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now nitrome has at least to copys of mario. (enemy 451)

16 Mar, 2018 01:12:15 Report Reply



16 Mar, 2018 01:12:37


it's enemy 585, i just checked

13 Apr, 2018 16:57:27


enemy 515 is not mario its mario with a twist

17 Apr, 2018 01:08:50


lol ikr

25 Apr, 2018 18:52:44


i only know this copy whats the other???

25 Apr, 2018 18:53:15


NANI?!?!?! what is this anime?!

21 Apr, 2018 03:55:51 Report Reply


i hate that game

17 Apr, 2018 00:49:48 Report Reply


undertale more like undersucks tale hah ah

11 Oct, 2017 17:58:11 Report Reply


I dont recall saying that. If i did, it was a mistake.

20 Feb, 2018 02:44:02


NOBODY LIKES UNDERTALE and that isn't just my opinion

22 Feb, 2018 14:02:47


why has this kept going? give it a rest

22 Feb, 2018 23:34:38

mr awesome963

undertale is awesome

23 Feb, 2018 14:02:53



12 Apr, 2018 23:05:58


This game is the Nitrome game with the most glitches. 100% true! Please reply if you found some. I found an interesting one : in level 2, go to the place where, as Xolstar 3, you need to shoot fireballs to burn blocking blocks below. There is a green ghost trapped inside the blocks. Now, do as if you wanted to finish the level normally but without killing the green ghost and wait until it gets inside Xolstar 3 ... see what happens? Strange! And if you wait until it gets out of Xolstar 3, the ghost will crawl inside the walls or in the air! Now, hurry up to the Carrot story place with the flag and the pit with a purple ghost in it and wait ... the green ghost will come??? This was how I knew that a green ghost = a mouse. Yep, it will go into the bomberman place! Finally, wait for the mouse to get out of the game and it will glitch. Multiple glitches in 1! Alternative : kill the green ghost while it is in Xolstar 3 ...

01 Mar, 2018 00:18:14 Report Reply

mr awesome963

It's to make it feel real corrupted

14 Mar, 2018 19:13:53


after finish the level 3, i die by starting level 4

15 Mar, 2018 21:47:48


Me too. also, every time i try to load a level, it loads level 1 instead, meaning that the only way i can get to the level i want is by normally playing through the ENTIRE game

10 Apr, 2018 15:02:12


nitrome is just another influance of nintendo XD (typo idc)

08 Apr, 2018 22:07:07 Report Reply


amazing game!!

04 Apr, 2018 13:25:53 Report Reply


how long has it been since a comment was posted here?

22 Feb, 2018 18:43:43 Report Reply


This game was invented in the 20's, you dumb : even 100 years haven't passed.

03 Mar, 2018 17:42:14

mr awesome963

have you heard of jokes?

03 Mar, 2018 20:46:43


Yes ... oh

04 Mar, 2018 15:29:10


David, you just said this game was made somewhere in the 1920's

19 Mar, 2018 15:14:14


First, it's Daviddj. Second, it was just an example. To know when it was really made, go to nitrome wiki and search '' games by date ''. I should have done this for you, but unfortunately, I'm too lazy : P

19 Mar, 2018 21:04:23


7 in 1 game cart??? I mean, does that even exist?

26 Feb, 2018 01:27:01 Report Reply

mr awesome963


14 Mar, 2018 19:09:32


So, Carrot Story is from Mario, Ninja is from Final Ninja, Nitrometris is from Tetris, Xolstar 3 is from Space Invaders, Smash is from Breakout, Ballon is from Hot Air and Blastman Joe is from Bomberman, right??? Also, sometimes, upon entering a level, a glitch will happen and '' teleport '' you to level 1 or the level you previously entered. I say this for your good! Finally, fun fact : years ago, like in 2016, level 18 was unbeatable because the Carrot Story flag was placed over a ninja barrier that is followed by empty void. However, I noticed it is now fixed. Back in those days, it was one of the multiple ways to get stuck in the void. Did you know that you won't die in the void? Notice that it is still possible to go into the void. Please reply

27 Feb, 2018 22:26:30 Report Reply



03 Mar, 2018 05:58:40


uhhhhh thats long

06 Mar, 2018 01:11:56


Yep, so true.

06 Mar, 2018 16:03:35


yes you are correct and thanks for the fun fact at the end

13 Mar, 2018 02:34:58


What fun fact?

13 Mar, 2018 21:01:33


the rabbit die

12 Mar, 2018 19:34:41 Report Reply


Why are almost all of my comments long? For those who disagree, look at my 2 comments down below.

01 Mar, 2018 22:15:20 Report Reply

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