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We're excited to announce that Markus and Heather have been busy on a little update to the already very full-featured Twin Shot 2... and it's a freebie so you won't have to pay anything :)

We've added a selection of player skins to decorate your characters with. There are 5 of them: Demon, Shadow, Ghost, Statue and Tiger!

To get them all you have to do is sign up for a free MochiGames account, log in and then click on "store" in the game to download it. Please note: as with most Flash content you may need to clear your browser cache for the update to take effect.

Also worth mentioning is that if you sign up for a MochiGames account you will be able to play your game on any computer and still be able to access your unlocked levels - double bonus!

That's it go and play with your new characters! Hopefully MochiCoins will allow us to do even more cool stuff like this in the future :)

by Mat

It's live and you can go and play it now: Twin Shot 2: Good and Evil

There are 50 Good levels to get through as well as some additional bonus levels you can find when you end a level with the Bonus powerup. Speaking of powerups you will want to try the new ones such as love arrows (which can be very infectious!). There are also a load of new monsters and traps to get firing at. Give the flying clouds a whirl... but watch out as the enemies can get in them too! There is a big boss battle at the end of the game so get your arrows ready for action!

If you like the Good levels (or if you finish them all and want more) in a first for our games you can actually purchase some more levels (a lot of people have requested this in the past…


Twin Shot 2: Trailers

Twin Shot 2 is going to be released fairly soon so as a final update before the release we thought we would share some trailers with you:

Good Trailer
Evil Trailer
Cheats n' Treats Trailer

by Mat

Drumroll please... time to reveal the second pay-for element that will be available in Twin Shot 2: Good and Evil. For a small fee you will have access to a series of super-cool cheats n' treats.

Stuck on a level? Simple... skip to the next. Want to make things a little easier? Bang... just add a few more hearts for your character or turn on invincibility for a while. In fact while you're at it why not let your character fly for a while?

But I hear some of you saying: we don't want to make the game easier! Well that's ok we have stuff for you too! How would you like to play as a secret character? Have additional powerups? Make the game harder? Or maybe you just want to find out what fart-mode is?! Also there are some fun new mult…


Time for some more juicy info about our upcoming Twin Shot sequel...

We were recently invited by the talented folk at MochiMedia to be among the first developers to try out their new micro-transaction system called MochiCoins. We are excited to announce that Twin Shot 2 is going to be our first game to include pay-for extras powered by that system.

So what does this mean?

It means that while you will still get the same amount of great free content that you have come to expect from Nitrome, there will also be extra content that can be purchased for those of you who are looking for a little more. MochiCoins should allow us to try new things in our flash games that we otherwise wouldn't be able to condone spending time on so I hope yo…



Ever felt like being the bad guy for a change? In Parasite you're just that... You take on the form of an evil alien space squid creature with intentions of draining planets of their natural resources. Perhaps an important message to be learned here?

Despite your evil-ness you are actually quite a vulnerable creature... luckily the inhabitants on this particular planet are useful so you should be able to attach yourself to them and, with a little bit of space slime, take control of their movement and exploit their unique abilities to get through each level.

Click here to play Parasite!

by Mat

Twin Shot Sequel

We've been hard at work on our latest Nitrome sequel and now that it is nearly finished we thought we would release a screen-shot to whet your appetite.

The full title for the game will be: Twin Shot 2 - Good and Evil. This shot, if you hadn't already guessed, is from the "good" part of the game.

The game is going through final testing and is likely to be released soon - but if you're lucky we might reveal some more details in the blog over the next few days :)

by Mat

Fan Arts and Crafts

Here is a quick update of what you guys out there have been sending in:

This amazing picture shows what a Square Meal troll would look like if it was made out of wool! Thanks to Judy for sending in this picture of the troll which she crocheted herself! We all think it looks very cute!

Ivan sent in some printed pictures of Feed Me and Skywire which we think look really stylish!

Simon sent in a picture of what an xbox cover of our games might look like. You can also see it in action here. We thought this looked really cool.... maybe one day!

There are some comics sent in by Tim of Icebreaker and Final Ninja which we found amusing.

Finally, Mauro sent in some Nitrome inspired characters that he created. He describes them on his blog here (Italian with English translation).

As usual thanks to everyone for all of the effort they have gone to!

We're hoping to have some exciting game preview news next week so stay tuned!

by Heather

Castle Corp

Castleware doesn't pay what it used to... decorative shields, flags and drapes sales are all down this quarter. The competition is undercutting us every chance they get. There's only one thing for it... ready the troops for battle!

In Castle Corp send your knights along the castle pathways and fire them off towards the enemy. Pick up gold to spend on upgrades in the shop. Overpower the enemy and save the corporation!

Play Castle Corp.

by Mat

Double Edged

Do you like swords? Do you like the myths and monsters of Ancient Greece? Do you like to wear sandals? If your answer is yes to any of the above then you will probably like our latest release: Double Edged.

This is Nitrome's take on the classic side-scrolling beat 'em up games of the '80s. Featuring three different themes, six bosses and the option to play by yourself or with a friend there should be plenty to keep you entertained.

Play Double Edged.

by Mat


This game is all about rabbit droppings.... ahem! ...I mean rabbit dropping!

Hurl the lanky-eared bunny droplets to their likely doom in the hope of scoring enough points to get to the next level! Click to raise and lower their ears to adjust the speed of their descent.

Please note that no real bunnies were harmed in the making of this game... just pixel ones.... (not really).

Click here to play Droplets

by Mat

Cosmic Cannon

A few of you might have noticed we haven't had a game up for a little longer than usual.......thanks for all the emails :) Although we actually had a game ready that was intended to be launched we agreed with the games sponsor that it would be better positioned for a particular event later in the year so it has been held back. The eagle-eyed amongst you may even be able to take a guess as to some of the games contents and the event from the latest skin!

Fear not however as we have some great new games that should be ready for release really soon now so your not going to waiting long for your next hot games fix. To tide you over until then we felt it was about time we launched a new minigame to test your high score skills :) This …



Some of you might have noticed that we have just launched a new game: Powerup

Create a circuit between the two robot heads using the metal blocks. When you create a circuit the electricity can flow from one to the other. Use your balancing skills and try not to let the blocks topple over!

by Mat

We sometimes receive artwork and letters from you guys in the post. This picture shows a figurine that was sent in to us by Barrett - as you can see it's one of the pirates from Mutiny made out of clay! We were very impressed when that turned up!

We decided to get a noticeboard in the office so that we could display all of your letters and drawings: you can check out a picture of it here.

Thanks very much to everyone who has sent things in - it certainly brightens up the office!

by Heather

More Fan Art

Here's a quick roundup of some of the fan artwork that has been sent in to us recently...

The image to the right is a picture of Toxic by Eli created only using text! Just stand back and look at it if you can't see it straight away!

There are some images of Twinshot, Flipside and Jack Frost by Larissa.

And some images of Icebreaker and Hot Air by Fan.

Finally there are some spot the difference games created by Maciek out of some of our game artwork:
Dirk Valentine (14 differences)
Off The Rails (12 differences)
Rustyard (10 differences)

See if you can spot them!

Thanks for sending those in! Right that's it.... we have to get on with making some new games!

by Mat

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