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More Fan Art

A few pieces of fan-art to show you... Check out this image of a Nitrome Racing Car sent in to us by David - created as part of a university project. We were really impressed with how detailed the pictures look!

There is another Nitrome comic (sent in by Julieta):

We have also been sent in these JackFrost inspired images by Ruth Lin:
Jack Frost 1
Jack Frost 2

...And there's some Final Ninja inspired artwork here by Silvre:
Final Ninja

Oh... and there's a winter sequel coming very soon!

by Mat

Site slowdown issues

A few of you might have noticed that the site's running a little bit slow at the moment, particularly at certain times of the day.

Please bear with us - we are trying to get it sorted out as fast as possible!

Basically our current hosting provider has let us down and has moved us onto a system that actually can't cope with the website's demands.

We are in all honesty not experts when it comes to hosting and due to the growing popularity of our site it is now getting a little beyond our current capabilities and we are having to dive into the great unknown!

If anyone out there happens have any suggestions (we're possibly looking for a system administrator well versed in load balancing and cluster servers) and also happens to be in the London area please contact us.

Hopefully the site will be back to normal soon!

by Mat

Toxic 2 Lives!

The waiting is finally over... we are as shocked as you are!

Toxic 2 has been released and you can now play it here.

Anyway we hope you enjoy the game - we have put in a lot of work into this one.

I wonder if anyone out there can find all of the secret hidden levels?!

by Heather


Check out our new topsy-turvy racer Flipside... Drive up walls, along ceilings, over cogs, avoiding giant wrecking balls and killer lasers to get first over the finish line and earn your freedom!

by Mat

Where is Toxic 2!

"When is Toxic 2 going to be released?" "What's going on I've been checking every day for Toxic 2" "Toxic 2 better be great cos you're taking a long time!" "Has Toxic 2 been cancelled?" "You suck... you said Toxic 2 was coming soon!" "Can you bring out Toxic 2 for my birthday?"

These are just some of the many emails we've had about Toxic 2... we do read them :)

We thought it was about time that we gave you all an update on the situation with Toxic 2. The game is finished and has been for a few months... there is nothing left to do on the game. We honestly thought the game would be out by now but it is up to the sponsor, which in this case is MTV. I'm sure they have a plan for a special launch but until then we're just waiting the same as you.

Be patient it is a great game!

by Mat


We have another explosive new game for you:
Bomba - here's our take on the classic mouse avoider game... Explore the caves, collect the stars, avoid enemies and generally cause chaos with the different power-ups!

by Mat


Just in time for Halloween we have:
Numbskull and a new skin for the site! Get the skull to his body by rotating the creepy castle of doom! There are 50 devilish levels to work through - don't lose your head! Happy Halloween!

by Mat

In The Doghouse

Another new game for you today:
In The Doghouse that we made for Miniclip. Ever wondered what the dog gets up to when you're not in the house? Well we did and this is what we found out!

For those of you who are wondering why we've had a lot of games out recently... we're not making them any faster - honest! This game was actually built back in May and Mallet Mania was built in March/April... It sometimes takes a while for them to be released!

by Mat

Mallets Mallet

We launched Mallet Mania last Thursday, again for Miniclip. In this game you take control of an isometric croquet mallet and you have to hit the ball into the hole within a certain number of turns. Sounds easy? It can be harder than you think!

Sorry for the delayed blog entry on this one... we didn't forget - we've just been really busy finishing off Toxic 2. Its very nearly ready so stay tuned!

by Heather

Onekey game!

In our latest game Onekey for Miniclip we challenge the player to progress using only one key: the spacebar! Sounds simple?! You might be surprised at how many ways it can be used!

Help the tribesman get to the end of each level and if you can, pick up the five bonus crystals on each level!


by Heather

Twang wins award!

We're fresh back from the Flash Forward film festival in San Francisco. It was a great event so we recommend all you developers out there check it out.

We're thrilled to announce that we won the People's Choice award for Twang! which we developed for MTV Arcade.

The actual picture here is of us actually going up to accept the award. Thanks to Ada from MochiMedia for the picture - you can see this and other pictures of the event at MochiMedia's Flickr page.

The actual award is a huge orange rubber arrow... strange but cool! Special thanks to everyone who voted for us!

by Mat

More fans artwork...

We have another selection of artwork that people have sent in to us:

Firstly a Toxic Animation by Neal Anderson, who has also recently done this picture of Dirk Valentine which I'm sure you will agree is a great action shot!

We've also had our first 3D rendered image sent in: Mutiny by Matt Eldridge. It's the first level of the game built in Google SketchUp. Thanks to everyone who has been sending in artwork - we will have more soon!

by Mat

YouTube videos

We've noticed that lots of you have been very busy making videos on YouTube... It's always really great to see how much effort people have gone to to make a Nitrome video! Here are a couple of our favourites:

Nitrome Tribute by jaxorama
Toxic Moonwalk by NintendoWiiLuva

We also thought that this one was worth a mention... alfiedabomb tells us how to pronounce Nitrome. Just so you know, he's got it right... it's the first one! (n - eye - trome)

Loads more videos can be found at YouTube if you search for Nitrome. Thanks to everyone who has uploaded videos!

by Heather

Toxic 2 Screenshot 2

We have a second screenshot to show you of the upcoming Toxic 2 game for MTV Arcade. It's coming along well... there's going to be a lot of surprises! Lots of new robots for our yellow-suited hero to discover!

More updates on their way soon!

by Heather

Toxic 2 Screenshot

For you who didn't guess... We can now properly announce that we're working on a sequel to Toxic. Toxic has been one of the most popular games we've done with MTV Arcade and we're thrilled to be making a sequel with them! Although we're still very proud of the original, we think our skills have improved since making it, so the first thing we have done with the game is a complete overhaul of the game engine - making it slicker and more robust.

We're not going to give too much away in this update... but here's an early screenshot to whet your appetite!

by Mat

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Terms of Service & EULA|Privacy Policy|Cookie Policy|DMCA Policy
Terms of Service & EULA|Privacy Policy|Cookie Policy|DMCA Policy
Terms of Service & EULA|Privacy Policy|Cookie Policy|DMCA Policy