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Hey nitromians,

Our puzzle action roller Beneath the Lighthouse is now available to download on your devices.

Get the game for your device here!

Android users - We have updated the App through the Google Playstore so please make sure you have the latest version (1.0.3)

We have had a handful of complaints about crashes (so far usually on lower end devices). The game should technically work on most androids who run 4.0.3 and up. If you can please give us details on where the app has crashed, as-well as your device model and version number. We will try our best to get it working on as many devices as we can, but unfortunately there are no guarantees.

iOS users - require iOS6 or later and iPhone5, iPad3, iPadmini2, iPod5G or later! It …


Hey Nitromians,

Beneath the Lighthouse is out TOMORROW across your mobile devices, so you wont have to wait long to discover all of the devious traps that lie beneath the lighthouse.

As you can see from the Gif our round headed protagonist isn't the ONLY thing that like to roll. Unfortunately for him, its some huge abandoned sea mines. =(

FUN FACT! did you know that beneath the lighthouse has a Speed run system in place, with Gold, Silver and Bronze reward for the fastest possible times? It's going to be a REAL challenge to get all gold across the board.

More news about Beneath The Lighthouse and our other projects soon.

Happy gaming. 

by Jon

Only 2 days to go!

Hey Nitromians,

We are gearing up to the big release of Beneath the Lighthouse with some mouth watering gif's. In the first of which we can see our large headed protagonist discovering a brand new trap 'the auto winch'.

The player can spin a level around using their finger, but the winch will always rotate the level back to it's original position. This makes for some tricky action/puzzles later on, as you have to 'pre' spin the stage the correct amount to pass a number of nasty hazards.

We are really excited about this release and we hope you are too. So if you'd like to help us spread the word, then please share the news with your friends.


by Nitrome

Hey Nitromians,

Beneath The Lighthouse Trailer!

Check out the trailer for our upcoming atmospheric action/puzzle title Beneath the Lighthouse. It should be "fingers and toes crossed" available for FREE across your mobile devices THIS WEEK!

We are highly optimistic that a premium version might be available on the brand NEW apple TV for its big Friday launch as-well. We are super proud at how well it turned out and that we have finally managed to get a game onto an 'actual' Television is pretty cool.

Finally we are aiming to get a Unity version on our site ASAP with as little gap as we can manage. It is quite a fiddly process though so please be patient.  

More news on BTLH and other games soon. =3



by Nitrome

Infinity inc Pixellove!

Hey Nitromains,

I have been listening to your cries in the blog for this weeks missing Pixellove, so without further ado...

Play infiniy inc, by The Shpufa's

Infinity inc, a derelict and deadly facility. (Made for what I can only assume as some sort of sadistic test chamber).

You and your trusty disposable clones must use your grey matter and a bit of good old sacrifice to fight your way through the chambers.

***WARNING!*** this one does contain quite a few low rez red pixels and some crude humour. You have been warned, anyone who is afraid of red squares then this is not for you!

A polished experience with solid atmospheric effects, sound and some neat puzzle makes this a worthy addition to Pixellove.

Let us know what you think of Infinity inc in the comments below.

Happy gaming.



by Jon

Pixelove, Serious Dave!

Hey Nitromians,

Todays pixelove is Serious Dave by developers 08--n7.r6-79.84 and Stranger087 (I know, catchy names huh!)

The story goes like this. Hell Bunny has kidnapped all of the innocent babies and is using them to open up an evil portal.

Its Your task, a bearded guy called Dave to save the day.

Serious Dave is an Endless runner with a difference. The difference being the sheer amount of depth and additional content outside of the usual 'reach as far as you can'.

Varied Quests and challenges, Achievements, Unlockable content, Upgrades, Cut-scenes and even levels that add objectives the second and third time around.

There is a lot to love here and if you're a fan of retro pixelart and chip tunes then you'll have a blast with this.

Happy gaming.  

by Jon

Hey Nitromians,

We have been hard at work on our upcoming turn based Roguelike RustBucket. We are really excited about this one and have been adding a whole bunch of new themes, baddies and traps (which we'll be showing some off later).

We are keeping lots of the game features under wraps, but for now we wanted to show off this neat little new feature.

In the game you can rescue villagers that litter the dungeon environments. However being the hero of the game, you can help out your fellow human by using your handy Fulton technique to whisk them out of harm’s way. (MetalGear style)

As a reward for saving them from slaughter you are rewarded with a shiny gold coin.

Further down the line you will experience other types of villagers. Some of the younger more agile ones which make their own attempt to escape in the usual turn-based fashion.

