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Hey Nitromians!

We've noticed that there are now over 70,000 of you all getting involved in the Facebook community!

That really is fantastic!

Thanks so much to everyone for playing our games and being apart of the Nitrome community.

If you haven't yet joined the Facebook community and would like to, click the link below!

Nitrome Facebook Page: Click Here!

We also have a Twitter page, if you would like to follow us for tweets and updates feel free!

Twitter: Click Here!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians!

We've fixed more bugs in Nitrome Must Die!

Fixes include:

Boomerang looping sound bug.
The Mirror Image level lag bug has now been fixed.
Instructions for when bitten by a critter -shake it baby!
Barrels are more powerful because we thought they were a little weak.
Characters bounce a little higher when landing on spikes to help players get to safety.

We're still looking into any tweaks or bugs, so your feedback is always welcome.

Play Nitrome Must Die: Click Here!

Thanks y'all!

by JK

Nitrome Must Die Update

After reading all your comments regarding Nitrome Must Die, we thought we'd elaborate on a few things...

First of all we'd like thank all those who gave us lots of constructive criticism and support for the game. We wanted to point out a couple of things that may have confused a few of you.

Level saving:- Levels are grouped into sets of 10, your levels are saved after each boss is beaten. This is because we wanted a certain amount of randomisation to the game to add to the replay value and also to keep the score gamble element unpredictable.

Levels unlocking:- There aren't any levels specifically that can be unlocked once completed, within each set there are more levels than 10 therefore each time you play you might experie…


Friday Update

Friday's here Nitromians!

We hope that you enjoy playing Nitrome Must Die as much as we did making it!

Join us next week as we bring you more Nitrome related goodness!

Until then, have a great Weekend!

by Tom

Ladies and gentlemen we are very proud to introduce to you our 100th game...

Nitrome Must Die!

Play one player or two player co-op and bring down Nitrome. Spot the characters and weapons from our 99 previous titles.
Take down 10 bosses, play through 100 levels, but be warned even when you've completed the game you may not have seen all the levels!

We've worked hard to get this release out as soon as we possibly could, so if there are any bugs, as always please let us know and we'll fix them asap.
Enjoy this frantic blast of a game, and don't forget to read our previous post if you need help in the scoring system.
Thanks all... have fun! :0)

Nitrome Must Die: Click to Play!

by JK

Start Frag Interview

Hi Nitromians,

An interview with Mat has been published over at in which he explains such things as how Nitrome started out, what we are currently up to now and more.

It's great reading for anyone interested in Nitrome or Flash game development!

Start Frag Interview: Click Here!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians,

This will with any luck be our final update before the release of Nitrome Must Die. In this update we wanted to give you a brief glimpse of the scoring system for the game and explain how it works and why we hope it will add replay value to the game. At the end of each level you get a score based on the number of coins you collected from the enemies you killed. You are then given the choice to bank that score or gamble it in exchange for a multiplier on future score should they continue to not lose a level. The multiplier increases by 1 each time you gamble without banking. If you lose a level any unbanked score is wiped out so it is about playing it safe or risking it all. …….it’s a little bit like the weakest…


Hi Nitromians!

Our upcoming game Nitrome Must Die (the 100th game) is getting very close to completion now and we are still hoping to have it out this week.

In the meantime we thought we would wet your appetite with a shot from one of the boss rounds. This particular boss is the Cheese Dreams moon which has been infected by the Parasite!

This is just one of the ten bosses in the game!

Nitrome Must Die Preview: Click Here!

by Mat

Friday Update

Hi Nitromians,

It’s been a bit of a quiet one this week as we have been hard at work on our upcoming 100th game Nitrome Must Die. JK (aka John Kennedy) has told us to let you all know that he’s 95% sure the game will be released next week!!

Will we be ready to release Nitrome Must Die?
Can JK complete the game in time?
There is only one way to find out…

Join us next week!

Until then, have a great weekend! :D

by Tom


We have been sent in this awesome piece of fan art created by a Nitromian called Callum. We think you'll agree that this is a great rendition of one of our characters Dirk Valentine!

Dirk Valentine Fan Art - Click Here

Thanks a lot Callum! :D

If you have any fan art you have made about Nitrome please do send it in! We love everything we get sent especially if it is our work applied to something we have never seen before. We will feature the best, most striking and most unusual pieces in our blog.

by Tom

Nitrome Must Die Update

Good day all, hope you had a good weekend.

It's been a few days since we released the Nitrome Must Die preview so we thought we’d keep you all in the loop with regards to this very special release!

Firstly, it's not being released today... boo!

However we're not far off now, just tweaking the levels and putting in the sound effects. It's coming together nicely but we didn't want to rush it out when we're so close to the finished game. So we're just buying a little more time to make sure the game is as good as it can be.

We don't know the exact day we'll be releasing it, but rest assured we will put it out as soon as we can!

A lot of time and hard work has gone into this game and we hope you have loads of fun when you get to play it... so all that's left to say is...

Be patient, it's coming, not long to go now, Austin and Justin are coming for you!

by JK

Flash Article

Hi Nitromians,

There is a cool Flash article over at about Adobe dropping support for Flash on mobile devices. Mat was asked his for opinion about the mobile device market on this article.

If you want to find out more about this topic and the effects it has on flash game development, this article is a great read.

Article: Pour One Out for Flash - Click Here

by Tom

Friday Update

Well Nitromians,

That's it for another week here at Nitrome. We hope that you have enjoyed the Video Preview of Nitrome Must Die!

We'll be bringing you more Nitrome goodness next week.
Until then, have a great weekend! :D

by Tom

Good day to you Nitromians!

We're proud to announce we have a trailer out for our 100th game. This may answer some of the questions that have been raised over the past week with Nitrome Must Die. Well done to all those that correctly guessed that it was linked to our 100th game. We are very close now to the release

Enjoy the video!

Nitrome Must Die Trailer: Click Here!

by JK

Hi Nitromians!

Great news - there are now over 60,000 likes on our Facebook page!

Thanks to everyone for all of your support and for getting involved in the Nitrome community, making it awesome!

If you haven't yet and would like to join in, feel free to like our Facebook page and we will keep you updated.

Nitrome Facebook Page: Click Here!

by Tom

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