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Friday Update

Well Nitromians, hope you all enjoyed the news this week, we decided to hold off on our second game preview video that we have planned as poor Tom was off ill. So we will have that for you to look forward to next week now!

Also we think it's probably a good time to update you on the new website design progress so we will have more on that and other things too!

Have a great weekend! :D

by Mat

Test Subject Arena

Hi Nitromians!

Today we have a little surprise for you in the form of a spin off to our Test Subject Series (Test Subject Blue & Test Subject Green)… Test Subject Arena! While we were making the second Test Subject game we wondered about the potential for fun in the game with two player.

We decided the game was a little linear to get much extra from making it co-op but as an arena game we felt it could have a lot of potential for fun tactics. We had a little play at the end of making Test Subject Green and it turns out we were right so we fleshed it out into a little spin off release.

WARNING: The game is two player only (no single player mode!). We would have loved to have added single player but the work involved in the AI …


Hi Nitromians,

Wow! there are now over 20,000 of you on our official Facebook page!

We are very pleased to see you all enjoying it over there while contributing to the community! To all of the new Nitromians, Welcome aboard! :D

Thanks to all of you for being part of the Nitrome community!

If you would like to follow us on twitter, Click Here!

by Tom

Office Trap 8-bit

Hi Nitromians,

Here is another preview of Office Trap, this time we bring you the '8-bit' trap! Check out the video for more!

Office Trap '8-bit' Preview: Click Here

by Tom

Hey Nitromians!

Here is the preview that we promised in last weeks 'Friday Update', it's of our upcoming game Office Trap which you might notice is a follow up to our game Knight Trap!

This is a first of a series of sneak peaks we are going to give you of some of the key features... First up, two player! 

Office Trap Preview: Click Here!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians,

Another Nitrome game has been featured in this months issue of Edge... It's Super Treadmill!

We are very happy that the good people at Edge felt our game deserved a mention in their magazine :) According to Edge:

"Super Treadmill is a glorious throwback to the NES days of D-Pad platforming."

Click to Play!

by Mat

Friday Update

Well that's all for this week Nitromians, next week we plan on bringing you a new game, more on Office Trap and possibly another preview!

Have a Great Weekend!

by Mat

Jobs At Nitrome

Hi Nitromians,

You may have noticed that we've put two new Nitrome adverts on our site advertising the positions we have here. We are currently looking for talented iPhone programmers and level builders, if you feel that you meet the requirements, or know of anyone that does, please send in your CV/Resume.

You can find the requirements for the roles on the following pages:

iPhone Programmer: Click Here 
Level Builder: Click Here 

by Tom

CgWorld Article

Hi Nitromians!

We are pleased to say that Nitrome has been featured in this months edition of Creative Graphics World! It's nice to see the word of Nitrome spreading to the other side of the globe!

It might be hard for some readers to find as its only available in China, but it's very nice all the same!

by Jon

The Bucket Fanart!

Hi Nitromians!

We have got a lovely piece of fanart to show you today that is based on our game The Bucket. This Nitromian goes by the alias of 'rukia-senpai' over on deviant art. Thanks for the artwork, it really is great! :D

The Bucket Artwork : Click Here

If you have any fan art you have made about Nitrome please do send it in! We love everything we get sent especially if it is our work applied to something we have never seen before. We will feature the best,
most striking and most unusual pieces in our blog.

by Tom

We have also got a treat for you today! We were planning on revealing cheat codes for Silly Sausage over the next few weeks, but it seems that they have all been found already and posted in forums... wow, that's people power for you! (or maybe a little bit of cheating ;))

Now that they have surfaced, we felt it's better to just reveal all of them with a description of what they do.

NITROME - Turns grabbable tiles into Cuboy and turns the background pink.

MUSCLES - Hard Mode, one hit and you are out!

CHICKEN - Easy mode, you get five hearts.

FLIPPED - Turns the screen upside down and also affects the background!

DOGMEAT - Enemies speed is doubled!

GRANDPA - Enemies speed is halved!

HOTDOGS - Turn gems into hotdogs!

PRESENT - Bone-us! Bones appear randomly on the level

REVERSE - Your controls will become reversed!

POOMODE - ...Play the game and you will find out :) 

Silly Sausage: Click To Play!

Happy gaming!

by Tom

Friday Update

It's Friday Nitromians, there wasn't alot of posts this week, but we tried to post a few today to make amends. Next week we will kick our butts a little more and get some cool preview together to blow you all away!

Have a great weekend!

by Mat

Super Feed Me Update

Hi Nitromians,

Due to overwhelming demand here is an update on the development of our Super Feed Me game in video form.

The video will provide information on the games status aswell as why the game has been in apparent limbo for so long. It also shows more footage of the game for all those just desperate to see more but please be aware it is all mid dev footage so some areas effects and elements do not look as polished as they will in the final game.

We have tried to cover a lot of the questions asked to us but I’m sure there are many that we have still missed and that even more will be generated from this video.

Super Feed Me Update: Click Here

by Mat

Silly Sausage Released!

Thats right Nitromians!

We promised you a game release last Friday and although its a little later than planned due to a few hiccups, here is...

Silly Sausage!

Safely navigate the lovable stretchy dog through the dangers and obstacles that lay ahead! Have you got what it takes? there's only one way to find out!

Click Here To Play!

Also be sure to try and guess the "Game Muscle" codes and watch out for password hints on the blog over the next couple weeks! ;)

by Tom

The Bytejacker Results!

Hi Nitromians!

We recently found out that Test Subject Green has won in Bytejacker's Free Indie Rapid Fire! Hurray! :D

Thank you to all of the Nitromians that voted for us! We are all thrilled here at Nitrome about the result! :)

Bytejacker: Click Here

by Tom

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