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Super Snotput Fixed!

Hi Nitromians!

You should all now be able to play our latest social offering Super Snotput!

The reason we delayed the launch of Super Snotput was due to SSL Certificates.

Facebook wanted us to supply a secure link to the game. After giving Facebook a secure link, we then needed an SSL certificate (one that wasn't self-signed).

We have now setup SSL certificates on our servers and everything seems to be in order. There are still a couple of issues that are present in the Facebook version of our game.

We are still looking into the issue with Opera browsers when trying to play on Facebook.

Opera users shouldn't have issues when playing the game from Nitrome. Also if you want your score to be discoverable to your friends, make sure that you allow Friends to see your timeline posts!

Play on Nitrome: Click Here!
Play on Facebook: Click Here!

If you see any other issues whilst playing, please let us know!

Thanks for playing everyone, have fun! :D

by Tom

Play Depict1!

Hi Everyone!

Today's Pixel Love game is Depict1!

Original game written by Kyle Pulver

We absolutely love the antagonist in Depict1. We'd give away too much of the player experience if we were to tell you much more than that!

Get ready for the rules of platform gaming to be turned on their head in this very stylish title, good luck!

Depict1: Click to Play!

by Tom

Fixing Super Snotput

Hi Everyone,

We have had to take Super Snotput down to fix some things and we are currently talking to our hosting company to resolve the issues. Many of you could not play the game on our Facebook app page and that resulted in a lot of the invites that users sent out also not working.

Please bare with us as we are actively trying to get this working for you as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience!

by Tom

Small Fry Fixed!

Hi Nitromians!

We noticed that some of you had pointed out a bug telling us that Small Fry was not working properly. Thanks for reporting the issue, we have now resolved this!

Play Small Fry: Click Here!

by Tom

Play Roar Rampage!

Hi Nitromians!

Today's Pixel Love game is Roar Rampage!

This game was created by Neutronized

Roar Rampage is a really fun game where you are tasked with smashing your way through buildings, helicopters and more as you attempt to rescue your kidnapped son!

We were really interested to see the wildly different direction that was taken by Neutronized after being inspired by Rubble Trouble.

"influenced by one the greatest and clever games, Rubble Trouble." - Neutronized

We hope you enjoy this as much as we have and we can't wait to see what Gionathan Pesaresi brings out next! Get Smashing!

Click To Play!

by Tom


It's Friday!

Thanks for all of the questions this week! We hope we've done a decent job of answering everything we could!

As you may know, in the UK, we are about to celebrate our queens diamond jubilee. This means, thanks to our great Queen Lizzy we won't be in the office on Monday or Tuesday, although we should still be able to bring you a Pixel Love game!

We should also have a brand new Nitrome game for you all to play too, so look out for that!

Check out Cuboy this week, he really can't wait for the celebrations to begin!

See you all next week, have a great Weekend!

by Tom

Casual Connect

Hi Nitromians!

We were approached by Casual Connect to include our game Swindler amongst the line up of other great games at the Casual Connect Asia 2012 event.

Casual Connect Asia 2012 is a gathering of casual gaming professionals that showcase the best the industry has to offer across platforms.

We were very proud to hear that our game went down a storm at the event!

Play Swindler: Click Here!
Casual Connect Photos: Click Here!

by Tom

Ask us a Question!

Hi Nitromians!

We appreciate all of our fan feedback that you give us and as a result we have now decided to open a brand new section solely dedicated to answering all of your queries about Nitrome!

We will try our best to answer every question posted however please understand that, due to time differences, our replies may not be immediate. Also please try and read previous questions, as we may have already answered yours.

We feel that this section will help us gain a greater understanding into what our fans are into, so what are you waiting for? Ask away :)

To ask us your questions, and to keep it open for others to read our replies, please ask us via our Facebook Page!

by Jon

Hey Webmasters!

We have started distributing Test Subject Green!

You can now add this and many other Nitrome games to your site for free here!

iFrame Distribution: Click Here!
Game ZIP Download: Click Here!
Play Test Subject Green: Click Here!

Thanks for playing everyone! :)

by Tom

Hi Nitromians!

Today's Pixel Love game is Tower of Heaven! 

We love how the game introduces some simple rule changes that really prove to make each level much more challenging. The narrative also helps nicely in introducing the new rules to the player.

The difficulty really starts to ramp up early in this, and provides many moments where you just have to laugh at yourself for forgetting one of the previous rule changes.

We also love how this game really sticks to the old Game Boy aesthetic.

So Kudos to Askiisoft, Miroslav Malesevic and Stefan Jeremic!

We think you'll enjoy this game as much as we do!

Tower of Heaven: Click Here!

by Tom

iPhone Update

We wanted to give you a heads up on our iPhone development here at Nitrome.

We have some very exciting news. Our awesome premier iPhone game has been in development for some time now and is almost in its final stages and I must say it's looking fantastic.

The big surprise is that it is not Super Feed Me!

We have put that project on hold for now (he is resting on a sunny shelf in our office).
We wanted to focus our efforts on this new title as we felt that this game is much better suited for our first iPhone/iPad game release

On another note we have a new section 'Questions' on our blog next week to look forward to. Here you will be able to ask Nitrome any question you like. More news on this next week.

Have a great weekend happy gaming nitromians. =0)

by Jon

Hi Webmasters!

We have started distributing our two-player Beat-em-up Double Edged!

You can now add this and many other Nitrome games to your site for free here!

iFrame Distribution: Click Here!
Game ZIP Download: Click Here!
Play Double Edged: Click Here! 

Thanks for Playing!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians!

Today’s Pixel Love game is Guardian Rock! This game is the creation of our very own artist, Stefan Åhlin!

Some of the Nitrome games Stefan has created the artwork for include Steamlands, Faultline and Canary.

Guardian Rock was one of the games that caught Mat’s eye when hiring Stefan as an artist for Nitrome. We think you’ll agree with us that this game is very well made and has real charm in the art style and characters!

Play Guardian Rock: Click Here!

Have Fun! :)

by Tom

Friday Update!

It’s Friday!

We hope that you are all enjoying our latest game Cave Chaos 2!

We’ve noticed that some of you were experiencing problems with the game, which should now be fixed!

An issue was found in the way the games timer was implemented. The games timer was relying on the system clock and wasn’t taking into account the possibility of the game slowing down. This resulted in the blocks always being brought in by the bats at a set time whether the game slowed down or not (meaning the players movement might be too slow to catch new platforms).

We have now based the timer off of the games frame-rate so you should now be able to complete the game!

On the title screen, you will see "ver 1.1". This is the updated version of Cave Chaos 2!

Play Cave Chaos 2: Click Here!

Thanks again for reporting the bug and for playing!
Have a Great Weekend!

by Tom

Cave Chaos 2 Released!

Hi Nitromians!

We have just released Cave Chaos 2!

We hope that you all enjoy playing this and escaping the caves in our frantic follow up! You can also play this game with two players, so why not grab a friend and help each other along the way!

Click To Play!

Thanks for playing, Have fun :)

by Tom

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