of man’s best friend and help round up the sheep to the safety of their pens.

There is so much to love about this game. From the charming pixel pup and his little followers, to the way the game introduces frequent elements so that the player is kept on their toes ‘paws’ is very nicely done.

We especially liked the witty banter between the Ranch owner and the player, which will be sure to put a smile on some of your faces. Also make sure you have your speakers on for some top notch retro beats.

Sounds like fun... But trust us, it’s no walk in the park!

Have fun with this one and check back next week for some more Pixel Love. =0)

Play Sheepwalk: Click Here!

by Jon

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