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Breaking The Ice

A lot of you have been emailing us with guesses about our mystery game last week: some right, some wrong! We can now reveal that the mystery game is going to be an extension of our Ice Breaker game.

Ice Breaker has proved to be very popular and we got bombarded by requests for more levels - so not wanting to disappoint we got started on a level pack. We couldn't resist adding some more new features though so there's going to be a few surprises along the way. You can see one of them in the image here but I'll leave it to your imagination on what it's showing and how it works!

You won't have long to wait now - we're just going through some final testing! Prepare to slice and dice some ice!

by Mat

Maintenance Works

Ooh look we have a new banner... yay!

Unfortunately it's not for anything that exciting... It's more practical. There are some more interesting categories coming!

This new category in the blog is going to let you know about any maintenance work to the site or games. So for example if we make an update to fix a bug in a game we will let you know here.

Recently a few of you might have noticed that the site has been acting a bit wonky. Our old hosting wasn't really up to the task of serving the games to all of you so we have been swapping over to a new server solution with the friendly folk at Peer 1.

Swapping hosting is never without its problems though and this one has had its fair share of teething problems. It's mostly sorted out …


Mystery Game

What's this I see coming in the near future? It's all hazy and a little bit pixelly...

...It seems to be a follow up to one of those crazy Nitrome games but I wonder which one...

...Oh well I guess we will just have to wait and see what the tide brings in. All will be revealed in time...

by Mat


Welcome to the Glassworks! Here we make all kinds of wonderful things out of glass like windows and........erm.......well actually just windows but we make them in all shapes and sizes!

Take control of bored worker Kapowski in his efforts to reach the top of the Glassworks corporation using his tailor made climbing gloves. Be sure to watch out for work hazards such as machinery and the dreaded bird poop! Manoeuvre round to the other side of the glass if it makes things easier to pass!

Click here to play

by Mat

Mirror Image

Practice your reflection skills in: Mirror Image. In this game you have to help a warlock through the levels by drawing magical lines of reflection to warp him into a new position.

Use the mouse to draw a mirror-line - the warlock will appear on the opposite side of the line... where his reflection would be!

Solve puzzles, avoid the evil shadow demons and try not to fall into the vortex!

by Mat

Best of 2008 awards

We've just noticed that we received a couple of awards from Jay Is Games in their Best Of 2008 feature. We came joint first place in the platform category for Final Ninja, sharing the award with the fantastic Pieces game by Soybean. We also got some Audience Awards for Skywire 2, One Key, and Mutiny so thanks to everyone who voted for us!

by Mat

Twin Shot

Our latest game Twin Shot has just been launched! Use your trusty bow and arrow to defend yourself against the monsters. You can also fire arrows into walls to make platforms that you can walk on and reach higher places to fire from.

Why not buddy up for some two-player action... see how many rounds you can win!

UPDATE: A few people mentioned to us that using the Ctrl key to fire caused problems in some browsers. We have now fixed this issue by allowing the player to use SPACE instead of Ctrl (this works in both 1-player and 2-player game modes)

by Mat

Fire Cup!

For those of you who haven't already noticed... we've now launched the Fire Cup in B.C. Bow Contest!

We've also made a few tweaks to the AI characters so now you shouldn't have to wait as long for them to take their shots. (We put a lot of work into this so hopefully you will see an improvement!)

You will also notice an ad for the next cup within the game which will be released in the not-too-distant future.

by Mat

Nitrome comics

You have been busy... we have received a lot of Nitrome-themed comics sent in by our website visitors. Here are the latest four:

Frost Bite comicby Joseph
Cheese Dreams comicby Tim
Square Meal/Toxic comicby Julieta
Mutiny comicby unknown

Thank-you for sending these in! We appreciate the effort that everyone has gone to!

by Heather

Nitrome Artwork

It's not just comics that people send in. Take a look at this Nitrome Boardgame sent in by Tom, which he made with his two brothers. It's all hand drawn and apparently it took them 2 months to make!! Now that's dedication!

There are some really great illustrations based around a couple of our games here:
Jack Frost Monsters 3 by Indigo 1928
Mountain Climber by Morror

And finally... Emortin (isn't that nitrome backwards?!) has been making some amazing creatures using the videogame Spore - some of which have been based around characters from Nitrome games:

Hot Air creature

Frost Bite 2 creature

Again thanks to everyone for sharing thse with us!

by Heather

Flash Cat

Miaow! Someone here must like cats... because we're back with another feline adventure:Flash Cat!

Ride the bug down the twisty turny tracks and try to get to the end of each course avoiding the perils of the highway! Powerup your bug to be the fastest cat in all the land!

by Mat

Nitrome Nominations

Nitrome have been nominated in several categories on one of our favourite game review sites: Jay Is Games in their Best of 2008 games vote!

The categories we have been nominated in and games are as follows:

Action or Arcade:
Fat Cat

Cheese Dreams
Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam
Final Ninja
Frost Bite 2
Small Fry
Toxic 2

In The Dog House

Simple Idea:

Tactical or Strategy:

Anyway if you want to vote for your favourite games of 2008 then head over to Jay is Games now!

by Mat

Pixel Pop

Keep in rhythm with our poptastic new game: Pixel Pop.

Play through an assortment of wacky scenarios each with its own musical twist. Then use your newly acquired musical powers to beat the mega mix at the end of each stage.

Can you become top of the pops?

by Mat

Breaking the ice...

Happy New Year to everyone - we have another winter game to share with you today: Icebreaker.

It was actually snowing in London this morning so we thought it would be quite appropriate to launch this one today!

Use your mouse to cut through the ice and try to get all of the trapped frozen vikings back to their longboat.

Anyway it's back to work for all of us now... we released 20 games in 2008 - let's see if we can beat that in 2009!

by Heather

Frost Bite 2

As promised our winter sequel is here... Frost Bite 2.

If you hadn't already guessed it's a sequel to our popular winter mountain climber: Frost Bite.

After taking a little holiday ice-skating in Thin Ice we're back to climbing bigger and even more exciting mountains this year.

Don't look down!

by Mat

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