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New Site Skin!

For those of you who haven't already noticed we have uploaded a new site skin today called Factory. Go to the Skins page to configure your site skin preferences!

by Heather

Tiny Castle

Help the knight battle through monsters and traps on his quest to find the princess in our latest game... Tiny Castle. Watch out though! the mysterious castle changes as you progress through it... everything is not what it seems. Can you reach the princess?

by Heather

Lego Nitrome

We've been sent a selection of Nitrome-inspired lego characters and videos recently and we thought we would share them with you!

Michael sent in the following pictures of some characters from Hot Air 2 and Flipside:

Baron Von Blimp
Big Mouth
Big Daddy
Pink Balloon
Flipside Car

Raphy sent in this picture of one of the rabbits from Droplets again made with lego bricks:

Droplet Rabbit

And finally Joseph has made an epic movie showing his interpretation of the Final Ninja story (if it was made in lego!):

Lego Final Ninja Trailer
Lego Final Ninja Part 1
Lego Final Ninja Part 2
Lego Final Ninja Part 3

Thanks for sending these in!

by Heather

Blast RPG

We have a new game for you today: Blast RPG

Fire yourself from the cannon and try to get as far as you can, battling enemies and upgrading your abilities as you go along!

Have fun!

by Heather

Rustyard Wins!

We're pleased to announce that Rustyard has won the award for Best Puzzle Game at the Flash Gaming Summit Mochi's Awards!

Mat and Jon were there to pick up the award on behalf of the rest of the team: well done to Markus, Chris and Lee!

by Heather

Super Feed Me

We're very excited to share with you a sneak peek of our new iPhone game: Super Feed Me which we've been working on for the past six months!

Go to to watch the trailer.

The game should be released later in the year for iPhone and iPod Touch.

More information coming soon!

by Heather

Mat and Jon of Nitrome will be doing a talk at the Flash Gaming Summit on the 8th March in San Francisco. The talk is titled: From Bedroom to Medium Sized Office: The Nitrome Story. We're thrilled to be invited to this event and we look forward to meeting other Flash game developers there!

We will also be attending the Game Developers Conference which runs directly after the Flash Gaming Summit. If anyone would like to set up a meeting with us please email

by Mat

Rustyard has been nominated for an award in the Mochis at the Flash Gaming Summit 2010 which takes place on March 8th in San Francisco! You can vote for your favourite game out of all the nominations in the People's Choice Award... vote Rustyard now!

by Heather

Skywire VIP

Guess the names of the famous faces riding along in the cable cars in Skywire VIP.

Back when we made the original Skywire we had lots of emails guessing at who the little people in the cable cars were supposed to be. We liked this and so we expanded the selection of characters in Skywire 2 which we got even more email guesses about!

We actually made this mini-quiz in December 2008 when we started drawing lots of characters for a potential Skywire sequel. Although we haven't got round to making a Skywire 3 (yet) we thought it would be quite fun to incorporate them all into a quiz so that you could all see them and try to guess who they are supposed to be.

Have fun!

by Mat

Rubble Trouble

We hope the updates to Icebreaker: The Gathering and B.C. Bow Contest have kept everyone busy so far in January. We are pleased to announce that we now have a brand new game...

Help the workmen demolish old abandoned buildings in Rubble Trouble. Use the mouse to select a tool and try to destroy each building to reach the target amount for each level.

by Mat

Icebreaker wins award!

We're very pleased to announce that Icebreaker has been voted Best Physics game of 2009 on Jay Is Games!

Thanks very much to everyone who voted!

by Mat

Tar Cup Open!

After taking a break over December the cavemen are back, and they've found a new location to hold a bow contest!

This time they are playing over a tar pit! The tar is full of dinosaurs who have got themselves stuck and can't get out. Be careful not to let your arrows fall into the tar or they'll go the way of the dinosaurs too (and lose you points).

Click here to play B.C. Bow Contest.

by Mat

Icebreaker Fix

Just a short post to let you know that we have made a slight adjustment to Icebreaker: The Gathering to prevent the "game complete" screen from coming up after the end of each clan after you have completed all of the levels. The fix will allow you to carry on with the next clan at this point and thus achieve a higher score.

by Mat

Hunter Clan

In the fifth instalment of Icebreaker: The Gathering we meet the Hunter Clan. What are their fur hats made of? Help them rescue all of their clan and watch out for a weird new type of rock that allows you to add in pins to hold it steady. Using this in combination with your power to slice the ice you should be able to help our viking friends escape the frozen perils of the glaciers and get back to their longboat.

Click here to play the game!

by Mat

We've just found out that we've been nominated in several categories in Jay Is Games Best Of Casual Gameplay 2009. The games nominated are: Cave Chaos (action or arcade),Double Edged (action or arcade), Flash Cat (action or arcade), Icebreaker (physics), Final Ninja Zero (platform), Twin Shot 2 (platform), Graveyard Shift (shooter) and Castle Corp (tactical or strategy).

Click here to go to the site and vote for your favourite games of 2009.

by Mat

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