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Play Loot Hero!

Today's Pixel Love game is Loot Hero developed by VaragtP

This side scrolling/point grinding game is actually made very satisfying by its varying difficulty levels. When you play it through for the first time you will notice the difficulty level will increase which makes playing through again more challenging and entertaining.

We think that the real star of this game is most certainly the artwork, with its wonderfully smooth yet chunky look and feel.

The object of this game is to send your hero smashing through the enemies at high speeds with your ever upgrading lance, which gets captured with great style, adding even more to the satisfaction factor that you get from grinding XP/credits. The more you upgrade your hero, the more you will appreciate this too.

All in all, this is really worth checking out.

Click To Play!

Thanks for playing everyone - we'll bring you another pixel love game next Monday!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians,

A quick post just to let you all know that we have worked on fixing a moderation issue that was being experienced by some of you.

You should now notice that the moderation system will be more resilient in terms of accidentally flagging a comment as 'needing to be moderated' when in fact the comment was fine.

This should make the comments a little easier to use.

If your comments are still getting accidentally moderated, let us know about it via the comments below or you can email us the comment that you tried to post.

Thanks everyone!

by Tom

More Blog Tweaks

We have been working on the blog/comments system to improve usability for our readers. As a result, we introduced a "Read More" link last week to expand the longer articles. We have since changed the link into a button.

Some of you may have noticed that we have added page numbers to the bottom of our blog today. This should make it a little easier for you to move around the blog to find our older articles. We also listened to the people that told us about the comments being restricted to only 5 reply comments. This has been fixed now and should show all replies to a comment.

We noticed that we had accidentally lost the "author" line at the bottom of our articles, so they are also back.

Feel free to let us know about any other bugs/issues in the comments below, and we'll try to fix them.

by Tom

Play Pause Ahead!

Hi Nitromians,

Today's pixel love game is Pause Ahead developed by Askiisoft. The game is filled with wonderful pixel art and it also boasts a refreshingly clever and original game mechanic. When you pause the game, everything pauses, but your velocity remains intact. This means that you can pass through obstacles and then resume the game to continue.

The puzzles are well designed too, making great use of this game feature. We really enjoyed the music in this one. It has an authentic chiptune feel yet it's also right up to date.

Click To Play

Join us next Monday for another Pixel Love choice!

by Tom

Square Meal Fan Editor

Hi Nitromians,

I don't mean to keep posting every day any more but we do seem to have a lot of noteworthy events to get out erm I still am...but it will stop soon I promise!

Today we have a new fan made project that we became aware of over the Christmas Break and it is a little special! User 'Sim' has managed to make his own level editor for our game Square Meal....impressive!

It's online here so anyone can use it to make levels but a limitation is that you can't test them without Sim manually putting them into the game. The good news is that he is doing just that and already has 50 of them! We will be interested to see what people come up with!

We have worked on two fan collaborations in the past at Nitrome...the…


Someone at Pocket Gamer clearly likes what Nitrome do, as not only did they list Icebreaker as one of their top ten games of the last year but they also asked our thoughts on significant events in the mobile industry over the last year.

Our comments are shown along side other mobile indie heavyweights such as Simogo's Simon Flesser, TinyCo's Will Luton, Vlambeer's Rami Ismail and Halfbricks Phil Larsen. Topics range from the rise and fall of Micro Consoles to the unstoppable behemouth that is Candy Crush Saga!

If you would like to read it head over there via this handy link.

by Mat

Blog Fixes

Hi Nitromians,

We've decided to make a change to the blog. We have added a "READ MORE" button to the bottom to posts that we considered to be our longer articles.

Clicking the button will expand the text to it's full length. This is handy as it allows you to get a quick overview of what the article is about, for skimming through.

Whilst doing this, we also fixed an issue with Internet Explorer (IE) which was not displaying the blog correctly. There was a problem with some of the articles that made them break when browsing with IE.

Thanks for reading everyone, have a great weekend! :)

by Tom

Bad Ice-Cream 3 Fixes

We've updated Bad Ice-Cream 3 to fix some issues that you helped point out to us. 

