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Super Treadmill

Apologies for the late news,

So for those of you out here who solely watch our blog for the latest game releases then you're in for a treat.

Super Treadmill, our latest game ported over from our dusty old Enjoyment system (With glitches still intact).

Help Billy in his quest for stardom, in this jam packed action retro platformer. Only you can defeat his crazed 'Uncle Rico'.....Ahh this one brings back fond memories for me.

You can find a link to the game here.
Play the Game!

More updates coming really soon. Enjoy!!


by Jon

Bad Ice-Cream

Hey Nitrome fans,

Hurray!!! Xmas is just around the corner. So to get you in the spirit we have been hard at work trying to "wrap up" a delicious winter themed treat for you all to take a lick of.

Test your skills with the baddest whippy's on the block. Play as Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry and breeze your way through 40 chilling levels.

Defend against enemies by creating and destroying walls of ice. Why not try and beat it with a friend in 2player Co-op mode? (whoever gets the biggest fruit salad wins the point)
Have fun!!
Play The Game!

by Jon

Nitrome Game Releases

Hello fans,

It's been a while to say the least! Since our last blog we're proud to say we've released 4 games... yes you heard it right! Squawk, Temple Glider, Sky Serpents and Enemy 585. Apologies for the lack of blog updates of late, we have been incredibly busy moving office and working on an update for the Nitrome website... more to come on that. We hope you have enjoyed playing our latest efforts. You'll be pleased to know that we have much more to come!

by Aaron

Nitrome Towers

So whilst designing and programming, all of us at Nitrome have doubled up as removal men! We're all happy to say that we have moved to a fantastic new office in the center of London. Here Nitrome can grow to our heart's content.

The office move is just the beginning... our website is now under reconstruction, this means we will be able to bring you new exciting features and content in the future. We have loads of ideas that we want to implement, so our new web developer has certainly got his hands full! But it does mean that we will be able to realise many of your requests for the website.

by Mat

During our move we uncovered our original flagship product. The 1984 Nitrome Enjoyment System is having dust blown off it from the attic! We are currently trying to port some of our old games which were written in INTERCAL. Watch this space for some awesome gaming action. (Nitrome glove not included.)

Check out the images below:

Original Nitrome Enjoyment System Box
Promotional Poster 1
Promotional Poster 2

by Mat

Edge: This is an unashamed love-letter to a mostly forgotten genre, about as addictive as the best and rendered in a cute, pixel prominent style.This is part of how our Bullet Head game was described in the Internet Game of the monthcategory of one of our favourite UK gaming publications

Incidentally we saw this because we actually do get the magazine rather than getting told which leads us to think there may be things we appear in that we don't see! We hate the thought of this so please if you do see us in the press do drop us an email and let us know with a scan if possible of the article

by Mat

Blog Issues

You may have noticed a lack of activity in the blog of late or indeed a few technical hiccups. We hope we are on top of it now and to celebrate this feat we decided to launch a bunch of updates all at once covering some things we have missed over that period!

by Mat

Gamespy Article

We are a little late on this one so hopefully some of you will already have seen this but we had a very nice article written about us for Gamespy which Mat was also interviewed for. It covers a bit about how we work aswell as how we have grown since we started. It should be an interesting read for any die hard Nitrome fans out there! Check it out here

by Mat

Mystery Game!

I'm sure a lot of you may have noticed and some of you have emailed us about a drought in Nitrome's productivity of late. Well just to put your minds at rest we are not on holiday and we have all been working very hard! We currently have lots of great games both finished and at various stages of production and some of them will be released shortly.

While you wait for the first of them we thought we would wet your appetite with a tease at something we have in the pipeline. We're not going to spoil it by giving away many details but this particular game is strategy based and has been in production for a fair amount longer than our average game so you should hopefully find it extra special!

by Jon

Gamasutra Interview

The lovely folk at Gamasutra are doing a series of interviews with notable independent game developers and it seems we are considered just that as we got asked to be one of them!

The interview with Mat covers topics from our inspirations and how we come up with our ideas to the importance of our community and our future. If you're curious about any of those or just like following any link presented to you then you can find the article here

by Aaron

Worm Food

The worm giant is hungry and it craves for the tiny villagers. Control this behemoth in our latest game and stuff yourself in 20 levels filled with villagers, giant birds, giant fish and more!

Play Worm Food!

by Markus


What do you get if you cross a rabbit with a frog?


In our latest game you have to bounce your way to freedom as a half-rabbit half-frog created by the evil Dr Siamese. Use the arrow keys to turn and bounce around the levels.

by Mat

Fault Line

Fault Line is our latest game - released today!

Click and drag to join the nodes and literally fold sections of the level away. Use the folds to navigate your way through each level and get to the end!

Click here to play Fault Line!

by Mat


Control our two gun headed heroes in their efforts to defend their home planet from the hostile oncoming alien invaders in Bullethead!

Run left and right to avoid their attacks and shoot back to destroy the enemies before they get too close.

by Mat

Super Toxic!

check out this super cool image we were sent in by Francisco Collado from Argentina! It was actually part of an animation that showed the normal toxic sprite transfroming into this super beefed up version! Scary but brilliant!

UPDATE: We have since learned that this image was actually not created by Francisco Collado at all. This image was actually created by Dan Fessler and is actually nothing to do with Toxic. Unfortunately we had no idea this was the case so apologies for the mistake. Dan happens to be a very talented pixel artist in the US and if you're intereted in his work you can check out more of it here.

by Mat

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