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Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas Nitromains,

With the holidays in full swing it feels appropriate to write a little post wishing you all a great time, to act as a round up for the year and set the sights for the year to come.

So this year you may have noticed we took a decidedly mobile turn. Some people think this is great but we recognise that for others they wish we would just drop all this mobile nonsense and go back to the good old days of browser games.

If you're in the later group we are sorry, but our current future seems to be firmly in the mobile market for the moment. Following a huge decline in the browser side of things over the last few years we had our most profitable year to date! That's some turn around, i'm sure you will agre…


It has been a LONG time since we showed anything on "project jump" as we put it to one side for a bit whilst working on some other projects. We have been back working on it for a little while now though and it is really starting to take shape.

There is a pretty big idea behind this one: You play a new level EVERY DAY! The level itself is not random and there is an end goal, but in order to achieve this we have built an engine that makes levels that are suitably varied every day.

More on "Project Jump soon! ;)

by Mat

Rustbucket Update!

Hey Nitromains,

Our latest turn-based puzzler Rusbucket is getting its first update in January. We are putting the finishing touches to a new level pack and some new endless content. Our plan is to submit the update soon after our return in the New Year.

We have already committed to a second update after this which will again add more levels, but will focus on something really cool and different other than just new baddies. 

Grab it on iOS!

Grab it on Android!

We are really pleased with the feedback from players so far. We'd be very interested to hear ho far you've managed to get in the Endless dungeon or any ideas you might have.

Stay tuned for more news on this and our upcoming games soon. =D

by Jon

RustBucket OUT NOW!

Hey Nitromians,

Great news! Our turn based puzzler Rustbucket is OUT NOW 'Free' for your devices.

Get to grips with the campaign mode and then take your new found skills and dive straight into the endless dungeon for the ultimate roguelike challenge.  

Grab it on iOS!
Grab it on Android!

Help us out by leaving nice reviews and ratings (if nothing else, it gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside)

We are currently finishing the first update to the game which you can expect to roll out in the early new year. We have lots more planned as well... this is just the beginning. ;)   

by Nitrome


What better way to get us all in the xmas mood than an update to our fast and frantic game Roller Polar!

Unlock new bears in the Bearwear shop and take them out for a roll down the mountain, who wants to play as Bare Bear?  

We have made a few other gameplay tweaks aswell to smooth out the difficulty curve. Theres gold to collect for extra challenge, some obstacle pattern changes, the characters each have there own wails, growls and squeaks and even the annoying eagle has had an upgrade. 

For those of you who missed it the first time round. You can grab it FREE for your device here!

Enjoy =)

by Jon

Best game of 2015!

Hey Nitromians,

We are very pleased to hear that Gunbrick has been awarded one of the best games of the year on the iOS appstore. There are lots of truly amazing games being featured with Laura Croft Go taking the #1 top spot. Go and check some of them out, we are sure you wont be dissapointed.  

For anyone who hasn't tried Gunbrick yet take apples advice and play one of the best games of the year. For all of you that have, a huge thankyou for your support. We are really chuffed to bits.

Get it on iOS!

Get it on Googleplay!

Get it on Amazon!


by Jon


Hey nitromians,

We are all nursing some rather sore heads this morning after an early festive chrismas party last night. Check out the group mugshot of the Nitrome crew (and partners).  



by Nitrome

Rustbucket and friends?

Hey Nitromians,

Our hero Rust Bucket and his turn based friend's are in a spot of bother after being ambushed by a pack of slimes.

You can pick up allies and use them to get you out of a tight squeeze in the endless dungeon and level mode. They mimic Rust Buckets movement so can be used to strategically gain advantage in battle, or hold down multi-switches or save villagers. In Fact they can pretty much do whatever you can... yeah we know, sounds useful doesn’t it? 

The current plan (all going well) is to release Rust Bucket before xmas. In-fact its already been submitted to the stores and is awaiting review. 

