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Hey Nitromains,

For those of you who have missed the latest news over on our Twitter feed then checkout our latest game Stretch Dungeon OUT NOW!

Download on the Appstore!

Download on the Google Play store!

Happy gaming =)

If you like the game please feel free to help us out by sharing with friends and giving us a nice review on the store. 

by Nitrome

Hey Nitromians,

Leap Days first MAJOR update (featuring tons of new traps!) is being released TOMORROW!

So hover your thumbs over the update button, as things are going to get a whole lot more interensting.

- Huge swinging logs!
- Sticky slime coated platforms!
- Super sharp Guillotines! 
- Big bad bullets!
- Yolk cannons
- Rolling deadly barrels!
- Fireballs!
- Crazy twisting platforms!
- Timed magical switches!
- Walls of death lasers!

Download on the Appstore:
Download on Google Playstore:


Thanks for playing Leap Day. =)


Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest news!

by Nitrome

Magic Mansion: OUT NOW!

Enjoy our latest 1-Bit retro treat Magic Mansion.
Cute as a kitten but hard as nails!

Download on iOS: 
Donload on Android:

Our Latest Published game by sets and settings is OUT NOW!

by Nitrome

ReDungeon OUT NOW!

Hey Nitromians,

For those of you who have missed the latest news over on our twitter feed we have a cool new game out now called ReDungeon.

No two turns are ever the same as you navigate further into the endless labyrinth of traps and nasties.

Recruit new hero's and unlock powerful character upgrades to help you smash your friends high scores. 

This is Nitromes second Published game after Ultimated Briefcase. This time made by the talented duo known as Eneminds.

Check out the trailer above and let us know what you think of our latest game ReDungeon. 

Happy Gaming.

Download on iOS appstore!

Download on Android Google Playstore!


by Nitrome

Leap Day Update 2!

Hi Nitromians,

we are hard at work on the second content update for Leap Day! This time there are going to be new backgrounds, new level chuncks and new music! 

by Mat

Our Next Published game (following Ultimate Briefcase) is the very awesome ReDungeon by developer Eneminds. Its a bit like Platform Panic if you change genre to a more Zelda dungeon type game. The game has tons of content and unlockable characters so it should keep you entertained for a while. It should be hitting the mobile stores next week!

by Mat

Leap Day - Update 1!

Leap Day Update 1 is now live! It contains 43 gifts for you to unlock for completing cups in Leap Day. So get it now and start collecting!

by Nitrome

LeapDay OUT NOW!

Hey Nitromians,

HURRAY! We have just released our lastest game Leapday on mobile.
There is a brand new level unloked EVERY DAY for you all to enjoy.

It was a real team effort to get this one how we wanted it. There is so much content that hopefully that each day should feel different from the last.

Download on the Appstore!

Download on Google Play store!

Happy gaming, let us know what you think in the comments below. 

p.s If you like the game then please feel free to leave us a nice review and help spread the word with your friends and followers. =)


by Nitrome

Hey Nitromians,

Get your gaming thumbs ready for May 11th.

LeapDay our fast paced action platformer will put your skills to the test with a brand new level EVERY DAY! 

Check out the trailer and make some room on your devices. Its gaming time ;D 

by Nitrome

Hey Nitromians,

HURRAY! We have been nominated in the Pocket Gamer Awards 2016. 

Both Magic Touch and Beneath the lighthouse are highlighted in multiple categories. Nitrome is also in the best developer 2016 category and best developer overall list.

We really are honoured to be selected. If you want to show us (or anyone else for that matter) some love for all of the free and cheap games you all play then...


p.s Please bear in mind that Pocket gamer is a site for mobile and portable games only, not browser. So this is why only mobile games are selected.

by Nitrome

Hey Nitromians,

Our Turnbased hero Rustbucket has a new update out THIS WEEK on mobile. They'll be a set of brand new sewer levels bringing the total to 40 levels so far. There is a bunch of exciting new monsters and tricky puzzles in threre too.

We are (as ever) mega busy on a bunch of brand new games that we plan to keep you updated on when we get enough time to properly show them off. 

by Nitrome

Hey Nitromians,

Rustbucket has had a second huge new update and this time we've mainly been focusing on WEAPONS! There are 10 brand new weapon themed stages set inside a huge fire temple for you to fight through with lots of cool new mechanics and puzzles. 

Also for those of you still enjoying the endless mode weve added a shop to the mix... FINALLY a real way to spend all of that gold.

Each weapon has been balanced to have its own plus and minus points. A Bow might be handy at long range attacks but is far less effective upclose than say a mighty battle axe. There is even a new way to smash those annoying statues thanks to the huge warhammer weapon, so there is no excuse not to "smash" your highscores.

Happy gamng =)

p.s W…


Nitrome is pleased to announce that our first ever published game Ultimate Briefcase is now live on the Google Play and the Apple App Store. So if you have a mobile device you can go and download it now!

Hundreds of automated doomsday machines have been unleashed on the city.

Survive waves of onslaught using your dodging skills and a variety of ridiculous special moves.

Where did the mysterious bomb-dropping, laser-spewing machines come from? What is the Ultimate Briefcase? And what is in it?

• Unlock a cast of unique characters, all with their own upgradable special abilities.
• Explore different areas of the city, from the fiery alley to the treacherous trapdoors of the water works bridge.
• Unlock new items to help you survive longer and rake in more coins.
• Collect security footage to piece together the story, and find answers to some of the questions above.
• No unlocks are purely cosmetic – everything you get has a real effect on the game.


by Mat

Hey Nitromians,

Our first published game Ultimate briefcase is coming to your devices THIS WEEK for iOS and Android.
This game was created by the ever talented Quite fresh games, created by Stefan Ahlin.  

This is no ordinary high score bullet dodger though, expect:

-Unlock new characters EACH with their own unique special moves and multiple exciting and jaw dropping upgrades!

-What is inside the ultimate briefcase and where did it come from?
By collecting discarded security cam footage you’ll be able to piece together where how this all began to unravel in a series of animated clips. Clever stuff.

-Unlock new power-ups in the shop to both attack and defend yourself against the onslaught of projectiles and improve your hig…


2 new browser games!

Hi Nitromians,


today we have not one but two new browser games for you to play on the Nitrome website!


First up is our twisty adventure game Beneath the Lighthouse! Work your way through a mysterious series of rooms in the cliffs Beneath the Lighthouse in search of your Grandpa.

Second we have Rust Bucket which we tried extra hard to launch the same day as the update on mobile! Turn based Rougelite! Follow up to our Turnament icon game with both levels and endless mode to try!

We will still be bringing you Go Pogo soon but we have a few problems need ironing out there still.

Have fun!

by Mat

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