Game comments for Rubble Trouble Moscow :


where is avatar plz tell

03 Aug, 2015 12:00:02 Report Reply


Please help me! I cannot finish lvl 17. I can give information about an avatar in a game.

03 Aug, 2015 08:31:20 Report Reply


Public service announcement: Nitrome made spoilers so that people who wanted to read spoilers could read them and that people who didn't want to read them DON'T HAVE TO!! However, spoilers are used instead to write random dumb messages which are fun to see what they are. If you actually see a spoiler when you are peeking at the messages, it RUINS THE GAME! Please, nitrome gamers, make spoilers be spoilers and only spoilers. Copy and paste this message onto three different games. Spread spoiler awareness. Thank you.

03 Aug, 2015 04:05:06 Report Reply


Anyone notice that the metal 'R' on the title screen in backwards to represent typical Russian language?

31 Jul, 2015 23:07:29 Report Reply


i guess...

01 Aug, 2015 11:44:41


how'd u get that avatar

01 Aug, 2015 11:47:15


I bought Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage on iOS and redeemed the avatars.

02 Aug, 2015 02:43:58



02 Aug, 2015 07:16:13


yes, of course.that letter is pronnounced "ya"

02 Aug, 2015 10:08:55


yep "-"

02 Aug, 2015 05:14:20 Report Reply


Is there a avatar here? If so, can someone please tell me where?

30 Jul, 2015 14:22:13 Report Reply

The Chubbi Bear

It's the gift in Job 11

30 Jul, 2015 15:46:44



31 Jul, 2015 21:44:53


it also in job 9 in the right of the screen

01 Aug, 2015 12:38:48


click the present down at the bottom of the game . bottom right

31 Jul, 2015 19:20:53 Report Reply


i know

01 Aug, 2015 10:03:05


i a lvl or the menu

01 Aug, 2015 11:46:09


Lol jk this isnt a spoiler.....LAALALALALALAHAHAHA

01 Aug, 2015 07:55:15 Report Reply

Nitrome Pvzw


31 Jul, 2015 21:10:25 Report Reply

silly enderdragon121

random story chain?!!?!? once upon a time... there was a unicorn called uni.....

07 Jul, 2015 13:04:07 Report Reply

z mutiny z

and it like to eat pigs...

22 Jul, 2015 12:07:59


where did you get your avatar

27 Jul, 2015 08:03:53

Nature Gaming 8260

so he built a lab and made a sand worm to destroy

27 Jul, 2015 16:47:42


the chickens, and used there dna to make flying pigs...

30 Jul, 2015 23:30:33


That ate her

31 Jul, 2015 02:22:30


random story chain There once was a dog in a small town he wanted a trip arount the world...

28 Apr, 2015 12:21:05 Report Reply


Then the building next to him exploded and sent him straight through the Earth, to the other side

29 Apr, 2015 02:34:03


the dog whas very sad he asked to a cat where he whas

27 Jul, 2015 13:28:33


the cat said that he was in the usa, were he had started

30 Jul, 2015 23:31:36


Though The cat was "special" and in china

31 Jul, 2015 02:21:32


Judging by certain youtube videos this game is an accurate representation of construction projects in Russia

31 Jul, 2015 00:07:00 Report Reply

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