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Hi Nitromians,

We have some exciting Icebreaker news! One thing we have wanted to add to Icebreaker is to make it Universal and implement cloud saving. It was very complicated with the branching level structure if the game but we finally think we found a solution that works. This is going to be applied to the iPad version of the game so when the next update comes there will be iPhone only and universal versions of the game.

This update should arrive in the next update which will also include new levels in a brand new pack and be the launch date for the Android build!

by Mat

Boxing Day!

Now that the Christmas Avatar Calendar is done and the Nitrome crew are all off work it would be normal to assume that there would be no more posts until were back.

Maybe you expect a pixel love on Monday or maybe not even that! Well I'm happy to say that not only will there be a pixel love in its regular spot but we also got a little carried away preparing posts for before Christmas (when we were trying to post every day).

Because of that we still intend to have a few posts prior to us coming back including an Icebreaker update and a few others you won't want to miss...Stay tuned!

by Mat

Merry Christmas!

Hi Nitromians,

thank you very much if you ventured to our little site on Christmas Day itself! It is quite humbling to think with everything else going on today that people would opt to visit!

Today marks the final day on the Nitrome Avatar Advent Calendar so we hope you all enjoy that! Did you like todays Avatar? We thought it would be quite cute and festive :)

We at Nitrome are all off at the moment and won't be back until the New Year....stay tuned for a great 2014!

by Mat

One thing people have been asking is about what happens after Christmas to the avatars.

They will all be gone!!....


Just kidding :)

The Callander will be going after Christmas but the avatars will still be there just in the standard format ( no calendar or chocolate ). So you will still be able to get them and use them still following Christmas, but that's not as much fun as doing it along side the rest of the Nitrome community day by day right?

You have only 1 more day...can you get them all before the Calander disapears? Go on...what else are you going to do on Christmas Eve?

by Mat


Hi Nitromians,

this weeks Pixel Love is Shine by Adventure Islands. We're a sucker for new concepts at Nitrome and we think this one is a bit of a winner!

The basic idea is that you control a platforming character with the keyboard while at the same time a ball of energy with the mouse. The energy ball makes a circle of light illuminating the room so you have to keep it close enough to the player character in order to see what to do.

The Energy Ball will explode on impact though so as well as keeping the platforming character safe you must be careful to keep the energy ball safe too!

The mechanic offers a surprising amount of depth and it's well worth a play!

On a final note about pixel love you may notice that over the Chr…


BIC fan art!

Hi Nitromians,

It has been a long time since we did a fan art post which is a shame because there is so much great stuff our fans produce! This one seemed appropriate as on top of being a great illustration is also for Bad Ice Cream which is currently hot topic at Nitrome following the recent launch of Bad Ice Cream 3.

This piece was created by Keoen on Deviantart and is one of many pieces of Nitrome Fan Art he has made. He has many others including some Cheese Dreams Planets, the Warlock from Mirror Image and a cute animation of the main Bunny Character from our Mega Mash Game!

You can find the full image and the rest of his work here

Great work Keoen!

by Mat

Final Avatars update!

Hi Nitromians,

So we are another week through the avatars advent calendar and approaching the end! We hope you have all stuck with seems that most of you have been which makes us at Nitrome very happy :)

So what are your guesses for the final few avatars and what do people think we will have in particular for Christmas Day?

by Mat

Bad Ice-Cream 3

Hi Nitromians,

It's done and with a full moments to spare too before the Nitrome team head of for their Christmas adventures! Bad Ice-Cream 3 was a real team effort combining many different people to get the game ready much quicker than it would normally take! Don't think that means we cut corners though as this sequel is brimming with new monsters, new fruit and new ice-cream!

Oh you may want to get right to the end of this one ;)

You can play Bad Ice-Cream 3 here!


Just a final note that due to the last minute release of the game there could be some bugs...though we did play it through a few times. If there are any we will fix them when were back in the office after Christmas but please do report them to us.

by Mat

Last Working Day!

Hello Nitromians,

today marks the Nitrome teams last working day in the office. Many of the team need to fly home to their family's and generally it is good for us to take a break from things and regain some energy so we take around a week off at this time. We will be back in the office come the new year.

