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A lot of you have been asking what happened to our Strategy game that we posted about in the blog and on Facebook. It has been a long time in the making….a lot longer than we would normally or should probably take in making a flash game so that’s why you haven’t heard much. It is now almost ready though and even has a name now: Steamlands! 

We still have to have some thorough play testing to find as many bugs as possible before the release but in the meantime, we have put together a little video to wet your appetite and give you a better idea of what is coming!

by Mat

Future Blog Comments!

A lot of people have commented on the new blog saying that we should add the ability to comment! It is something we plan to add and we have been working on it but it ties into some other areas we are developing, and we were unable to add it into the initial launch.

You can see a preview of how we intend the comments to look here. Although once this is implemented you will be able to directly comment for the meantime you can still send your feedback though to our facebook, twitter or our fans email.

Check the contact page for more information.

by Mat

Chisel Sequel Preview!

Check out the first shot of our upcoming sequel to our Chisel game!
Click Here for Full Image
We have completely rewritten the engine from scratch to make way for some very exciting new features!

The original engine allowed for quite limited shapes, so for the follow up we have put a lot of effort into expanding the shapes that are possible this time round. We can pretty much make any shape we like and on top of that, have added the ability to have holes and even multiple shapes!

Multiple shapes you say! But how will that work….how would you get from one shape to the other?

Stay tuned answers soon!

by Mat

Friday Update

That’s it for another hot week of blog updates!

We will be updating the blog again every day next week so come back for some exciting new stuff including upcoming blog features, another page redesign and more on the upcoming strategy game that we haven’t talked about for a while!

by Mat

Fan made Nitrome Skin!

We get sent loads of fan art which makes it a shame that we haven’t been posting much of it of late. With the new Blog system in place now though it is a lot easier for us to post so we hope to rectify that and post fan pieces much more often.

This week a very talented fan who goes by the name of Vladimir Juraš or BOBA7SK has spent a lot of time designing a whole new site skin! The theme here seems to be that all the Nitrome characters are very small…
..almost Skywire small in some cases!

Click here to view the tile image in full size!
Skin button and Menu image!

Vladimir we're proud to say is a pretty avid Nitrome fan and this is just the latest of his
many fan creations.

If you have any fan art you have made about Nitrome please do send it in! We love everything we get sent especially if it is our work applied to something we have never seen before. We will feature the best, most striking and most unusual pieces in our blog so stay tuned for another in about a weeks time!

by Mat


Some of you may remember last year at one point we mentioned we had some sequels in the works and we have seen some comments in forums commenting on the lack of them appearing before Christmas… know who you are :)

Well they may be a little late and some of them may have even got put on hold last year but we have two of them still in production here at the moment and one of them we will be telling you a little more about in a preview very soon!

We do know you all want sequels to your favourite games and we do enjoy making them so there will always be more on the way but we also have lots of new ideas that we want to get out there and with over 80 games already developed we are never going to manage to work on everyone’s favourite!

The best games will usually get sequels at some point though so be patient as good things come to those who wait :)

by Mat

Hot on the heels of our screenshot the other day we have our next new game release
Test Subject Blue!
You play as a blob trapped in a glass labyrinth…..why? Well it’s some kind of Lab experiment!

The core mechanic in the game involves wrapping. Remember when you played old arcade games like bubble bobble or more recently our Twinshot games and you go off one edge of the screen only to come back on the other side?

Well it’s kind of like that only taken further…..these ‘wrappers’ can be within the screen which leads to some much more head scratching problems.

To aid you on getting to the end of each test you have a handy shooter which fires small projectiles which you can use to take out enemies and trigger switches….watch out though that you don’t have them wrap and hit yourself!

You can play the game here

Also be sure to use our new Facebook and Twitter links to Share and Tweet the news to your friends and followers

by Mat

What do we call you?

Hey, Fans, Guys/Gals, Nitromians, Dudes, stalkers, Internets...

So we were wondering what we should call you all?

Post your suggestions on our official Facebook page or on our official Twitter page

The best/funniest one may or may not get used

by Jon

Facebook Update

Those who have followed our blog for a while will know we do actually already have a Facebook page. Much like our Twitter page however we have just given it a new graphical makeover featuring several characters ‘profile pictures’!

We now have Facebook tied more closely with our site so if you want to keep up to date with the latest Nitrome news then do go to our page and like it. Also please do use the share link below to let your friends know about Nitrome!

Click Here to View

by Mat

Blog Fixes

Hi Everyone!,
I've been busy fixing issues with our new blog system. The main issues that I have fixed are:

Linking to and sharing our posts in the article page
The Internet Explorer 'hidden older/scrolling buttons'
Page Loading has now been made cleaner
Fixed some file loading errors.
I have also cleaned up some of the style code.
It fades in... which is nice :)

If you find any difficulties while using our blog - please contact us and let us know, I will fix the issues when we find them!

by Tom


Nitrome has finally joined the digital age of communication and have decided it is time for us to Tweet! From now on all of our blog posts and perhaps some other things too will also be arriving in shortened tweet speak!

To highlight this event we have taken a little of our pixel magic and applied it to our Twitter page which now features bird characters from several of our games….tweet….birds get it? Click here to check it out and sign up. Also please do click the tweet link below to let your followers know about Nitrome

by Mat

New Blog!

Welcome to our new Blog! It has been completely rewritten from the ground up by our uber clever web developer Tom! This is the first new feature to go live from Tom but there is plenty more to come in the future so stay tuned for more info!

Ok features, features, features….

The first thing you should notice is the new super wizzy bouncy scrolling system! We have ditched the old side scroller of yesteryear in favour of something much more iphone/touchpad inspired… aren’t we all high tech and fashionable!

There are some other ways to scroll too! If you have a mouse wheel you can still use that and for those of you who don’t want to use the mouse we have even made the up and down arrow keys scroll the screen as well. Finall…


You heard correctly! In order to get you all to use the blog that Tom has lovingly put together we decided we should actually put some more regular content in it! The new blog is much easier for us to update than the old system so it makes it a lot easier for us to share things with you. Hopefully this will be an ongoing thing but as of now and for the next 4 weeks (Mon – Friday) we will have a new blog post every day!

We have some very cool things planned to share with you next week including another very exciting preview, a long overdue fans update, some cool Facebook and Twitter news and if that weren’t enough you may even get our next game release

by Mat

Check out a screen shot from our game that is set for release very, very soon! The game has you playing as a lab experiment that has to find his way through the lab test to progress each level using a special mechanic that we won’t ruin for the moment!

We will have more previews soon including more on our allusive Strategy game we showed a shot of a while back!

by Mat

Hey fans,

Just a quick update for you all on the jay is games best of 2010 game results.

Drum roll..............
We are proud to announce that we won the 'best Platformer category' with our game Faultline. Hurray! this is one of my personal favorites

So for those of you who missed it or fancied seeing what all the fuss is about, then check out the link below.

Click to Play


by Jon

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