Game comments for Ice Beak :


ho ya you need to um poop nards i frgot agin

22 Oct, 2014 17:54:10 Report Reply


the first thing you need to do to complete the first level is you need to walk through the the um...

22 Oct, 2014 17:52:57 Report Reply


INGLES:Hi, there have been many 'chain letters' going around Nitrome. ( The one that say repost or else bad things will happen to you etc.) Some of you may have seen them, some of you might have even reposted some yourselves because you thought that what was written was true, that it would be cool to do what every else was doing, or maybe you even thought that reposting would be fun. I'm not judging you if you did fall for the old chain-mail trick. However, I am a concerned nitromian that cares about as players. If you want to help stop the lies going around, please repost this. :) P.S. whoever is reading this: you are unique and one of a kind. Don't feel like you have to repost ANYTHING just because everyone else is doing it.

19 Oct, 2014 16:56:37 Report Reply


gracias thank you

19 Oct, 2014 17:09:53


so, can you stop posting now? please?

21 Oct, 2014 16:16:36



22 Oct, 2014 10:21:27



19 Oct, 2014 17:00:35 Report Reply


ESPANISH:Hola , ha habido muchos " cartas en cadena " que circulan Nitrome . ( La que dicen repost o de lo contrario las cosas malas te va a pasar , etc ) Algunos de ustedes las han visto , algunos de ustedes podría haber vuelto a publicar algunos incluso vosotros mismos porque has pensado que lo que estaba escrito era verdad , que sería genial para haces lo que todo lo demás estaba haciendo , o tal vez incluso pensó que el traspaso sería divertido . Yo no te estoy juzgando si lo hizo caer al viejo truco de cota de malla . Sin embargo , soy un nitromian preocupa que se preocupa por como jugadores. Si quieres ayudar a detener las mentiras que circulan , por favor volver a publicar esto. :) P.S. el que lee esto: usted es único y uno de una especie . No se sienta como si tuviera que volver a publicar cualquier cosa sólo porque todo el mundo lo está haciendo .

19 Oct, 2014 16:57:01 Report Reply



19 Oct, 2014 16:59:13


Ganhando conquistas.... u.u

19 Oct, 2014 16:39:27 Report Reply


All hell freezes over.

18 Oct, 2014 17:52:17 Report Reply

im a boss

can sombody be my friend i only have 1

04 Oct, 2014 14:11:59 Report Reply


ok I will

05 Oct, 2014 03:40:57

im a boss

yay thx

05 Oct, 2014 11:35:41


i Will be to

13 Oct, 2014 05:07:38



16 Oct, 2014 21:22:30

Evil Mercenary

when i was a friend with im a boss she he was really creepy she he asked me my name my age and said pleas dont lie dont be friends with her he and by the way she he has more than one friend

18 Oct, 2014 16:42:17


I sent a friend request to "I'm a boss"!

17 Oct, 2014 08:47:08 Report Reply



15 Oct, 2014 21:52:37 Report Reply


i like the style of this game :D

13 Oct, 2014 04:13:03 Report Reply


you know when nitrome releases an icon game and the hater says something like he hates this? the hater doesn't realize he can press the full screen button!

11 Oct, 2014 17:58:20 Report Reply


Hater: I took one second looking at this and I hate it! Normal person: Let me just experiment for a bit an- oh, fullscreen. Time to enjoy a great game.

12 Oct, 2014 01:35:02


hater: only one way to find out! presses full screen button on icon game. hater: hey! I like icon games! Normal person: told ya!

12 Oct, 2014 12:24:45


Hater: Make fullscreen games! I hate icon games!....Hater: Bring back the icon games! These fullscreen games suck!

12 Oct, 2014 13:21:41


normal person: what is wrong with you?

12 Oct, 2014 13:32:39

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