RustBucket to the rescue!

Enjoy the Gif and please Retweet on twitter if you can and help spread the word.

Happy gaming. :) 


by Jon

Insane and Zen Update!

Hey Nitromians,

WAHOO! We have just released a brand new update to our super popular Magic Touch!

This update brings you two brand new modes INSANE and ZEN! Both bringing separate spellbinding challenges. 

Insane mode is exactly what it says on the tin. SUPER HARD and LOTS of fun. With some brand new shapes to master, the speed cranked up to 11 and purple knights and the king are more EVIL than ever. Perfect for short bursts of play and people who like a challenge and to brag about there impressively low high scores.

Zen mode is built for those who just want to play the game without any of the added distractions. Gone are the purple knights and collectable spells slots that take way to much brainpower. Start off at a reasona…


Hey Nitromians,

I have had a MEGA list of things to catch up on since returning from my holiday, meaning Mondays Pixelove slightly later than usual, apologies.

This week’s Pixelove shunts us WAAAY back to 2006, ah those were the good old days of Browser gaming.

Acid Factory by Miniclip. There has been a huge chemical leak at the factory and its up to our hero Harry to clean it up. Unfortunately for him there is a whole bunch of traps, mutants and well... ACID to deal with in the process!

Fun fact! the artwork for this game was commissioned by Miniclip from the ever so talented artist Gary J Lucken (aka Army of Trolls). Back in the day I really used to stare at his art and drool. Anyway, let me know what you think of Acid Factory in the comments below.

Happy Gaming Everyone!

P.S Next week’s Pixelove shouldn’t be late as I've already picked on out. ;)


by Jon

Beneath the Lighthouse

Hi Nitromians, 

so as a final post for the week I thought I would share a bit of promo art we created recently for the game. The game itself is getting close to complete now so we should be ready to submit to the stores pretty soon. We will have more news to share about the game between submitting and release.

Have a great weekend everyone! Right now back to the game!

by Mat

Super Late Pixel Love!

With Jon on holiday and a busy week finishing off things for Beneath the Lighthouse I totally forgot it was my responcibility to make sure we had a Pixel Love game launched! Doh! Ohe well better late than never!

Today/Mondays pixel love is/was supposed to be 'Tap Heros'. TBH I have no idea what it is about as Jon picked it before he left for holiday. I'm sure it's very good though so do click the link and give it a play!

It is by a studio called Varagtp so props to them if you like it!




by Mat

Icebreaker on sale!

As part of Apples Gorgeous games promotion our game Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage is on SALE! It is 79p in the UK and whatever is the bottom price in other territorys too. If you havn't picked it up yet this is probably your best chance to get it cheap so go quick and get it now!

by Nitrome

Vault! Now on the web!

Hi Nitromians,

as promised last week when we launched Green Ninja we have launched Vault! on the website too so were now up to date with the mobile releases. From here on out were going to try and make them happen a similar time.

As a word of warning the game will not work in Chrome sadly as a they switched off Unity support earlier in the year. We would recommend using Firefox to play our games at the moment.

WebGL should eventually fix this issue but it seems to be a future fix at the moment sadly.

Next week we'll have another pixel love for you and should be able to give you more info on upcoming games. Some of them are getting quite close to completion now!


you can play vault here

Have a great weekend everyone!

by Mat

Puppy Racing

Todays Pixel Love pick is Puppy Racing and there is an interesting Nitrome related link to this game. The game is more than a bit old and back when it was made Nitrome was still relatively new so we often did some bits of work on the side of the games we did at Nitrome. One of those bits of work was for this game. Mat and Jon worked on the rotations for some of the racers in the game. To be clear we did not design the game...that was someone else...just a little sprite work. Still it's an interesting fact that we thougth you might like to know :)

The game itself is a Mario Kart clone that uses the Mode 7 type effect that so many games addopted at one point in flash before full 3d became possible at realistic speeds. It's no Mar…


Hi Nitromians,

we realise it has been a frustrating wait for this but Green Ninja: Year of the Frog is now live on the website. This is just the Unity build so if your using Chrome which turned off Unity a few months back your going to have to swap browser I'm afraid. We would suggest Firefox.

We are hoping to put Vault live next week and then launch Beneath the Lighthouse as close to the mobile release as we can manage...ideally the same day. We then hope to stick with this on releases going forward.

We hate to over promise as things usually go wrong but this is our intent at this moment in time.

For those interested we are still intending to persue WebGL versions of all the Unity games. We have been trying to do this for a…

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