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Swindler 2 Touchy Demo

Being that it's almost Christmas we have a festive treat for you.

If you update your Touchy app, we have added the ability to support demos within the Touchy ecosystem. The first game to support this feature is the most recent Touchy released game Swindler 2.

Go try it, like it, and if you do, please upgrade!


by JK

Hey there! Our Nitrome Touchy app has been updated for both iOS and Android!

Due to popular demand you can now play Swindler for free! We hope you enjoy playing Swindler with Touchy and decide to upgrade to the full unlocked version.

Happy gaming!

by JK

Coming Soon!

Hi Everyone,

Do you remember us saying that we are currently working hard to bring you all our next winter game?

Well we thought we'd whet your appetite with a little preview screenshot...
...It's gonna be Bad Ice Cream 2!

You might also notice the extra ice creams in the shot. That's right! It's gonna be Touchy's second multiplayer game!

As we are adding four players, I guess that means that we need more flavours! Can you say mint choc-chip?

Keep your eyes peeled for this game coming to Nitrome very soon :)

by Tom

Play Space Odyssey

Hi Nitromians!

This week's pixel love game is Space Odyssey by Jeff Cardinal!

The game has a simple goal. It is up to you to collect as many ingredients as you can before plummeting down to the ground again.

The more you collect, the more platforms you can spawn and the higher you can climb!

Space Odyssey: Click Here!

by Tom

Friday Update!

Hey there Nitromians!

We hope you all enjoy the trailer that we released of Icebreaker a Viking Voyage, and thanks goes out to everyone that shared / liked the video and helped us to spread the message about Icebreaker!

Stay tuned as next week we plan to bring you even more Nitrome goodness!

Icebreaker trailer: Click Here!
Icebreaker page: Click Here!

Have a Great Weekend everyone! :)

by Jon

Hey nitromians,

We have a very special reveal for you today. Our first iOS title Icebreaker:A Viking Voyage has a brand new trailer.

Also we have updated the Icebreaker micro-site with an all new awesome design.

What are you all waiting for...Go and check them out NOW!

Remember to please help spread the love for Icebreaker by sharing/liking the video and telling all of your gaming buddies.

by Jon

New Site Layout

Hey Nitromians,

Some of you may have noticed a snazzy new layout of the Nitrome site. We are currently undergoing a transitional phase over the coming months to make the site even more awesome.And before you ask, 'yes' this means accounts are in the works...;)

If you could all report any bugs, games not working and general out of the ordinary activity then it would help this process run smoothly.

Send you findings to:

Or just drop us a message on Facebook thanks =0)

by Jon

Hey Nitromians,

Check out our official trailer over on Touch Arcade for Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage

We will be responding to comments over on Touch Arcade so please direct your feedback for this there! Enjoy :)

Touch Arcade Article: Click Here!

by Jon

Play Next Please!

Hi Nitromians!

Today we have chosen a very interesting pixel love game called Next Please created by Vyacheslav Stepanov.

We thought that the core game mechanic was very clever in this puzzle platformer.

You are playing as both the hero and the environment. Turn your character into solid platforms to reach out to higher  places and destroy them again when they get in your way.

There is a lot of fun to be had in this little gem!

Play Next Please: Click Here!

Enjoy! :)


by Tom

Friday Update!

Hey loyal Nitrome fans,

It’s been another extremely cold and hectic week here at Nitrome Towers. For those of you who like to be kept informed of the latest gossip, we thought you might like to hear the progress of our Flightless Greenlight campaign over on Steam.

It’s both 'good' news and 'bad' really. The good being that it’s FINALLY smashed through the top 100 leader board barrier, currently being placed at spot 89 in the charts. The bad news is that we were at place 85 and have continued to drop further down :(

It’s a harsh place out in the Greenlight marketplace. So this means we need your help now more than ever. If you want to see our game Flightless be made into a full game, then you can help by clicking on the big vo…


Play Ice Beak!

Now that we are in the Christmas period we felt that it was time to release the first of our two winter games.

Ice Beak is the latest in our icon game series. It's a puzzle shooting game which oddly, for a winter game, features just as much hot as it does cold!

Use our snow firing hero to figure out temperature and weight based puzzles!

What are you waiting for? Go and play now!

Click To Play!

by Mat

Hi Nitromians!

We were recently interviewed by Mochi Media's Colin Cupp about our ventures into the Mobile gaming space in the article titled Flash Meets Mobile with Nitrome Touchy.

We give pretty detailed insights into our Touchy app, flash games and what you can expect in the future from Nitrome!

Mochiland Article: Click Here!

by Tom

Play Cat Astro Phi!

Hey Nitromians,

Winter has officially arrived and it’s another gloomy looking Monday over the Nitrome HQ in London. Lucky for all you gamers out there we have found another awesome Pixel Love for you all to try which we are sure will brighten up your day.

Cat Astro Phi is a truly retro styled action adventure by the mega talented Photon Storm team (Rich Davey & Ilija Melentijevikc).

You play as a plucky astro explorer who is on a mission to find his lost feline companion after crash landing on an alien planet.

Players will most likely recognize the “familiar” handheld game console that the game is successfully mimicking. The green tinged retro styled art looks super stylish and manages to bring back memories of the good old …


Play Enough Plumbers!

Well hello again Nitromian’s and welcome back to another addition of Mondays Pixelove. Today’s nostalgic pixel feast goes by the name of Enough Plumbers a somewhat eerily familiar plumber platformer by Glen Forrester and Arthur Lee.

Hang on a minute...Isn’t that??? I hear you cry as you glance at the screen shots.

Well both yes and no... Although this may seem like a simple clone of everybody’s favourite fat plumber platformer at first glance. Appearances can be deceiving; there is a neat little twist!

...Every time you pick up a coin a brand new plumber is thrown into the mix. The upside to this is that you now control a small army of Mario’s and now have multiple hits at your disposal. Unfortunately the downside to all that…


Friday Update

Well Nitromians, it's that time of the week again.

We know it has been a little light in terms of news in our blog this week, although you will be happy to hear that we have all been very busy with current projects.

We'll try and bring you more Nitrome goodness next week, so until then, have a great weekend everyone! :)

by Tom

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