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Hi Webmasters,

We are now distributing our game Flash Cat!

This means you are now able to get the game for your own site, for free!

iFrame Distribution: Click Here!
Game ZIP Download: Click Here!
Play Flash Cat: Click Here!

Thanks for Playing!

by Tom

Friday Update!

Nitromians, guess what... Friday is here!

Well, it's been a bit of a quiet week in terms of blog posts and Facebook as I was off ill.

Now I'm back... ...with three posts!

Why not join us next week as we will hopefully be bringing you more than three posts. Who knows, we may very well release a brand new game! :D

Until then, have a great weekend!

by Tom

Thursday Update!

Well Nitromians, time for a Fri... err, Thursday update!

As many of you know, tomorrow is Good Friday! We will not be in the office tomorrow, so we thought we'd give you all a bit of an end of the week update and heads up today! We will be back to work at Nitrome Towers on Tuesday.

We'd like to thank you all for giving us some really helpful feedback on our Cheese Dreams Demo too. There were some good comments for us to look into.

Why not join us next week as we bring you more Nitrome goodness?

Until then, have a great weekend!

Cheese Dreams Demo: Click Here!

by Tom

Hi Webmasters!

We are now distributing our game Canary which means you can now get the game for your own site - for free!

We were so pleased when Canary actually won the Best of 2011 award for action / arcade category at

The game proved to be so popular with you all that we decided it would be great to distribute it around the web!

So if you are a webmaster, or know of anyone that is, why not let them know about this game?

iFrame Distribution: Click Here!
Game ZIP Download: Click Here!
Play Canary: Click Here!

Thanks to everyone for playing!

by Tom

A Nitromian by the name of G'reth sent us some great papercraft fan art featuring a character from our game Square Meal and we thought you might appreciate it too, so here it is!

We think that this is a impressive piece of work, It looks awesome!

Why not try building one for yourself? You can download the pdf file below and print it out!

Square Meal Papercraft: Click Here!

Thanks for this G'reth, we think it's great!

If you have any fan art you have made about Nitrome please do send it in! We love everything we get sent especially if it is our work applied to something we have never seen before. We will feature the best, most striking and most unusual pieces in our blog.

by Tom

Facebook Layout Change

Hi Nitromians!

We have recently had to change our Facebook page to the new ‘timeline’ layout. We have got no control over being able to keep the old layout as all pages will have been rolled out with the new layout today.

We have had a bit of a tidy up and revamped the page already to give it a hint of Nitrome! We plan to look more into the timeline layout and its features to bring you the best functionality and design that we can.

If you haven’t already joined our Facebook community, you can head on over and start getting involved in all things Nitrome!

Facebook Page: Click Here!

by Tom

And the demo is for... ...drum roll.....

...A new Cheese Dreams Title!

Looking back, we are pleased with what we did with Cheese Dreams and our initial idea was to make a follow up to the game. The first game was difficult….in retrospect probably too difficult and we felt that a lot of people would not have made it to the end of the game.

Without giving too much away it would mean setting the second game in a different location and most people would not understand the reason for it. We love the world we created with the first game so in order to fully explore what happens next we wanted to first give a new version of the original that people would have a better chance of making it through... then go on to show what happens …



Hey Nitromians, guess what? It's Friday! Woohoo!

We hope you are all having fun playing around in the Cheese Dreams Demo that we released today. Feel free to let us know what you think about the demo as any helpful feedback will help us bring you a better complete game!

Play the Cheese Dreams Demo: Click Here!

Have a great weekend! :)

by Tom

Hi there webmasters!

We have just updated our Dirk Valentine distributable game!

We had originally distributed this game a while back, but we have revisited recently it to fix some issues.

If you've previously downloaded the game package for your site, feel free to re-download the content here, add it to your site and take advantage of the updates.

Also... did you know that Dirk Valentine is four years and one day old now? Yep, It was released on 27th March 2008!

We thought this was quite a coincidence that four years and one day since its release we are talking about the game and updating the distribution!

iFrame Distribution: Click Here!
Game ZIP Download: Click Here!
Play Dirk Valentine: Click Here!

Thanks for Playing!

by Tom

Friday Update

It's time for a Friday Update!

Next week we will be bringing you something that is going to be completely new from us here at Nitrome... a demo!

This is going to be a great way for us to check out your reactions to some of the cool game mechanics!

Next weeks demo is NOT going to be of Hot Air Jr, but of another game which I don't think we've told you about yet. The demo is going to be from... well, I guess you'll have to wait until next week to find out!

So for this and more Nitrome related goodness, join us next week and until then, have a great weekend!

by Tom

Hot Air Follow Up Info!

We hope you are excited for the Hot Air follow up game release!

We thought we would give you a little info on some of what you can expect. First up is the title which is NOT going to be Hot Air 3! We are intending to go with the title Hot Air Jr. We have a few reasons for this decision...

First up (and potentially a spoiler!) is that at the end of Hot Air 2 they have a child so we thought it was a nice idea to be able to play as that child. We also thought that, as there has been a big gap since the last title and we have an all new engine, giving it a none-sequel title would make the game more attractive to people not familiar with the franchise.

There is a small element that the title suggests the game could be easier too w…


Hi Nitromians!

For this week’s memory lane, we have chosen… Twin Shot!

The feature image to this article shows some characters that were designed during the development stages of Twin Shot.

We thought it would be cool to show some development art that led to the final characters in the game!

Play Twin Shot - Click Here!
Twinshot Development Art - Click Here!

by Tom

Demos Coming Soon!

We have got a slightly different Friday Update for you this week!

We’re thrilled to announce the start of a new feature coming soon to

We are going to start offering demos for selected upcoming games. The benefits of doing this is to gain useful feedback before progressing too far with the game and to show you guys what we are currently up to.

Please note that we are not going to do demos for every game. We feel that for some games it would spoil the enjoyment of exploring a new mechanic for the first time. But, for the right games, it lets you try what we’re up to and help shape it into a better game before the final game launches.

So what’s a demo going to be? Is it a tech demo? Is it a small portion of the fin…


And the Game is...

Hi Nitromians,

Last week, we let you know that we were creating a follow-up to one of Nitrome’s earliest creations.

We also showed you a pretty cool sprite of an enemy (click here) character from the new game currently in development.

We can now let you all know that it will be another game in the Hot Air Franchise!

Well done to everyone who guessed correctly, you can expect to see this title coming soon to Nitrome!

Preview Screenshot: Click Here!

by Tom

Mega Mash Distribution

Calling all webmasters!

We’re now distributing our game Mega Mash!

You can add the game to your site by copying and pasting the html code from the Mega Mash distribution page here. You can also download the zip package to host the game content on your own site from here.

iFrame Distribution: Click Here!
Game ZIP Download: Click Here!
Play Mega Mash: Click Here!

by Tom

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