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Friday Update

It's time for a Friday Update!

Next week we will be bringing you something that is going to be completely new from us here at Nitrome... a demo!

This is going to be a great way for us to check out your reactions to some of the cool game mechanics!

Next weeks demo is NOT going to be of Hot Air Jr, but of another game which I don't think we've told you about yet. The demo is going to be from... well, I guess you'll have to wait until next week to find out!

So for this and more Nitrome related goodness, join us next week and until then, have a great weekend!

by Tom

Hot Air Follow Up Info!

We hope you are excited for the Hot Air follow up game release!

We thought we would give you a little info on some of what you can expect. First up is the title which is NOT going to be Hot Air 3! We are intending to go with the title Hot Air Jr. We have a few reasons for this decision...

First up (and potentially a spoiler!) is that at the end of Hot Air 2 they have a child so we thought it was a nice idea to be able to play as that child. We also thought that, as there has been a big gap since the last title and we have an all new engine, giving it a none-sequel title would make the game more attractive to people not familiar with the franchise.

There is a small element that the title suggests the game could be easier too w…


Hi Nitromians!

For this week’s memory lane, we have chosen… Twin Shot!

The feature image to this article shows some characters that were designed during the development stages of Twin Shot.

We thought it would be cool to show some development art that led to the final characters in the game!

Play Twin Shot - Click Here!
Twinshot Development Art - Click Here!

by Tom

Demos Coming Soon!

We have got a slightly different Friday Update for you this week!

We’re thrilled to announce the start of a new feature coming soon to

We are going to start offering demos for selected upcoming games. The benefits of doing this is to gain useful feedback before progressing too far with the game and to show you guys what we are currently up to.

Please note that we are not going to do demos for every game. We feel that for some games it would spoil the enjoyment of exploring a new mechanic for the first time. But, for the right games, it lets you try what we’re up to and help shape it into a better game before the final game launches.

So what’s a demo going to be? Is it a tech demo? Is it a small portion of the fin…


And the Game is...

Hi Nitromians,

Last week, we let you know that we were creating a follow-up to one of Nitrome’s earliest creations.

We also showed you a pretty cool sprite of an enemy (click here) character from the new game currently in development.

We can now let you all know that it will be another game in the Hot Air Franchise!

Well done to everyone who guessed correctly, you can expect to see this title coming soon to Nitrome!

Preview Screenshot: Click Here!

by Tom

Mega Mash Distribution

Calling all webmasters!

We’re now distributing our game Mega Mash!

You can add the game to your site by copying and pasting the html code from the Mega Mash distribution page here. You can also download the zip package to host the game content on your own site from here.

iFrame Distribution: Click Here!
Game ZIP Download: Click Here!
Play Mega Mash: Click Here!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians,

We have made some small changes to Skywire VIP Extended. We have removed 'My Neighbour Totoro' from the line-up. The reason was due to the difference in the UK and US spelling of the word Neighbour.

We were lucky enough to have some extra characters to put into the game referred to as 'The Z-listers'. We may show you the characters that didn't make it into the game at a later date.

Some of the Z-listers have been introduced to the games line-up as a result, but we can't tell you which ones! There was a spacing issue with some of the characters that's also been fixed.

Skywire VIP Extended: Click Here!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians!

Skywire VIP Extended has now been released as a full Nitrome title!

The follow up game started out as a cool, fan initiated project over on the scratch community by Max Schramp and Duncan Smith. We decided to ask them if they would like us to launch an official release on our site and here it is!

There are loads of brand new characters to guess in this, we hope you don’t need to use the hints too much and all have fun!

Skywire VIP Extended: Click to Play!

by Tom

Friday Update

It's that time of week again!

Well we hope you all enjoy playing our latest release, Skywire VIP Extended!

We have noticed that some of you have correctly guessed the name of the game from yesterdays preview image! We'll be letting you in on the name of the game next week amongst other posts related to all things Nitrome!

Until then, have a great Weekend!

Play Skywire VIP Extended: Click Here!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians!

We have been sent another video created by the Nitromian that sent in the first 'Nitrome in Dominoes' video, Alex!

This time Alex has created many of our characters in domino form, including Test Subject Blue and The Chiseller!

Nitrome in Dominoes 2: Click Here!

Thanks again Alex for creating more awesome domino art work!

If you have any fan art you have made about Nitrome please do send it in! We love everything we get sent especially if it is our work applied to something we have never seen before. We will feature the best, most striking and most unusual pieces in our blog.

by Tom

Game Preview!

Hi Nitromians!

Well we said we'd give you a preview of an upcoming release this week. Today's preview comes in the cryptic form of a new enemy sprite!

We are delving into Nitromes past for this one as it's from one of our earliest games. The game is currently being revisited.

Can you guess which game it is from?

Let us know what you think the game is over on our Facebook page.

Nitrome on Facebook: Click Here!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians!

We hope you have all have had a great weekend. We came in today and found out that Edge chose our latest game Swindler as 'The Friday Game' for last Friday. Awesome!

There is a great write up on the Edge Website, thanks Chris!

'I continue to be confused by Nitrome. Does this small web game studio secretly employ millions of genius designers and artists?' - Edge Online

We are really happy to see everyone enjoying this game and plan on bringing your more games soon!

Edge Review: Click Here
Play Swindler: Click Here

by Tom

Friday Update!

Hi Nitromians!

It's that time of the week again where we give you all a heads up on what to expect next week!

This weeks blog activity has been a little on the light side. We were going to tell you more about Skywire VIP Extended (A fan initiated project that will be coming as a full release).

Well we can now let you all know we are expecting to release it... next week! :)

We will also let you all know about something brand new we have in development next week, but until then, have a Great weekend!

by Tom

Review Round-Up

Hi Nitromians!

We have a great response from the gaming community for our latest title, Swindler.

We feel it was very well received over at Rock Paper Shotgun:

'gorgeously animated with simply pixels offering remarkable detail – these guys know how to make games that will distract you from your work.' -

Jay is games also gave it a warm review:

'Dangle with caution, because danger lurks around every corner for the world's slyest slimeball!' -

IndieGames also reviewed Swindler, saying:

'It's very satisfying to play' 'The animation quality is superb.' -

Thanks everyone for playing our games and helping support Nitrome!

RockPaperShotgun Review: Click Here Review: Click Here Review: Click Here

by Tom

Hi Nitromians!

We recently showed you a very cryptic image of a game that we currently have in development. We also told you that it is a follow up to a game that is in the first page of Heart Games.

We are very impressed by how many of you guessed the game name! That's right - it's going to be the next instalment to the Cave Chaos series!

Look out for this game coming soon!

Cave Chaos: Click Here!

by Tom

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