Friday Update

Well, thats it from us after another week of blogging fun!

We hope you enjoyed this months posts as much as we've enjoyed making them! Yes, It has been a full month since we promised we would post everyday of the month and we've made it without missing a single day! :D

Come back next week as we are bound to bring you more posts filled with pixel goodness!

Have a great weekend!

by Tom

3D Game: Tech Demo!

Hey Fans!

You might be used to the preview videos we've been putting out lately but this time we have something slightly different. For the first time we are trying to give you a much earlier peek at something we currently have in development. We have some commentary over the top, so make sure that your speakers are on for this one.

We thought we would also stress that this game is not Twin Shot 3D or the next Twin Shot game! When testing games we often place in some artwork from other games to get a feel for mechanics and to test for bugs.

Tech Demo: Click Here

by Mat

Hi Fans!

We showed you a preview image recently of this upcoming game - it's Knight Trap! :)

As you can hopefully see from the video, the concept is a little like frogger in that you have to get your knights safely up to the top podeums. The twist here is that each knight that travels up the level will set off traps and your following knights will have to deal with them. So... better be careful about the route you plan and the timing of when you trigger things!

Enjoy :)

Check out the video for more!

by Mat

Icons App Style!

You may remember we featured a shot of the new site design a few days ago. One of the main changes for the new design is going to be the use of Smartphone style icons in place of our current mini shots. We hope that through using these we can convey more information in less space while also making them look more appealing!

You may notice that we have little red tags with numbers hanging off the icons as well as some of the other buttons on the site. The idea is that we will start to highlight new content on the site that you the user have not yet played. Site sections will show the number of new items that are there. We are considering having a different colour of tag to show any updates that might have been
made and there could…


So I went down to the local newsagents round the corner from ‘Nitrome Towers’ and sat proudly on the shelf was the new issue of Edge Magazine. I swiftly snapped it off the rack, and parted with my £4.50. Back in the office I’m flicking through the pages, sipping my mug of tea I stop on page 20… “Why?” I here you cry! Because the folks at  Edge have chosen our laser totin’ game Canary as their internet game of the month.

So well done to Chris and Stefan, and to everyone at Edge for their impeccable taste!

According to Edge “Canary has an old-fashioned, beat-the-screen structure with a simple but consistently surprising gameplay mechanic.” If you want to read the article about Canary, pop down to your local newsagents and grab a copy. – Happy reading!

Canary: Click to Play

by JK


Hi Fans,

Check out our latest preview image!

We're not ready to tell you much about this game yet, other than the core mechanic revolves around traps :)

More from this game coming soon!


Full Image: Click to View

by Mat

Friday Update

Thats it for another week, I hope you've enjoyed it! Join us again next week for more news everyday as we've been doing for the last few weeks.

Next weeks news will include more fantastic fan work, more site news, more previews, and well.. you'll just have to wait and see what we cook up :)

Have a great weekend!

by Tom

Nitrome in Lego!

We always love to see our fans find new creative ways to make Nitrome fan art and Lego seems to be a favourite amongst you!

We have a bit of a different approach to the lego format this time, as James has made his Nitrome Lego creations using the LEGO Digital Designer 4!

Chick Flick
Tanked Up
Feed Me
Hot Air
Roly Poly
Sand Man

If you have any fan art you have made about Nitrome please do send it in! We love everything we get sent especially if it is our work applied to something we have never seen before. We will feature the best, most striking and most unusual pieces in our blog so stay tuned for another in about a weeks time :)

by Mat

Chisel 2 Released!

Hello again fans,
We have a great piece of news for you today,
Chisel 2 has finally been released! Hurray...
Drill, destroy and "jump" your way through a whole new galaxy of fun.

Here's a handy link to the game.

Click To Play

Remember to come back very soon and check out the latest news and happenings at Nitrome.

Be sure to use the handy Share and Tweet buttons to show this game to your friends!


by Jon

If you haven’t heard we have a new web developer at Nitrome and he is going to be constantly working on new features for the website! His first work was on this new blog system which we think you will agree is pretty swanky but we hope what he has next in development is even better……drum roll….a whole new site design!!!

Here is a preview shot of how we're hoping to make the site look. As you can see it is an evolution of our old design but it is one which we hope will add a lot of functionality and which we hope is also more pleasing to the eye :)

There are some features planned for the future of the site that we are not ready to reveal yet and so there are a few areas of the shot that we have purposely pixeled out…..that is i…


Flash MindMeld

We’re very proud to announce that Jon and I were asked to get involved with Flash Mindmeld. Flash Mindmeld is in it’s own words - 60 experts, 60 seconds each, 60 tips for being successful in the flash game market!

If you hadn’t guessed from that description that means we had to give a 60 second tip each along with 58 other flash experts to give advice to other developers on how to be successful at making Flash games.

If you’re curious as to what we said or just what we sound like:

Click Here!

by Mat

Chisel 2 Video Preview

Hi Fans!,

In the last preview we told you about some of the new shapes that are possible in our Chisel follow up including the ability to have multiple shapes or planets in each level. We can now show you how you’re going to get between these planets.

..with the aid of a rocket jump!

You can also perform a standard jump this time round which means some of the old enemies are now a little more vulnerable to you than before and new enemies have been introduced to make you use your new jumping skills to their fullest! Check the video for more!

by Mat

Friday Update

That’s a wrap for this weeks blog updates!

Remember we will be updating the blog again every day next week so come back for more news then! Updates include more fan artwork, a brand new preview image, some very exciting website news and to top it off, you may even get your hands on a brand spanking new Nitrome game so stay tuned! 

by Mat

Facebook Update

We recently recieved a chain post on our facebook wall which contained some material that we regarded as inappropriate. The user that posted it has been banned. The reason for doing things like this is to try our best to created a cleaner environment for our fans.

We will try to keep on top of this sort of stuff as best as we can!

by Mat

We’re constantly growing here at Nitrome to meet the demands of our very loyal and expanding audience and happy to say that we are at that point again where we are actively looking to recruit some fresh members for the team. More importantly we have two positions that we have never looked into recruiting before….a dedicated iPhone/iOS programmer and a dedicated level builder!

If you’re interested in any of the roles or just want to see some new artwork we have made then you will want to check out the all new jobs page!

Click Here

Please read all of the requirements of the job page as we will not reply to emails that do not send in what we ask for on that page!

by Mat

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