Nitrome Touchy is a brand new app that lets you play Nitrome’s browser games in a whole new way. Built on the technology produced by the developers Brass Monkey, this unique app lets gamers use their smart phones and iDevices as a console controller. Just think of the opportunities that this will bring to the Nitrome experience!

Whether you’ll be flicking snot using your phone like a Wii Motion Plus controller or playing Double Edged with 3 of your mates, Nitrome Touchy will enhance your Nitrome gaming experience.

10 Nitrome games are available at launch, with at least 20 more coming your way. Touchy is available for iOS on the iTunes app store. This will shortly be followed with an Android release which will be available on the Google Play Android Store. Both versions will include the same list of compatible games.

The app is free to download, with unlimited access to Super Snotput. There is a one off premium upgrade purchase required to unlock all of the other Nitrome Touchy launch titles. If that wasn’t enough you will automatically be given access to all future Nitrome Touchy games!

So what games can you play? Check out the Touchy Game Page here you will find all the games listed with an insight on how they fit into the Touchy universe. Touchy games live amongst the rest of the Nitrome titles in the main website. Just look for the Touchy logo or follow the Touchy tabs.

We thought, what better way to start off the experience with the super addictive - Super Snotput. This is free to play on the Nitrome Touchy. We have added 2 separate control methods for this title. As mentioned before, we have the Wii Motion Plus style control method, and for those who want a “non-throw your phone across the room” method (we know ‘cause JK did it!), an alternative swipe screen control method can be used. So you can flick your snot further and beat your friends using whichever method that suits you and your phone.

We have tried to introduce something new with each Touchy game. From the dual control methods for Super Snotput to the multiplayer options in Double Edged, or steering Flash Cat to drawing on your phone and have it instantly appear on your TV. We’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love and rave about, and we’re only just getting started! More games will be introduced, pushing the technology and our imaginations as far as they can go!

So there you have it… more information will follow, so watch this space. We’re very proud to be expanding the Nitrome universe in this way and hope you support us in our ventures... or do we mean adventures?!


  • Connects devices to Nitrome games using home WIFI setup.
  • Simply download one app and go!
  • Enables motion controls using accelerometer on all devices.
  • Gyroscope compatible, for superior Wii Motion Plus / Playstation Move 121 style movement.
  • Dual screen gaming.
  • Multi-Touch screen controls giving the player a fully responsive control system.
  • Control scheme can update on the fly.
  • Multiplayer available - Can handle as many players as we choose to support… probably 4! :0)

Super Simple Setup!

With Nitrome Touchy you only need to download one app from the App Store / Google Play Store. (No PC download required) Once downloaded, simply go onto, and hey presto it works. It’s that simple! You just have to choose which game you want to play first!

Frequently Asked Questions