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Hi Nitromians,

Dave over at Three Quarter Games has posted an interview with Matthew Annal. Some of the questions relate to Steamlands and there's some pretty interesting info, so if you are interested in that game in particular, I'd recommend you check this out!

Also those curious as to the inner workings of Nitrome, it would also be worth giving this a read. 

Interview: Click Here

by Tom

Edge: The Friday Game

The good taste guide to games that is Edge has highlighted our Steamlands game as their internet game of the week. Needless to say we are thrilled and you can find their article and thoughts here!

by Mat

Kotaku Article

Hey Nitromians,

The nice folks over at Kotaku have highlighed Nitrome in there discussion about Flash games being ripped off on the iphone. For any up and coming Flash/iphone developers it makes for an interesting read.

Kotaku Article: Click Here
Screen Shot: Click Here

by Jon

Reviews Round Up

Hi Nitromians,
Our game Steamlands has had some very impressive feedback round the web and we wanted to do our first reviews round up to show you all what sites have been saying:

Jay is Games: "Steamlands is a phenomenal game that takes aim for a casual browser strategy experience and hits the bullseye dead-on. It's about as perfect as you can get"

Indie Games: "it's rather too easy to lose a good few hours to this latest Nitrome release."

Rock Paper Shotgun: "As previously mentioned, Steamlands looks pretty perfect."

ByteJacker: On ByteJacker we managed to win the best internet game of the week!  

by Mat

Friday Update

It’s Friday again and we are now all heading out for some much deserved end of the week drinks so we will catch you again next week. Next week there will be a NEW GAME! Also look forward to some new info on some of the other games we are working on! Have a great weekend!

by Mat

A few of you mentioned that we didn’t update the blog yesterday. We were a bit busy and never got round to it so sorry about that. It did however cause us to talk a little here about how we feel the blog is going and we have also been listening to your comments on Facebook/Twitter

It can be hard for us to find the time to make a very juicy story for you each day and there is also the need to update with some bits of news that may be less high profile. Our intent was by updating every day that the blog was more interesting but some feedback suggests that if it is not high profile news that it is resented. We think by committing to a post every day that we are feeding expectations that we can’t meet so we have therefore decided…


We have been loving the guessing game that went on over the mystery follow up game we announced earlier. Some of you were wrong but many comments on Facebook,Twitter and through the Fan Email predicted it spot on.

We can now reveal the first shot of our upcoming Rubble Trouble follow up. Give yourselves a well-deserved pat on the back if you guessed correctly on this and stay tuned for more news leading up to the games release.

Full Screen Shot: Click Here

by Mat

Steamlands Update

Hi Nitromians!

We are back from a long weekend and Aaron has released a patch for Steamlands which fixes various elements within the game.

Steamlands Patch 1.01 Highlights:

Added auto-drive out (except on levels with no enemies such as the first level where the player needs to learn the driving skill).

Added a confirmation prompt on Unlock Everything in the Campaign Map Editor.

The game completion animation is now accessible (complete THE PIRATE COMMANDER to view it)

The title now has a version number to help distinguish between cached versions of the game - if you don't see "v 1.01" on the top right of the title screen, you're not playing the latest version.

Play Steamlands

by Tom

Nitrome Concept Art!

Hi Nitromians!

Steve over at quote-un-quote has been very generous and has hosted a page with some more of our Nitrome concept art!

So if you would like to see how Rush or Bad-Ice Cream characters may have looked, concept art for Bullethead or even early work for The Bucket, then head over and check it out!

Concept Art: Click Here

Thanks again Steve!

by Mat

Due to the royal wedding, us folk in the uk have another long weekend... hip hip hooray to our future king and queen!!

see you all on tuesday, have a great weekend!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians!

We have got a brand new preview for you! Do you remember that shot we showed you last month of a certain lovable stretchy dog from our new upcoming N.E.S. game?

Well the name of the game is Silly Sausage and we are now ready to reveal some gameplay footage!

Silly Sausage Video: Click Here

Check back soon for more on this game!

by Tom

Fan Artwork

Hi Nitromians!

We are back! and to kick off our blog for this week we have some great fanart for you! The theme for todays artwork is, well... pixels!

Jyrki from Finland has sent us in four fantastic pieces of pixel art.

Cold Storage: Click Here
Mutiny 2: Click Here
Steamlands: Click Here
The 'iPhone Programmer Guy'!: Click Here

Thanks for these pieces Jyrki, they are awesome!

by Mat

Skywire VIP Fan Art

We have also been given this great piece of art that depicts several characters from our games, characters from other peoples games (and even the beatles!) in tiny little Skywire form!

Skywire Characters: Click Here

Thanks Alexis, this is some great fan artwork!

by Mat

Steamlands Fanart

We have been sent some awesome fan art this week that is very in keeping with the steampunk style!

Myles has made an array of custom weapons, a power generator and a tank!

Click Here

Thanks for the artwork Myles! :D

If you have any fan art you have made about Nitrome please do send it in! We love everything we get sent especially if it is our work applied to something we have never seen before. We will feature the best, most striking and most unusual pieces in our blog so
stay tuned for another in about a weeks time :)

by Tom

Thursday Update!?

Hi Nitromians,

It's a bank holiday weekend, and so, we won't be back until Tuesday! This is why we have decided to do our end of the week round up today!

We hope that you have enjoyed the release of Steamlands and continue to salvage, build and destroy until your hearts content! Also we thought we'd mention that Steamlands has been placed into a 'Free Indie Rapid Fire' competition over at!

If you are enjoying the game, why not vote for Steamlands! :) 

Stay tuned next week as we will be bringing you much more news, gossip and other cool stuff!

Have a great weekend!

by Tom

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