Game comments for changeType() :


random story! once there was a squirrel called...

18 Jun, 2017 12:02:03 Report Reply


mutant salad and ...

19 Jun, 2017 13:41:48


then he mutated into...

21 Jun, 2017 03:47:44


jerry and he ate himself because...

21 Jun, 2017 21:28:29


he was hungry and then...

24 Jun, 2017 03:42:09


his family decided to build a pyramid for him. But they was poor, so...

24 Jun, 2017 21:34:19


hi im new

23 Jun, 2017 04:20:47 Report Reply


an avatar at the beginning screen while it is glitching in the bottom right corner

21 Jun, 2017 03:49:13 Report Reply


Hey Nitromians,lets make a campaign to ask Nitrome if they could MAKE A GAMEsimilar to Super Smash Bros but with Nitrome c haracters instead and you can play ONLINE with other people! What do you say? Copy and paste please

17 Jun, 2017 20:39:03 Report Reply


YOUVE STARTED READING THIS. DONT STOP. ITS SO FREAKY. 1. say your name ten times. 2. say your moms name five times. 3. say your crushes name three times. 4. paste this to 4 other groups . if you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest friday. but if you read this and do not paste it, you will have very bad luck.SEND THIS TO 5 OTHER GROUPS IN 143 MINUTES. WHEN YOU ARE DONE, PRESS F6 AND YOUR CRUSHES NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTE

16 Jun, 2017 22:55:37 Report Reply


where is the avator in the game

14 Jun, 2017 07:55:34 Report Reply


its a glitch in the title screen

14 Jun, 2017 15:31:55


On one of the levels I think I saw a little present at the bottom where it says Email and tweet and stuff but when I clicked on it, it said I had already got it which I hadn't.

14 Jun, 2017 16:00:41


RANDOM STORY CHAIN: The once was a Wreslter named

04 Jun, 2017 20:52:27 Report Reply


"I do not regret what I have done." And then the zebra...

08 Jun, 2017 16:15:03


Joined the military and......

08 Jun, 2017 20:04:37

ChaAwesome gaming

became the best solider ever. when world war 3 came around the zebra...

10 Jun, 2017 13:04:40


died. THE End

10 Jun, 2017 22:27:13


well actualy Alex killed him

14 Jun, 2017 07:53:26


Random Story Chain! Once upon a time... a website called nitrome was made. It had many fun games but then... people became aloud to comment... then people started random story chains that were so random it honestly wasn't humorous at all, but then...a man called TheCode456 decided to be the hero andput an end to it. THE END

10 Jun, 2017 22:30:03 Report Reply

mustash smiley

cool story chain bro

11 Jun, 2017 00:19:30



13 Jun, 2017 17:07:32


random story chains are cringy

12 Jun, 2017 20:36:24 Report Reply

zorua gameplays

Story chain: Once there was a hot dog...

12 Jun, 2017 12:18:26 Report Reply


Super ma oh XD

09 Jun, 2017 13:10:13 Report Reply


la wea weon soy chileno

08 Jun, 2017 18:11:12 Report Reply

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