More Rust Bucket hype soon. ;) 

by Jon

Gopogo OUT NOW!

Hey nitromians, 

Gopogo our free ultra hard platform bouncer is OUT NOW on your devices for Android and iOS. Be sure you check out the AWESOME music by Eirik Suhrke who's titles include Ridiculous FishingSpelunky and most importantly our very own Gunbrick and Platform Panic.

Some of you may have noticed the lack of news on the blog lately, rest assured it's not because we are taking it easy. Far from it, we are working harder than ever making a bunch of brand new games for you to get your gaming mitts on. We don't always get the time every week to fill you in with lots of news and teasers. We try to post as much as we have time for, the rest of the time we are hard at work.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter (@nitrome) as-well as our blog for all the latest news, info and gossip. 

Happy gaming 


p.s Has anyone managed to unlock any of the games many nitrome cameo's yet?

by Nitrome


Hey nitromians,

Phew! it's Friday again after another extremely busy week. Time to fill you in with some details of what’s been happening this week here at Nitrome towers.

First off our next game Gopogo is out soon, in-fact it's going to be hitting the stores NEXT WEEK and we couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.

Rust bucket is coming along leaps and bounds and we are wrapping up the finished product into a pretty bow to submit to the stores fairly soon. We are aiming for and Xmas release on this one.

Codename jump is finally being picked up again after a long break finishing off other projects. We will fill you in on some of the details of this as development progresses within the coming weeks. It's so far lookin…


Go Pogo update

Great news Niromians,

Our next game is coming out really soon...

In fact, it will be released on stores at some point late NEXT WEEK!

It's not Rust Bucket that we have been talking about recently but rather 'Go Pogo' which has been developing much more quietly behind the scenes. So with that in mind we thought it was time to change all that and break out a quick little Gif for you all to enjoy.

This is taken from one of the levels in the game but there is also an endless mode for the High score chasers amoungst you too.

More info on Gopogo as we get closer to launch next week!


by Austin Carter

Hey Nitrominas,

As a little Friday treat (for those who just don't like to read) we though we'd show off Rustbuckets Endless dungeon in all its glory. A different experience EVERY time you play! 

Only the bravest monster slayers will survive to room 10+! 

EDIT: There WILL be some sort of training level based campaign to introduce players into the carnage of the turnbased endless dungeon. We will show more of this soon!

We are also planning a larger Level based series of updates that will flesh out the stages into a much larger campaign with new themes and traps being introduced. Much like the original game, but bigger and better. 

by Jon


Hey Nitromians,

It's been a while since we have posted... we'll anything really. The good news is that it's not because we have been slacking off. In-fact, we are working harder than ever on a whole bunch of brand new exciting games.

You already know about Rustbucket and Gopogo, But we also have another two games in the early stages of development. We are as ever remaining tight lipped about them for now, but stay tuned to hear more about these in the coming weeks.

Now back to the games you already know are coming!

Beneath The Lighthouse - We were really pleased with the response on this game. We really do love and appreciate all of our fans and try our best to update and get it working on as many devices as possible. This w…


More bug squishing!

Hey Nitromians,


EDIT: ver 1.0.5 fixes another few bugs that have reared there ugly heads on Android.


*The latest update is available to download now on GooglePlay (ver 1.0.5) *

* The iOS update will go live as soon as it's gone through apples approval system * 

Fixes include:


- Sound bug fix, bg noise was playing when muted over some devices. you can now listen to your misic in peace.

- Sound improvement. The sounds were out of balance on Android because of the Mono formatting options in Unity. You should now experience balanced in volume for all sound throught the game.

*(ver1.0.4)* or newer

- Fixed skip button and freezing bug at the start of thegame.

- Optimized level 14 to run a little better on sl…


Hey Nitromains.

WAHOO! After much hard work, Beneath the Lighthouse is available on the brand new Apple TV. It even has snazzy controls in which you spin the world with your thumb, neat!

More news on other games next week. =)

by Jon

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