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New Game in the making!


We’ve been working on a new game that will be called Go Pogo. Here is a screenshot, as you can see it revolves around a pogo stick jumping mechanic. 

We’ve used our old Flash game, Ribbit as a reference, and although we didn’t think Ribbit was the most striking or popular of our games, it appeared to be a good fit for a game to expand and revisit for a touch screen interface.

Go Pogo will be level based, but we are planning to have some unexpected game modes thrown into the mix.

On a side note, we’ve noticed a pogo game that came out on the app store last week: Zombie’s Got a Pogo. As expected from the title and mechanic, some similarities came to our attention. Hey this happens, we can’t consistently get unique ideas that…


Pixellove Inversia!

Hey Nitromians,

Today's (we'll cough cough... yesterdays) Pixel love is called Inversia by Gabriel Robertson.

You are a lone guy trapped in an alien hostile environment. Your captors, a strange alien race label you as a living weapon!

Using your new found special abilities of gravity control you must try to escape your tormentors.

This game may remind some of you of the rather famous indie title VVVVV. Although it has the same mechanic there is much to like about the world atmosphere and new traps in Inversia. Tight controls have been nailed and we are sure that you'll have a lot of fun with it.

As ever if you have any suggestions of games you love and would like to see feature on our pixellove site then please let us know in the comments below.

More games news coming soon. Until then, happy gaming. =)

by Jon

Why Pixellove so late?

Hey nitromians,

Phew it's been a long week here at Nitrome HQ. 

Some of our more keen eyed followers may have noticed that we have missed the last few Pixelove game releases.

To fill you in on the unfortunate situation we are still looking for a somebody to fill in our web role at Nitrome. This has led to a slip in all things website related whilst we try to absorb the weekly tasks into our own. Through no fault of any party there has been a change of plan and we are now looking for a new web developer.

This weeks (rather late) Pixelove game is Tough Love Machine by Andrew Morrish.

You take control of a long armed gloved machine and try to connect the two hearts on each stage. The neat sound, bright zingy retro graphics and head scratching puzzles makes this a fine addition to our pixelove catalogue.

We should be bringing you a Pixelove next week (fingers and toes crossed) ;)

As ever any suggestions on any Pixelove games you would like to see featured then please let us know. 

by Jon

Check out the first teaser for our nextgame 'Beneath The Lighthouse'.

"The lighthouse hasn't been active for a while. I wonder what's happened to Grandpa... I hope he's okay?"

The game will be coming to mobile and the web.


by Mat

Hey Nitromians,

We heard a few of you mention the fact that they missed Friday updates and we realised that it has been AGES since we posted one so... Time for a weekly roundup!

You all should have noticed our big mobile release this week Vault!


We are really pleased with how it turned out and it seems that most of you did too (phew!) We would love to hear all of you High-scores and your thoughts on all the weird unlockable characters.

We have of-course been working on some other games including our level base game Plod and project Jump which are in mid development. 

However next week we are going to reveal a preview of something brand new and totally awesome.

Oh and did we mention its going to be our next game to be released...

until next week ;) 


by Jon

Vault OUT NOW!

Hey nitromians,

Most of our keen eyed followers will already know that our new game Vault is OUT NOW on mobile!




Nitrome's top score is 222 at the moment, so if you feel up to the challenge of trying to beat then we'd love to see you try. ;P

If you like the game then please feel free to spread the word and leave us a nice review or rating!

We realise there are a handful of you waiting patiently for us to release Green Ninja and now V…


Green Ninja On Amazon!

Hey Nitromians,

Today Green Ninja has been released on the Amazon App Store. 

Click Here Now To Download!

We hope you can help save the frog from the evil clutches of the Ninjas.



Oh and before I forget did we mention that Vault! will also be live tomorrow.

Watch this space for updates. 



by Aaron

Play Ribbitation

Hi Nitromians and Pixel Love Fans.

Todays Pixel Love game is Ribbitation

In this retro pixel inspired game you must control a frog through various levels of climbing ladders and pushing crates.

The mechanic is simple and the style is retro giving this a very nestalgic and fun feel.

If you have any ideas for next weeks pixel love game, please leave your comments below.

Play Ribbitation now.

by Aaron


Hi Nitromians, 

You have seen the previews and now the countdown has begun. 

This Wednesday Vault! will be hitting your app store. 

Are you as excited as we are?


by Aaron

Brand new game!

Hey Nitromians,

I thought as it is a Friday that we'd surprise you with a snap shot of a game currently in development. It's one of the Free level based games we are working on at the mo. We don't have a name for it yet, but the current codename is Plod!

The premise of the game is that you play as a GIANT set of feet that have been shackled together. The greedy villagers have ascended to the world above after rumours of giant gold coins. 

After breaking your bonds you are out to wreak revenge and claim back your stolen gold...

I won't spoil you with details quite yet and will leave you to guess at how the controls will work and some of the features of the game.

More news on this game as it progresses, until then click on the shot to see the full image.

Happy gaming, have a nice weekend. =3 

by Jon

Magic Touch Update 3!

Hi Nitromians

Today we are happy to give you a new update to Magic Touch Wizard For Hire.

Update 3 to Magic Touch brings with it a whole new game mode 'Time Attack'! No longer do you have to worry about those pesky knights reaching the floor now it's all about the clock. Kill as many knights as you can before the time runs out and make combos to gain time back. Make sure to watch out for the new Spider Knights bomb attacks!

Click here to download the update now.

by Aaron

Play Egg Knight!

Hey Nitromians. 

Sorry for getting this blog post up a day late.

This weeks Pixel Love game is Egg Knight.

Defeat the Dark Army and Save the Egg Knight World in this weeks Eggcelent pixel game.

Play as different Egg Knight each with there own unique set of skills.

Remember to offer your suggestions for pixel love games via the pixel love website. 

Click To Play!

by Aaron

Touchy RIP

Today marks the sad day that we take Touchy offline. The app has been unavailable to download or to make payments within for three months while we wound things down. For further information as to why the service has ended you can read the original announcement post here.

All links and categories related to the Touchy app should now be inactive and games that contained the API to link to the Touchy service should now have been changed or are in the process of being changed for versions that do not contain it.

We are unsure but Touchy may still function in the Nitrome games featured at Please feel to try and if they do you may continue to enjoy them there for the time being. We have no immediate plans to challen…


Hey Nitromians.

Due to your amazing support we have now reached 10,000 followers on twitter. Yes 10,000

Thank you for your continued support and welcome to our new followers.

If you are new here head over to our Games section to play now.

Finally if you are not currently one of our followers (why not!) head over to @nitrome and join in the action.

by Aaron

Tiny Treasure & Pixi Tower Defense are this weeks Pixel Love Games!

Tiny Treasure

In this cleverly designed pixel game you control two heroes who must work in tandem to complete the levels; using such actions as leapfrogging and standing on top of one another.

The game is quick and is easily completable in 1 sitting. So head over and try to conquer this pixel platformer with a twist.

Click to Play!

Pixi Tower Defense

Nothing will stop the march of the monsters in this enjoyable tower defense game.

Strategically place down heavy artilery and help protect your pixel lands.

Click to Play!

Have fun playing, there will be more Pixel Love games next week.

by Aaron

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