Nitrome Game Jam 20th June 2014

Welcome to the Nitrome Jam 2014

This is a 5 day Jam running between the 2nd - 6th of June 2014 making quick games in the spirit of Nitrome. Games will be made by both Nitrome team members and by outside game developers. The games will have to fit within the theme of the Jam as voted for by the Nitrome audience.


The game must be built in something that can be played in a browser. This could be Flash, HTML 5, Unity, Puzzle Script or anything else that works for this. No download games, sorry.

It must be possible to host the game on We will not be allowing anything that is hosted exclusively elsewhere, though you are free to put it there too.

The game must have been made for the Jam and cannot be something that was made prior to the Nitrome Game Jam start date. (2nd June 2014)

The game dimensions must be within 550 x 550 in size.

The game must be suitable for the Nitrome audience. This means your game cannot contain any nudity, sexual themes, blood, excessive gore or excessive violence. Please look to Nitrome's back catalogue as a reference to what sort of game would be deemed acceptable.

Games will be hosted on the website. This means that the games will be surrounded by the usual advertising slots that we have around our games on Nitrome. Nitrome does earn revenue from these ad units so anyone submitting should be aware of this. We will not place any ad before or within your game. You are free to place an ad within your game if you wish.

Nitrome requires no ownership of your game. You are free to host the game that you submit elsewhere, take it to iPhone etc. Nitrome retains the rights to any of its assets or characters used within the entries however and in those instances further restrictions apply.

Games that use Nitrome assets (Game sprites, Characters and/or Universes) can not distribute the game to any none browser based environment or make money from the entry via any method other than imbedded advertising. If you wish to do either you can but please remove Nitrome assets first. Games that use Nitrome assets also must contain the Nitrome Jam branding to make it clear that it is part of the Jam. No games made outside of the Jam have Nitromes permission to use Nitrome assets.

You must supply with your entry:
  • Team name
  • Credits for who did what
  • A short description of your game
  • Instructions and controls description.
  • A 50 x 50 image that could be used as an icon for the game.
  • An 272 x 160 image for use on the Jam page.
  • An image of any other games you have made that you wish to link to (size to be decided).

Monday 2nd of June - 10.00am GMT

We will stop voting and reveal the winning theme of the Jam as voted for by the Nitrome community.

Friday 6th of June - Midnight GMT

All entries need to be submitted either via the submission form or to the following email.


Submissions made in the Nitrome Game Jam will have a section below the game itself giving credit to those who made it. There will be a place to write a short description of the game and a description of the controls. We will also allow you to highlight and link your own most noteworthy games if applicable. (maximum 2 titles).


We will supply a static and animated version of the Nitrome Jam logo which we encourage you to place at the start of your game.


At the time of writing we have no formal prizes for the winners. It is mainly about having fun after all! If anyone wants to offer prizes for the event we would be happy to list them as a sponsor.

So what makes it a 'Nitrome' Jam?

Games are made in the spirit of Nitrome:

We encourage that participants make games in the spirit of Nitrome games. This probably means pixels to you, or maybe arcade, retro or original concepts... we'll leave the participants to interpret that how they wish :)

Games CAN use Nitromes Worlds, Characters and sprites:

As this is a Nitrome Jam, users are allowed to use our characters and sprites within the games that are submitted. We do not have time to supply sprites however so that's something you would need to consider.

Games WILL appear on!

All games submitted that are not disqualified (see rules for more info) will appear on the main website. The Nitrome website is usually limited to games made by Nitrome themselves (All 130 games you find on the site are made by us). Nitrome gets millions of players every month on the site and has relatively few games compared to other sites of a similar size so this is a unique opportunity to show a vast audience your game.

All of Nitromes team will be directly competing.

The whole Nitrome team are splitting into smaller teams and will be making and submitting games during the event. Alongside this we have invited many game makers that inspire us to get involved. There's even a handful of ex-Nitrome members coming back for the jam too!

The Nitrome community will be directly involved.

Nitrome's user base will be directly involved throughout the event. Before the Jam even starts, users can submit theme suggestions for the Game Jam itself. They will then be voting on those suggestions and we will declare the winner (the chosen theme) on the starting day of the event.

Once the games have been posted at the end of the Game Jam. The Nitrome community can vote for the winner!

How do I sign up?

You can declare your interest to be involved here.


We will hopefully have someone covering the Jam on the blog each day. However we all would ideally like to be involved in the Jam itself so we will have to cross that bridge when we come to it. Anyone who would like to volunteer for this role therefore would be very welcome (over 18's only).

Email us here:

Outside of Nitrome we hope that at least some of the gaming press will be interested in what we are doing and give us some coverage.

Join the JAM!