Fixes Included in the Update:

  • Avatar bug: present now only collectible in the level where it appears.
  • Alien bug in multiplayer mode: alien will now be able to kill other players after the first player was killed.
  • Level 29 in multiplayer: all players will now be in the level.
  • Level failed popup window: menu options now have accurate hit boxes.
  • Title screen: Touchy icon changed to double pixel to match the rest of the artwork.

If you have seen any other bugs that we have not listed here, please let us know and we will look into them.

Click To Play Bad Ice Cream 3

Thanks for Playing!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians,

we're only just into the new year and already we're off to a cracking start. Pocket Gamer, one of the leading sites for mobile coverage listed Nitrome's very own Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage in their top ten games of last year!

We are thrilled to have been given the award especially given the quality of games in the rest of the line up!

You can read the article here!

Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage

by Mat

We're Back!

Hi Nitromians,

The Nitrome team are back in the office now so we can get back to the exciting things we have planned for you this year. Jon and JK are going to be straight onto the second part of Cheese Dreams New Moon so you can look forward to that and the Icebreaker update and Android build should be getting close to a releasable build so we will keep you posted on that but we're hoping it will be fairly soon now!

We said in a post over Christmas about another mobile game that's on the way so when we feel comfortable with a release timeline we should start teasing that and as always there are other browser games on the go that will come out as they are's already shaping up to be an exciting year ahead!

by Mat

Happy New Year Nitromians!

we are not yet back in the office but we thought it would be good to use the time to cover some of the pixel art we have missed!

we always love it when fans come up with something a little different based on our work and we feel this qualifies nicely. Jeferson Damasceno Lima must have spent many hours adding full colour to our 2.0 Skin!You can see the full image on his account here.

Along with this he also recoloured the original classic skin that you can see here.

It raises an interesting question about our skins that we constantly struggle with at Nitrome. Do we go full colour aka the Party skin or does the busyness of that make the site ugly or harder to use? Should we go more minimal? Or is the variety of approaches the way to go letting the user just pick their preference?

Either way I think we can all agree that it is pretty cool seeing these images in full colour!

by Mat

Wiki Collaboration

Hi Nitromians,

Recently I have been talking to the folks at the Nitrome Wiki about potentially giving them their own section within the blog.

The Nitrome Wiki for those who don't know is a very extensive resource built up by loyal Nitrome fans about everything to do with Nitrome. There is literally everything you could ever want to know about Nitrome there and we actually use it ourselves at Nitrome to find things out sometimes as it is quicker than looking it up in our own resources!

This collaboration is being discussed between myself and Wiki member Nobody who a lot of you will know from all his blog comments. He is discussing with the rest of the wiki team what sort of topics they might cover so I thought I would open it …



Hi Nitromians,

this weeks Pixel love and the final one of 2013 is run and gun game Blitzer by SilverGames. The games mechanic replies heavily on shooting downwards to help with jumping. It's a highly playable little romp and we felt the sprites reminded us of Vlambeer of Super Crate Box fame....which means they are really nice :)

We hope you enjoy the game and well be back in the office next week to find another pixel love for you all to enjoy!

you can play the game here.

by Mat

More Nitrome Mobile!

Hi Nitromians,

for a long time now Nitrome have been experimenting with mobile. From the very beginning we were experimenting with unreleased mobile Chick Flick, there was the long time halted Super Feed Me and finally our Touchy app followed by our first finished mobile game Icebreaker. We're still going with Icebreaker on porting and updates but a few of you will recall that back before Icebreaker was released we also teased a top secret project on the mobile page at 25% complete.

When Rovio got involved as publisher of Icebreaker we needed more people on the team so that project was also put on hold while we finished it.

We did however have another team start work on a different game and they have since before the launch o…


Hi Nitromians,

when we did the last memory lane about Chick Flick a few of you asked to see the original art so they could see how it had changed. Well that was the original plan but was left out due to Mat being off at the time and him not mentioning it in the notes...doh!

So this is a small update to that to show you the original art. As you can see it is much the same as how it turned out in vectors which is not surprising given that it was the same artists working on both but you can clearly see the pixels in the original phone versions much smaller screen.

A few of you also asked to see the original video we made to show it off. We hunted high and low to find it in all our old back ups but unfortunately could not find it…

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