Game comments for Silly Sausage :

Mc Neil Arriola

the password is present

25 Jul, 2016 10:48:59 Report Reply


all list of passwords NITROME Turns the attachable walls into Cuboy faces and the background pink MUSCLES The player starts with one heart instead of three POOMODE Flatulent sounds will be played and upon moving to other blocks, the stretchy dog will leave poo in its place. GRANDPA Enemies moves at half speed. DOGMEAT Enemies moves at double speed. CHICKEN The player starts with five hearts instead of three HOTDOGS All gems are replaced by hot dogs REVERSE Controls are reversed, for instance, when the "left" key is pressed, the dog will move right instead. FLIPPED Turns level upside-down and changes colour scheme. PRESENT Dog bones will appear slowly around the level, granting 50 points per bone

16 Jul, 2016 18:35:24 Report Reply


Marry me.

22 Jul, 2016 03:42:57


This game is soooo addicting and sooo hard

22 Jul, 2016 01:30:03 Report Reply


I know! I love it

22 Jul, 2016 03:42:14


Is this game even fun?

22 Jul, 2016 01:19:46 Report Reply


put the password nitrome and there are cuboy faces when you enter a level

16 Jul, 2016 18:33:33 Report Reply


i love this game

18 Jul, 2016 11:42:49 Report Reply


i looooooove this game

16 Jul, 2016 13:15:13 Report Reply


Same here!

16 Jul, 2016 13:26:55


random story chain (make it big!) once there was a cat that

27 Dec, 2015 16:35:22 Report Reply


and then turned in to Mr. Robinsons...

07 Jul, 2016 19:45:58


horseshoes.. which the horseshoes were very...

12 Jul, 2016 09:23:47


smelly, the thing after that happened very...

13 Jul, 2016 00:02:50



13 Jul, 2016 10:05:21


then donald trump ate all the mexicans...

16 Jul, 2016 06:22:51


Nitrome, if you're reading this, Please listen. You need to start making browser games again. We Nitromians feel betrayed. Sure, the mobile games are good, but that doesn't mean you have to totally neglect the browser games! Please copy and paste this message to as many games as you can to support browser games

10 Jul, 2016 07:50:21 Report Reply


NITROME - Turns grabbable tiles into Cuboy and turns the background pink. MUSCLES - Hard Mode, one hit and you are out! CHICKEN - Easy mode, you get five hearts. FLIPPED - Turns the screen upside down and also affects the background! DOGMEAT - Enemies speed is doubled! GRANDPA - Enemies speed is halved! HOTDOGS - Turn gems into hotdogs! PRESENT - Bone-us! Bones appear randomly on the level REVERSE - Your controls will become reversed! POOMODE - ...Play the game and you will find out :)

09 Jul, 2016 00:35:43 Report Reply


Go to password and type poomode then play!

23 May, 2016 22:30:05 Report Reply


:/ (evil voice) YOU HAVE DISAPPOINTED ME !

07 Jul, 2016 19:54:50


nitrome for password

23 May, 2016 23:45:31 Report Reply


HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA oh my gosh love

07 Jul, 2016 19:51:24

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