Unlike previous years this does not mean all things will be stopping while we are gone as we still have a daily avatar release set up on auto pilot for you to find in the Calendar!

We also as long as nothing goes wrong should be launching Bad Ice-Cream 3 just as soon as we are sure we have squashed the few bugs we have found in play testing.

We will have the usual pixel love games go up on Mondays!

Finally we also took on the challenge of doing a blog post a day until Christmas and although we dropped the ball due to technical problems for one day we still intend to stick with it as planned until Christmas Day!

Thanks for everyone who follows what we do and have a great Christmas everyone!

by Mat

More fruit!

Hi Nitromians,

along with everything else added to Bad Ice-Cream we have to have more fruit right? We like to deliver and have 4 new fruit just ripe for the picking! So you have the pixels but can you tell what the fruit are?….some of them are a little exotic!

While some of them are just for some visual diversity in the all important stationary fruit some as always have special properties. Rather than reveal what they do we thought it might be more fun to let you what do you think?

A hearty handshake and well done pat on the back to anyone who guesses correctly though this time you will have to wait for the release to see if your right. The release is imminent however so you won’t have long to wait to see if you guess correctly :)

by Mat

Sandworm monster

Hi Nitromians,

Here is sneak peek at another of the new monsters your going to be facing in Bad Ice-Cream 3. The sandworm (or should that be snow worm?) is able to burry under the ground travelling past any ice blocks in his way. He is super quick too, so you will have too keep an eye out for the raised ground and tiles as they bump into the air to locate him.

The worms do have a few weaknesses however. They can't tunnel underneath solid walls. They can't surface where there are metal floor tiles, so you can use these as safe ground. The worms can resurface and move around too, so you're not totally safe... but they are much slower above ground, so you can use this to your advantage.

As usual Telemachus did some sketch work for the worm but it took him more iterations to settle on it's final form. We thought it would be fun to show you some of them in the post... enjoy :)

by Mat

Smokey Bacon Ice-Cream!

Wow Nitromians… we have to admit we had no expectations of telling you prior to launch what the final flavour was in the upcoming Bad IceCream 3! We were so confident you wouldn't guess it that we challenged you all to guess away and you really did shooting past 300 comments! It didn't even take a full day though for Leonard Greenland to correctly guess that the final Ice-Cream flavour was Bacon... it blows us away that you guys guessed it!

It started off as a joke in the office that we would do bacon flavour but when we looked it up we were surprised to find it was real which settled us on the idea!

A little history... in 1973 the comedians 'The Two Ronnie's' joked about the possibility of a Smokey Bacon Ice-Cream in a sketch…


Play Crash TV!

Today's Pixel Love game choice is Crash TV developed by Z3lf!

You take control of a television set in this clever platformer. The graphics are very well put together and the gameplay is something that will keep fans of challenging levels very happy.

The television set gains upgrades as you progress (for example, you will gain the ability to double jump) but you will need to master the grappling upgrade to get into the later stages of this game.

Click To Play!

Have fun everyone!

by Tom

Howdy partners!

Bad Ice-Cream 3 wouldn't be a sequel without some new awesome flavours! So we have added an additional two to the roster.

We can reveal that the first new flavour is Liquorice! We have an illustration of what she looks like...yep you read right a second female ice-cream!

The other new flavour is a secret but we want to hear your guesses... no prizes but we’ll be surprised if anyone gets it right! We will reveal the mystery pre launch, and credit the person who guessed it correctly first!

You can look forward to the full game soon, so in the meantime get some practise in with the original games here:

Bad Ice-Cream

Bad Ice-Cream 2

by Mat

Avatar Advent Calendar

Hi Nitromians,

So we’re another week into the Christmas Avatar Calendar but there's still plenty more to come. We are thrilled to see how you all have got involved and really enjoyed seeing all the conversations you are having with each other in our blog!

We hope you continue to enjoy them and like last week, if you have any suggestions on what you want to see let us know... we certainly are looking at what you all say.


by Mat

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