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Hi Nitromians,

We have reached over 50,000 likes on our Facebook page, Hurray!! :D

Thanks goes out to everyone that is taking part in the Nitrome community. This really means a lot to us and we were absolutely ecstatic when we found out that the page had reached over 50,000 Nitromians!

If you would also like to take part and give us feedback, you can join us on Facebook, Twitter or you can send us an email.

by Tom

Friday Update!

Hi Nitromians!

Here we are at the end of another Friday, so it must be time for a bit of an update :)

We hope that you enjoyed the artwork in the preview animation yesterday! Next week we will be bringing you our brand new 99th game.

We are nearing the big 100, for which we have something great in the works. So that really is something to look forward to!

Have a great weekend!

by Tom

Game Preview!

There was a stir from deep within the Nitrome crypt! The 99th game seems to be... ALIVE!

We don’t want to give too much away on this one so here is a preview animation, we will leave it to your imagination on what the theme might be.

Needless to say it will be hopping your way soon!


by Jon

Website Layout Update!

Hi Nitromians!

This is a quick update to tell you (well you may already know!) about the website currently undergoing some cosmetic changes. This is mainly to do with the adverts.


The site layout has been made slightly wider and there is now a new advert size.

The featured block on the left of the site now shows a selection of games rather than our social pages and video previews.

You can now like us directly from our website by clicking the 'Like' button in the new Facebook block on the right of the site.

You can watch our latest video directly in the videos block and can go through to the videos page by clicking on the 'more videos' button. We also have a link to our youtube channel on the menu bar above the new…


Hi Nitromians,

We have received some really cool fan art that we want to show you all!

These sculptures have been made by a Nitromian that goes by the name of HalfLite. He has recreated two of our characters at enormous scale in the game Minecraft! We’re very impressed by these sculptures!

Test Subject Blue Sculpture: Click Here
Faultline Sculpture: Click Here

Thanks HalfLite, they’re awesome!

If you have any fan art you have made about Nitrome please do send it in! We love everything we get sent especially if it is our work applied to something we have never seen before. We will feature the best, most striking and most unusual pieces in our blog.

by Tom

Hi Nitromians,

The nice folks over at Jayisgames have been kind in there review of our recently released Steamlands Player Pack.

If you would like to read it and read the comments about all of your hard made levels and tanks then check out the link!

Jayisgames Review: Click Here
Play Steamlands Player Pack: Click Here

by Tom

Hi Nitromians!

Edge have added to their collection of great articles covering flash game development. You can check them out over on their website.

There's some really interesting information in the articles and we feel they are well worth a read.

Also, we get mentioned in the second article :D

Doing Deals with Chris Hughes: Click Here
Trouble Ahead?: Click Here

There should be another final article at some point today that may involve Nitrome but we are not too sure. We are sure it will be a good read nonetheless :)

UPDATE: Edge have now posted their final article in this flash gaming series on their site.

The Future: Click Here

by Tom

Website Updates

This is a quick website update.

As of the Steamlands Player Pack update, we are including the titles of the two newest games in their front page screenshots.

So now the Mega Mash and Steamlands Player Pack screenshots show their titles. 

by Tom

Friday Update

Well Nitromians,

Here we are again, at the end of another busy week.

We hope that you enjoy playing the Steamlands Player Pack which was made possible thanks to the combined efforts of Aaron, Stefan and some clever Nitromians in the community :)

Next week we will bring you a preview for one of our upcoming games, so stay tuned for that!

Also I thought I'd let you all know that next week we will be playing around with the layout of the website again. It's something to do with the ads. Hopefully this won't disturb you during your gaming.

If you have any issues whilst browsing the site next week be sure to let us know by using the bugs email found on the contact page

Have a great weekend! :D

Play Steamlands Player Pack: Click Here

by Tom

Steamlands Player Pack Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of our first ever player pack. This pack includes just as many levels as the original game (well, actually one short) for you to work your way through.

The levels feature the four new weapons that we added for you to play with and a lot of the levels made use of the final epic gun from the original game :)

We spent some time going through the levels to keep this update inline with the quality and pacing of the original. Many thanks to all those that contributed to the levels that made it into the game…

You really excelled yourselves with the quality that you gave us and we were thrilled to get so many levels to choose from. If your level didn’t make it…


Steamlands Update

Hi Nitromians,

I want you to all know that I played every single one of your levels to see who would make the cut for the Player Pack. My sole criteria was fun. If it was fun, then it went in.

Although it’s a bit dull to drill for 5 minutes into a giant tank that says “Nitrome” (and there was more than one), it’s certainly not dull to watch that tank pass by on the title screen.

So even if your level didn’t make it in, you might still see your tanks roll by on the title screen for the Player Pack. Don’t be put off if you didn’t make it into the Player Pack this time round, keep trying, not everyone’s first levels are their best.

Thanks for all your contributions, you will all be credited in the Player Pack (if you didn’t send me your name, now’s a good time!).
Look out for the new Steamlands Player Pack coming soon to the website.

Play Steamlands: Click Here

by Aaron

Hi Nitromians!

We are really happy to tell you all that our latest game Mega Mash has been turning quite a lot of heads since its release.

Edge Magazine has declared it as their last week's Friday Game which is great news!

"Videogames have mined nostalgia like this before – most notably in the likes of the DS’s extremely lovable Retro Game Challenge – but rarely with this much sophistication, and such an unusual level of clear-headed intelligence."
Edge Magazine

It has had its own post over on Kotaku too which is, we think, our first game to appear over there, so thanks Mike!

"It's a gorgeous symphony of old school gaming goodness, all at once."
– Kotaku

Indie Games gave us a great write up while choosing Mega Mash in the…


Hi Nitromians,

Those of you that are interested in finding out more about the flash community, the developers involved and generally get an insight into the world of indie flash games, you should check out the series of articles that Edge are currently writing over on their website.

Oh! and we get a mention or two here and there. :)

The articles are really well written and we feel they give readers a transparent view into the flash game development scene as a whole.

Meet the developers: Click Here
Show us the money: Click Here

There are still more to come, so we will keep you updated as to when Edge release more articles in this series! :)

by Tom

Mega Mash Update!

Hi Nitromians!

We noticed over the weekend that some of you found bugs in level 18. Sorry for the long wait, we have just fixed the bugs so feel free to play till the end! :D

Bugs include:

Level completion flag on level 18 has been fixed meaning you can now complete the level!

There was also two checkpoint bugs which have now been fixed.

Also, there was a sound effects glitch when you stacked two boxes up on springs, which has been fixed as well.

Thanks for your feedback,
Enjoy the game!

Click To Play

by Tom

Mega Mash Released!

Hey Nitromians,

As you can see we have just released our new game Mega-mash

We found this dusty old cart whilst clearing the store room. We had to hit it around a few times to get it to work but here it is in all its glitched glory.

Its certainly a 7 in one cart with a difference.

Click To Play!
Enjoy. =0)

by Jon

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