Test Subject Arena 2Premium

Up to 4 players can battle it out in this action packed platform shooter.


Navigate your swarm throughout the mainframe and defeat mew tube!


Solve the puzzles using different colour palettes and save left eye!

Test Subject CompletePremium

The concluding part to the action puzzle platforming Test Subject series

Test Subject GreenPremium

The second chapter in the test subject series with new developments afoot!

Test Subject BluePremium

Perform a series of tests with wrapping portals for the watching scientist.

Test Subject ArenaPremium

Defeat your rivals in this Two Player spin off from the Test Subject Series!

B.C. Bow ContestPremium

Take on the rival cavemen in this re-released two player arrow firing competition now with Touchy Support and freshly unlocked content!

Super Stock TakePremium

Guide the chimp through the mountains of warehouse stock with your mobile device in this puzzle platform game!

Bad Ice-CreamPremium

The original Bad Ice-Cream, now with support for our Touchy app! Grab three of your friends and play through this winter classic. Who will become the baddest ice cream? You decide!

Twin Shot 2Premium

With the re-release of Twin Shot 2 we have unlocked content that is now accessible to all. For all those of you that upgrade Touchy, can play four player using your Touchy enabled devices throughout this multiplayer favourite!


Use the touchy screen to navigate Plunger through this unique action puzzler! Connect the goal nodes to complete each level but be careful where your plungers land, who knows what will happen?!

Bad Ice-Cream 2Premium

Bad Ice-Cream 2 is our second 4-player action packed puzzler! Grab three of your friends and join in with the Nitrome Touchy App!

Swindler 2Trial

Swindler is back in a brand new drop and roll adventure! New mechanics, new enemies, new puzzles and all playable with Touchy! Swindler 2 is bigger and better but don’t take our word for it! What are you doing reading this?! Get out your smartphone, load up Touchy and get playing!

Worm FoodPremium

Taking a smart device and experimenting on a game for it’s control capabilities can really change the experience... this is what made us decide to add this little people eater of a game to our Touchy catalogue. You think you know Worm Food... think again!


Now you can be your own aqua commander, take control of the yellow submarine (not the Beatles one!) now using the awesome remote tilt sub. Using tilt to turn and the touch screen to thrust and drop your mines. Touchy breathes life back into this Nitrome game of yesteryear.

Off The RailsPremium

This is old school mixing with technology of a new age! Swiping as fast as you can whilst keeping the co-ordination to brake, change direction and jump! You’ll be breaking into a sweat in no time. Watch the see-saw on your device move as you swipe... only on the Touchy!

Thin IcePremium

The intuitive table-top tilt controls blend with this action ice skating title in a way that makes you ask “Why only now is the Touchy available?!” This game was made for Touchy without us even knowing!


This was one of the first games we experimented with for Touchy and you know what? Our instincts were right! It’s so much fun, the tilting gives you analogue precision. The immersion and depth of game play is so much more, it has become a new rekindled favourite in the office again!

Flash CatPremium

We love this game! Now you can race using your smart device as a steering wheel. Now who wouldn’t enjoy that! It has to be said that the artwork on the device when playing the game is so cool! So strap in and enjoy the ride!

Mega MashPremium

Mega Mash really shows of the dynamic capabilities of the app. Play seven games in one... each time you glitch into another game world your device glitches with you. We’re one step closer to breaking down the forth wall!

Super SnotputFree

Fling your snot as far as you can with your phone using 1 2 1 movement, it’s just like real life! Simply touch the screen to grab your snot, wave your phone to get some stretchy momentum and release! (We mean the snot not your phone!). If you prefer the less athletic approach, we have a slidy touch screen alternative. Swipe your finger across the screen, to send the snot flying into the high score boards.

Double EdgedFree

Hack and slash your way through history with up to 3 of your friends with this epic multiplayer beat ‘em up. Use your phone as your controller using it’s touch screen. This is the only way you can play this game 4 player! Love the new unique character artwork that can only be seen with the Nitrome Touchy.

Magic TouchPremium

This game was born to be played on a touch screen! Frantically draw your way through this dextrous action title. Draw on the screen and it will magically recognise the shape and pop the corresponding balloons. Can you beat the rest and reach the top of the leader boards?

More Games To be announced!