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Hi Nitromians!

We hope you have all have had a great weekend. We came in today and found out that Edge chose our latest game Swindler as 'The Friday Game' for last Friday. Awesome!

There is a great write up on the Edge Website, thanks Chris!

'I continue to be confused by Nitrome. Does this small web game studio secretly employ millions of genius designers and artists?' - Edge Online

We are really happy to see everyone enjoying this game and plan on bringing your more games soon!

Edge Review: Click Here
Play Swindler: Click Here

by Tom

Friday Update!

Hi Nitromians!

It's that time of the week again where we give you all a heads up on what to expect next week!

This weeks blog activity has been a little on the light side. We were going to tell you more about Skywire VIP Extended (A fan initiated project that will be coming as a full release).

Well we can now let you all know we are expecting to release it... next week! :)

We will also let you all know about something brand new we have in development next week, but until then, have a Great weekend!

by Tom

Review Round-Up

Hi Nitromians!

We have a great response from the gaming community for our latest title, Swindler.

We feel it was very well received over at Rock Paper Shotgun:

'gorgeously animated with simply pixels offering remarkable detail – these guys know how to make games that will distract you from your work.' -

Jay is games also gave it a warm review:

'Dangle with caution, because danger lurks around every corner for the world's slyest slimeball!' -

IndieGames also reviewed Swindler, saying:

'It's very satisfying to play' 'The animation quality is superb.' -

Thanks everyone for playing our games and helping support Nitrome!

RockPaperShotgun Review: Click Here Review: Click Here Review: Click Here

by Tom

Hi Nitromians!

We recently showed you a very cryptic image of a game that we currently have in development. We also told you that it is a follow up to a game that is in the first page of Heart Games.

We are very impressed by how many of you guessed the game name! That's right - it's going to be the next instalment to the Cave Chaos series!

Look out for this game coming soon!

Cave Chaos: Click Here!

by Tom

Friday Update!

It's another Friday here at Nitrome towers, so time for an Update!

Well we hope that you are all enjoying the twisting, tumbling and weaving throughout our latest game Swindler!

Next week we will bring you up to date on the latest Skywire VIP Extended developments and more besides.

Until then, have a great weekend!

Play Swindler: Click Here!

by Tom

Game Page Changes

Hi Nitromians,

Some of you have probably noticed that we are toying with the layout of the ads again on our game pages.

A while back, some advertising networks introduced a recommendation that required us to change our ad layout.

We weren't however able to run all of our networks within that layout and so the latest change is an attempt to rectify that.

Rest assured that if we decide to keep this layout, we will fill the space with something more useful and interesting! :)

by Mat

Swindler Updates!

Hi Nitromians!

Romain has fixed a few minor bugs that had been reported in our latest game Swindler!

The following bugs should now be fixed in v1.1:

 - Score errors when applying a cord efficiency bonus have now been fixed.
 - Typo fixed in the first information bubble.
 - The player could be sent inside a wall if standing at the exact place that a new bomb grows. This has now been fixed

To ensure you are playing the correct version, Romain has added a version number to the title screen that states v1.1

Thanks for letting us know about the bugs, happy gaming!

Play Swindler: Click here!

by Tom

Swindler Released!

Hi Nitromians!

Remember the preview image and teaser video we posted recently?

Well, we’re very pleased to announce the arrival of our newest game. Drop, tangle and roll your way through Swindler!

Many of you have been comparing it to one of our older games, Dangle. Its rope mechanics does indeed share some similarities, both with that and the final ninja series.

This time, however, we’ve added 360 degree twists to the proceedings. Now you can rotate the whole world around you to get where you’re going!

As always, your feedback is always appreciated. Comment us on Facebook, Twitter and trusty email. Game away!

Swindler: Click to Play!

by Tom

Swindler Preview!

Hi Nitromians!

We have put together this preview image of our soon to be released game - Swindler!

We plan to launch this game next week! Some of you may have seen this character in our Nitrome v2.1 site skin. We also released a very short teaser video on Youtube!

Look out for this one being released next week!

Swindler Preview Image: Click Here!
Swindler Video: Click Here!

by Tom

Friday Update

It's Friday, which means it must be time for another Friday update!

Well we hope you have enjoyed this weeks news, there has been quite a bit to take in! Why not join us next week as we will let you all know which game is getting a sequel and also, we will be launching a brand new game!

Until then, have a great weekend!

by Tom

Skywire VIP - Extended!

Hi Nitromians!

This is probably our best piece of fan work to date!

Max Schramp and Duncan Smith have not only recreated one of our games, Skywire VIP, very closely in the 'Scratch' format but actually filled it with all new content that we would argue is of similar quality to the original.

Scratch for those that don’t know is: ‘a programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art -- and share your creations on the web.’ – Scratch Website

A quick word of note here, we would normally not condone someone building fan sequels to our games but this is a purely non-profit project that will have no impact with us in terms of piracy which is why we felt we could give …


Guess the Game!

Hi Nitromians!

We are working on a follow up to a game that is on the first page of the Most Hearted section!

The game has never had a sequel before! Can you guess which game we are developing?

Let us know if you have guessed what it is over on Facebook or Twitter!

by Mat

Memory Lane - Twang!

Hi Nitromians!

For this week’s ‘Memory Lane’, we are taking you way back to one of our classic games – Twang!

Twang was made for MTV with programming by Chris Burt-Brown and artwork by Mat and Jon Annal. The game won the Peoples Choice Award at Flash Forward ’08 in which Nitrome became the proud owners of a big orange rubber arrow!

In the time of its development, Twang went through many redesigns. An instance of one of the redesigns is of the background environment. Originally, the background features in Twang were made up of red hues and were then changed to purples. After this decision, Jon was often accused of making all of his games purple! :)

We have posted up some early development shots of the game so you can see how the game may have turned out!

Twang Development 1 – Click Here!
Twang Development 2 – Click Here!
Twang Development 3 – Click Here!
Twang Development 4 – Click Here!

Play Twang – Click Here!

by Tom

Wow - we have some pretty awesome fan art to show you today Nitromians!

The art is in the form of... ...dominoes!

This video was made by a Nitromian that goes by the alias of 10asti10 on youtube as a tribute to Nitrome reaching 100 games!

The video title tells us that there are 3776 dominoes in the video, that must have taken a lot of time to set up! We thought this video was really cool!

Nitrome in Dominoes: Click Here!

Thanks a lot Alex, we can see the hard work that went into that design! :D

If you have any fan art you have made about Nitrome please do send it in! We love everything we get sent especially if it is our work applied to something we have never seen before. We will feature the best, most striking and most unusual pieces in our blog.

by Tom

Friday Update!

Well Nitromians... Friday's here!

Thanks again to everyone for voting for our games in Jay is games 'Best of 2011' and helping Canary get to 1st place in the action/arcade category!

Why not join us next week as we will let you know about our next game and a very special piece of fan work that will be directly influencing another upcoming release!

Until then, have a great weekend! :D

by Tom

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