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Red Clan

The Red-Heads are back in part four of our Icebreaker: The Gathering levels. The Red Clan have gotten themselves into a bit of bother with a new level element: metal chains. These chains steadily hold objects together but they can't be cut through so you must use your puzzle-solving skills to figure out how to get the Reds to safety!

by Mat

Nitrome on Facebook

You can now find Nitrome on Facebook. We will be using this to send updates about our games and other Nitrome-related news. You may also post comments and suggestions for Nitrome here too. We of course appreciate all of your feedback and this is another way to let us know what you think about the games and get in touch with your ideas. If it is popular we will add more features! Click here for the Nitrome page on Facebook.

Anyway I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and we will be back with another set of levels for Icebreaker: The Gathering on the 4th of January!

by Heather

The Raven Clan

We now have part 3 of the Icebreaker: The Gathering levels available for you to play! In part 3 in a nod to a fan suggestion we meet the Raven Clan... a dark and mysterious tribe from the south. Fearsome warriors, these feisty vikings must face an unusual adversary... bouncy moss! Help them bounce their ...way to victory by saving the clan and returning them to their captain on the ship.

by Mat


Sledge your way down the mountain trying not to get caught by the wall of snow in Avalanche: A Penguin Adventure. Avoid obstacles and try to maintain the momentum as you slip and slide down the snowy peaks.

Play Avalanche now!

by Jon

First Clan

Part two of Icebreaker: The Gathering has been opened up today. In this chapter we see a return of the clan from the very first Icebreaker. The first clan have a new element that they must face: items which move on rails!

There are eight new levels for you to play. Stay tuned for a new level pack next week!

by Mat

Breaking The Ice...

We have a very special sneak peek of an upcoming sequel to one of last year's most popular games: Icebreaker!

Packed full of exciting new elements and new viking clans there will be 40 new levels for you to solve.

If you can't wait then why not play Icebreaker or Icebreaker: The Red Clan again to get some practice in!

Coming very soon...

by Heather

New Snowman Skin!

For those of you who haven't already noticed... we launched a new skin for the site yesterday to tie in with the festive season.

Depending on your browser settings you may need to hit "refresh" to get it to show, or you might need to go to the Skins page and select it if you have not got "always show the newest skin" selected in your settings.

The are more Winter Games coming soon - we've also set up a handy page here for you to see all of the winter games we have made so far.

by Mat

Cold Storage

The first of this years winter games.... Cold Storage has been released today!

You play as a yeti who has unfortunately been captured by a giant and thrown into his deep-freeze larder cave to save for a later date... You have to escape the cave-freezer by jumping and swinging on the metal hanging poles that the giant uses to store his other foodstuffs.

Can you get to the top of the freezer? Click here to play the game.

by Heather

B.C. Bow Contest

Check out our second MochiCoin enabled game: B.C. Bow Contest!

This game will have you firing arrows in a prehistoric game of archery. Compete against rival cavemen (and cavewomen) to beat each cup. There are 4 cups to get you started: Beginners Cup, Rock Cup, Balloon Cup and Bone Cup. Each has between 3 to 5 rounds and you can play all of them against easy medium or hard characters! We have a fifth cup coming soon and more to follow.

Win new types of arrow for beating each cup and use them to help you win the rounds or even against a friend in 2-player mode. There are also some special Premium Arrows which you can buy using your MochiCoins account. There are a few freebies just for logging in (plus this feature will keep your save data between computers too!)

Finally for those of you who liked the Cheats n' Treats from Twin Shot 2 we've also made a selection here.

Anyway here's the trailer (with a sneak peak of the next cup) or you can just go and play it now here!

by Mat

Graveyard Shift

Welcome to the worst job on the planet... You've been given the Graveyard Shift... and it means just that! It's your job to protect the public from the monsters and ghouls that come alive each night in the graveyard.

Battle your way thorugh hordes of undead zombies... watch out for killer insects and poisonous plants. Use your shield to block attacks from the creepy monsters and use a variety of weapons to fight back.

Happy Halloween!

by Mat

Cave Chaos

It's been a while.... but we finally have a new game to share with you. Cave Chaos (originally called 'Rock Bottom' before a last minute change) takes you deep underground to a hidden world where the creatures have been deprived of sunlight for centuries. You must try to escape this subterranean eco-system before the rocks come crashing down around you! Time is of the essence in this cavernous platformer so get moving!

Click here to explore the underground in Cave Chaos

by Mat


A new star is born and your task is to guide it with star dust to collect the galactic keys on each level. Watch out as you don't have full control over your little baby star... it has a mind of its own and if left will glide off in the direction you left it causing chaos around the galaxy!

Will you be the next super-star?!

Click here to play Nebula

by Mat


miaow! Nitrome's at it again with another kitty cat game... I'm more of a dog person myself, but others here clearly have an unhealthty obsession.

Get your mouse (the computer kind, not the cat chased variety) and ready, aim... fire!

Stick to gooey surfaces to aim again, ricochet off other surfaces but be careful not to cat-a-pult yourself into danger... that would be a cat-astrophe!

Make sure to go the right milky way and you'll soon be the cat who gets the cream!

by Heather

Did anyone ever wonder what Double Edged would look like if it was mixed with the movie "300"? Well Maciek obviously did as you can see from this picture:

Double Edged - 300

Maciek also sent in a new idea/image for our Ice Breaker game:

Ice Breaker: Clan of the Raven

Also this month we have been sent an image of a Nitrome Monopoly board game by Chalsey which we think looks much more interesting than the normal version of the game!

Also after seeing the clay Toxic model by Conal that we featured in the blog back in March, Jenny has created a Toxic Claymation animation showing the yellow guy from Toxic battling with a lot of green Toxic goo! We would love to show you this video but the filesize was too large to feature on the website (…


Nitrome: The Movie?

We got a package delivered to the office last week containing a DVD called "Nitrome: The Movie". It was sent in to us by Maciej who has hand animated and built a 20 minute long story about some characters from the Nitrome games who go on a mission to rescue the rest of the residents from Nitrome City after they are captured by the evil Baron Von Blimp!

You can see some screenshots from the movie here:

Nitrome Movie 1
Nitrome Movie 2
Nitrome Movie 3

Unfortunately we weren't able to put the movie on the blog because the filesize was too large to put on our web server.... However we thought this deserved its own blog post as Maciej obviously put a lot of effort into making the movie!

by Heather

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