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Winter Game Preview!

Hi Nitromians!

Are you all ready for our second winter game preview?

This week, along with the release of our latest game Lockehorn, we said that we'd be bringing you a preview of our next winter game!

Well here is... ...drum roll...

It's the next instalment to our super popular Rubble Trouble series set in a new snowy location!

Which city do you think Larry, Barry, Garry and the foreman will be working in the next game?

Let us know which city you think they are in on our Facebook page and Twitter!

Rubble Trouble Preview: Click Here!

by Tom

Friday Update!

Well Nitromians it's Friday and Christmas is fast approaching!

We hope you have enjoyed our latest Game Lockehorn, and we apologise for the server issues we experienced during the week (not intentional... honest!).

Next week we are going to have our second winter game release (preview following shortly after this). Stay tuned for that festive treat and we will see you next week!

Until then have a great weekend! :D

by Tom

Website Maintenance

Hi Nitromians!

You may have recently experienced issues with our site (yesterday or this morning) that resulted in our game pages not loading up.

This is something we are going to look into a bit deeper soon. For now, we have got our games back up and running! So feel free to play your favourite Nitrome games!

Also, you can now submit and checkout the high scores. Again we're not sure what happened, it was something that came up that was related to us trying to launch our game yesterday. The new game coming very, very soon!

by Tom

Lockehorn Released!

To get you in the festive mood, we have our first new winter game Lockehorn for your gaming pleasure.

Use your sliding skills and might to crush the snow spirits and free your tribe from the big freeze.

As always, helpful feedback is welcome. Have fun, game on!

Lockhorn: Click to Play!

by JK

Hi Nitromians!

Woah! There are now over 80,000 of you taking part in our Facebook Community! That's awesome!

A big thank you goes out to everyone for being part of the community, showing your support and playing our games!

If you haven't yet joined us over at Facebook, feel free! We'll keep you up to date on all things Nitrome!

Nitrome Facebook Page: Click Here!

We also have a Twitter page if you would like to follow us on there.

Nitrome on Twitter: Click Here!

by Tom

Winter Games Section

Hi Nitromians,

You may have noticed already that we've created a Winter Games area. So you can now browse through our chilly winter collection of games.

Winter Games: Click Here!

Enjoy! :D

by Tom

Winter Game Preview!

Hi Nitromians,

We told you in last week's 'Friday Update' that we'd let you know what we have planned for the lead up to Christmas. So here we have got a preview image for you all to check out!

It is a preview of a game we're currently working on, we can't tell you too much more about this one just yet, but what we can tell you is that it will be released next week!

We are also working on a second winter game and will be bringing you more on that one next week! 

Preview Image: Click Here!

by Tom

Friday Update

Well here we are again everyone, it's Friday!

Next week we will be releasing the game featured in this weeks preview image.

We will also bring you more on yet another winter game that we have in store for the lead up to Christmas and more besides!

Until then, have a great weekend! :D

by Tom

Distributing Avalanche!

We are now distributing our winter game Avalanche!

If you are a webmaster, you can now entertain your users by adding this game to your website for free! Just follow the instructions on the distribution page!

Distribution Page: Click Here!

You may also notice we now have a Distribution Banner! This will help point out any distributable games we have or have had in our blog! We'll be going through and changing the banner for older posts soon :)

by Tom

Friday Update!

Friday is here Nitromians!

We hope that you are all enjoying our 100th game, Nitrome Must Die!

You can join us next week to find out what we have lined up for you in the lead up to Christmas!

Until then, have a great Weekend! :D

by Tom

Once again we have another update...

More bugs fixed, the game is so big that it was causing memory issues in flash... hopefully this should sort out the biggest remaining bugs.

Thanks all! :0)

Play Nitrome Must Die: Click Here!

by JK

Hey Nitromians!

We've noticed that there are now over 70,000 of you all getting involved in the Facebook community!

That really is fantastic!

Thanks so much to everyone for playing our games and being apart of the Nitrome community.

If you haven't yet joined the Facebook community and would like to, click the link below!

Nitrome Facebook Page: Click Here!

We also have a Twitter page, if you would like to follow us for tweets and updates feel free!

Twitter: Click Here!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians!

We've fixed more bugs in Nitrome Must Die!

Fixes include:

Boomerang looping sound bug.
The Mirror Image level lag bug has now been fixed.
Instructions for when bitten by a critter -shake it baby!
Barrels are more powerful because we thought they were a little weak.
Characters bounce a little higher when landing on spikes to help players get to safety.

We're still looking into any tweaks or bugs, so your feedback is always welcome.

Play Nitrome Must Die: Click Here!

Thanks y'all!

by JK

Nitrome Must Die Update

After reading all your comments regarding Nitrome Must Die, we thought we'd elaborate on a few things...

First of all we'd like thank all those who gave us lots of constructive criticism and support for the game. We wanted to point out a couple of things that may have confused a few of you.

Level saving:- Levels are grouped into sets of 10, your levels are saved after each boss is beaten. This is because we wanted a certain amount of randomisation to the game to add to the replay value and also to keep the score gamble element unpredictable.

Levels unlocking:- There aren't any levels specifically that can be unlocked once completed, within each set there are more levels than 10 therefore each time you play you might experie…


Friday Update

Friday's here Nitromians!

We hope that you enjoy playing Nitrome Must Die as much as we did making it!

Join us next week as we bring you more Nitrome related goodness!

Until then, have a great Weekend!

by Tom

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