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Gamespy Article

We are a little late on this one so hopefully some of you will already have seen this but we had a very nice article written about us for Gamespy which Mat was also interviewed for. It covers a bit about how we work aswell as how we have grown since we started. It should be an interesting read for any die hard Nitrome fans out there! Check it out here

by Mat

Mystery Game!

I'm sure a lot of you may have noticed and some of you have emailed us about a drought in Nitrome's productivity of late. Well just to put your minds at rest we are not on holiday and we have all been working very hard! We currently have lots of great games both finished and at various stages of production and some of them will be released shortly.

While you wait for the first of them we thought we would wet your appetite with a tease at something we have in the pipeline. We're not going to spoil it by giving away many details but this particular game is strategy based and has been in production for a fair amount longer than our average game so you should hopefully find it extra special!

by Jon

Gamasutra Interview

The lovely folk at Gamasutra are doing a series of interviews with notable independent game developers and it seems we are considered just that as we got asked to be one of them!

The interview with Mat covers topics from our inspirations and how we come up with our ideas to the importance of our community and our future. If you're curious about any of those or just like following any link presented to you then you can find the article here

by Aaron

Worm Food

The worm giant is hungry and it craves for the tiny villagers. Control this behemoth in our latest game and stuff yourself in 20 levels filled with villagers, giant birds, giant fish and more!

Play Worm Food!

by Markus


What do you get if you cross a rabbit with a frog?


In our latest game you have to bounce your way to freedom as a half-rabbit half-frog created by the evil Dr Siamese. Use the arrow keys to turn and bounce around the levels.

by Mat

Fault Line

Fault Line is our latest game - released today!

Click and drag to join the nodes and literally fold sections of the level away. Use the folds to navigate your way through each level and get to the end!

Click here to play Fault Line!

by Mat


Control our two gun headed heroes in their efforts to defend their home planet from the hostile oncoming alien invaders in Bullethead!

Run left and right to avoid their attacks and shoot back to destroy the enemies before they get too close.

by Mat

Super Toxic!

check out this super cool image we were sent in by Francisco Collado from Argentina! It was actually part of an animation that showed the normal toxic sprite transfroming into this super beefed up version! Scary but brilliant!

UPDATE: We have since learned that this image was actually not created by Francisco Collado at all. This image was actually created by Dan Fessler and is actually nothing to do with Toxic. Unfortunately we had no idea this was the case so apologies for the mistake. Dan happens to be a very talented pixel artist in the US and if you're intereted in his work you can check out more of it here.

by Mat

New Site Skin!

For those of you who haven't already noticed we have uploaded a new site skin today called Factory. Go to the Skins page to configure your site skin preferences!

by Heather

Tiny Castle

Help the knight battle through monsters and traps on his quest to find the princess in our latest game... Tiny Castle. Watch out though! the mysterious castle changes as you progress through it... everything is not what it seems. Can you reach the princess?

by Heather

Lego Nitrome

We've been sent a selection of Nitrome-inspired lego characters and videos recently and we thought we would share them with you!

Michael sent in the following pictures of some characters from Hot Air 2 and Flipside:

Baron Von Blimp
Big Mouth
Big Daddy
Pink Balloon
Flipside Car

Raphy sent in this picture of one of the rabbits from Droplets again made with lego bricks:

Droplet Rabbit

And finally Joseph has made an epic movie showing his interpretation of the Final Ninja story (if it was made in lego!):

Lego Final Ninja Trailer
Lego Final Ninja Part 1
Lego Final Ninja Part 2
Lego Final Ninja Part 3

Thanks for sending these in!

by Heather

Blast RPG

We have a new game for you today: Blast RPG

Fire yourself from the cannon and try to get as far as you can, battling enemies and upgrading your abilities as you go along!

Have fun!

by Heather

Rustyard Wins!

We're pleased to announce that Rustyard has won the award for Best Puzzle Game at the Flash Gaming Summit Mochi's Awards!

Mat and Jon were there to pick up the award on behalf of the rest of the team: well done to Markus, Chris and Lee!

by Heather

Super Feed Me

We're very excited to share with you a sneak peek of our new iPhone game: Super Feed Me which we've been working on for the past six months!

Go to to watch the trailer.

The game should be released later in the year for iPhone and iPod Touch.

More information coming soon!

by Heather

Mat and Jon of Nitrome will be doing a talk at the Flash Gaming Summit on the 8th March in San Francisco. The talk is titled: From Bedroom to Medium Sized Office: The Nitrome Story. We're thrilled to be invited to this event and we look forward to meeting other Flash game developers there!

We will also be attending the Game Developers Conference which runs directly after the Flash Gaming Summit. If anyone would like to set up a meeting with us please email

by Mat

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